Heart to Heart 102


One of the Universal principles is  “what you focus on expands”.  What we give our time and attention to will usually manifest in our lives.  Lou Ann was reading Alan Cohen’s book “A Daily dose of Sanity” and found this principle, it is the principle of the vital few.  Do you know about the 80/20 rule?  In many instances, it applies.  In a sales company 80 per cent of the business is done by 20 per cent of the sales force.  In church, 80 per cent of the money donated is by 20 per cent of the people. In publishing 80 per cent of the books sold are by 20 per cent of the titles.

On an interpersonal level, 80 per cent of our success comes from 20 per cent of our thoughts.  So begin to focus on your most creative thoughts and feelings and give them 100 per cent of your attention.  Focus is such a powerful tool of creation and success.  In most areas of life it is those of us who stay focused on what we desire that create it.

We have been working on creating a thriving vacation rental business and have been focused on it for seven months and are now reaping the rewards.  We love meeting new people in our home and we get to find out all about their lives and what they are up to.  We feel so blessed to be doing this at this time in our lives.   Our new business is called Enriching Life Forever and our home rental is called Million Dollar View.  Come and visit, we would love to have you as our guest! So if you want to create your heart’s desire, spend some quiet time daily and really focus on your results.

Remember “what you focus on expands, your life is in your own hands.” From my heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 101

Near Death Experience

Tonight, Lou Ann and I went to a quarterly Vegan pot luck.  Twenty eight folks brought delicious whole food, plant based meals that where so yummy and healthy.  As part of the experience we viewed a documentary movie about near death experiences (NDE).   Most of the attendees are much nearer to the death experience, so there is a lot of interest! Definite pun intended!

This phenomenon has been occurring more frequently in recent years.  Thousands of people are reporting amazing things happen when they have appeared to be dead or nearly so and then they are revived.  There have been some consistent themes about while light and wise spiritual messengers.  There is very likely a life review of not only our actions but every thought we have ever had while here in this lifetime. Then there is frequently a major change in the way a NDE person lives life.  They often have a new purpose.  They are kinder.  They get involved in more social activities that benefit others.

There is a lot of information about this on line.  I have just visited a website titled New Heaven New Earth.  Here is a quote from The Formula for creating heaven on Earth:“Unlike spiritual paths that arose from the ideas and inner experiences of lone, isolated human beings, the path presented by near-death experiences is emerging as a direct, grassroots revelation that millions of people from all over the world are receiving and sharing. If we explore this newly emerging path deeply enough, we discover that all religions, philosophies, and cultures are honored; that science and spirituality are celebrated; that both the human and spiritual side of our natures are cherished and embraced. In short, near-death experiences present us with a universal, all-inclusive, perfectly integrated spiritual path that revolves around three core truths: 1. We are all one 2. Love is the essence of life 3. We are here, in this world, to become perfect embodiments of the Divine.”

It confirms for me the information that I have been fortunate to learn and share over the past several decades.  This life is just one short little blip on the Universal continuum.  We are all here together on this small space ship in the midst of the Milky Way Galaxy.  As limitless spiritual beings we get to come here again and again if we so choose.  Or we can go somewhere else and play.  However, it seems that planet Earth is a special place for folks like us to come and spread our wings.  It is an honor for souls to come here and live and work and play and recognize our Divine nature.

We are angelic, loving, amazing light beings who get to shine on each other every day we are here.  Enjoy your life in the sun!  From my heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 100


Today is the one hundredth consecutive Heart to Heart blog.  It was a serendipitous event that began this journey with you folks.  I was going out on a solar appointment and went to a man’s home and his roof was inadequate for the installation.  When we were sitting in his living room he asked me if I new who Quan Yin was, and I replied I did, and I asked why he asked.  He said she is here with us now.  Then he went on to give an impromptu reading in which he told me things about myself that were true.  We had never met before.  He then spoke to me with almost a stern manner.  He said I had speaking and writing talents.  He relayed that the world is full of people with broken hearts and that I could encourage them.  I went home and have been enjoying sharing whatever knowledge or wisdom I possess ever since.

I am thankful for events like this that lets me know there is a loving energy present that cares for us. Gratitude is one of the anchors of Lou Ann’s and my relationship.  She taught me early on to be thankful even for the smallest things in life.  She would thank me for nearly everything I did for her.  That alone made me want to do more things for her. And I responded as well.  We are so grateful for all that we have and all that we are.  This loving exchange of thankfulness creates an energy of looking for more things in our lives in which to be grateful.

Take a moment and count your blessings.  Feel the love of this blessed Universal energy and all the gifts that you have received.  Then find someone and thank them for all they do for you.  Let them really know how much you appreciate their love for you.  It is such a gift to let others know their value!  From my heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 99

Illuminate Film Festival

For the past two years, Lou Ann and I have been on the staff at the Illuminate Film Festival.  We have helped with marketing.  If you have not heard of this wonderful event please go to illuminatefilmfestival.com and check it out.  Amazing things happen at this event, which is now going into it’s fifth year.  Its mission is expanding human consciousness through cinema.  Ten months ago we attended a world premiere film put on by the festival titled “Eating You Alive”.  That movie has changed our personal lives dramatically.  We both became whole food plant based food consumers.  We gave up all meats of any kind and also all dairy.  We both feel wonderful, like a new lease on life.

The festival features at least two dozen films of inspirational content. Illuminate film attendees get to be encouraged, engaged, challenged and motivated to take action in creating a better planet.  The festival usually begins the last day of May and runs for five days.  In addition, attendees can go to live workshops after many of the films.  You can interact with the movie makers and stars of the films.  There is also a healing lounge where many practitioners share their talents and gifts at reduced prices. And if you are a movie maker there are amazing seminars and meetings to help you make, distribute and market your latest creation.

I am sharing this now because our festival core team is about to return together for another fabulous life changing season.  We are looking for others who want to get involved as volunteers.  We need an IT person to run our monthly and semi-monthly core team meetings in Sedona.  We are also looking for someone who would like to head up our marketing team and someone to be the membership manager.  Volunteers on the core team receive wonderful benefits, which include a full pass to attend the festival.  So if you are looking for a way you can make a difference in today’s world, please contact us.  Go to the website and choose the “get involved” tab.  We would love for you to be a part of the IFF team too!    From my heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 98


Journey to God

We spend many years attending seminars and retreats, reading books and sharing in discussion groups about our concept of God.  All of these may be helpful but God is not to be ‘figured out’ or deduced through reason.  God is to be experienced through our connection with all of the beauty of life.  This is done through our feelings.  Our feelings reside in our spiritual heart.  Connecting with God is an inner journey.  Everyone and everything is God.  It is the only energy in the Universe.  When we feel our alignment with this energy it occurs deep in our heart.

We have created a conscious mind which interferes with feeling our connection to God.  Often our lives do not work very well and when we reach a crisis point, we come back to God.  Of course, in reality, we never leave, but we think we do and that is when the pain and suffering occur.

It is the coming home to our God connection which is the essential purpose for living. In this journey, home is the richness and passion of life.  It is the grandest of all journeys and filled with risk and reward, but it is the only journey we ever truly make.  There are many principles which can aid in our journey, but the ultimate one is to know you are divine and eternal.

There is a wonderful book written by Martia Nelson titled Coming Home: The Return To True Self.

It guides us into our true self where we find a wealth of unconditional love, happiness, prosperity, and connectedness with all life. Each page evokes self-love and a feeling of being seen and understood at the deepest level. Coming Home offers deep insight into the nature of the field of pure Divinity within us all. It will help all those who seek fulfillment from the level of Being rather than Doing. Deepak Chopra said” Coming Home is the clearest, most powerful explanation of the universe and how it works that I have ever read. It’s brilliant. This book will be on my bedside table for quite some time.”

Check it out, your life will never be the same after you read it and follow the guidance.  From my heart to yours,


Heart to Heart 97

Healing Time on Earth

Lou Ann and I have been kissing each other for some thirty five years.  We mostly always kiss whenever we leave each other and when we return, even if it’s just a few moments or so.  It is wonderful to be with someone who is so like yourself and to receive so much love. I have often said that people who truly love themselves hardly ever commit crimes or break laws.  When you feel loved and know that you are okay, there is no desire to act out in a negative way.

Our society is in trouble.  Mostly because there are too many of us who don’t feel loved by others and mostly don’t feel loved by themselves.  If we are to ever create wide scale peace on Earth; it will be when we discover how to love and be loved. Most of us like to be touched and cared for.  I don’t think we get held enough.  When we were newborns, we got so much touch and nurturing.  As we grow and become our own special selves we often miss out on the vital essence of being touched and told how much we are loved.

I am posting John Denver’s song Healing Time on Earth.  The most simple and easiest way to accomplish this is by loving ourselves and loving all others in the same way.  From my heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 96


My children and I exercise using the Fitbit tracking device.  There is a fitness goal of walking ten thousand steps per day. It can reduce weight and can be cardio if walking fast enough.  However on Fitbit when you walk more than 10,000 per day it increases your daily step goal.  I average more than 15000 steps per day.  There are fitness contests through the week and week end.  It is fun looking at how my kids and I are doing and cheering each other on.

Being physically fit is a wonderful thing because it support other goals in life such as mental, emotional and even financial.  I find that when my health is at maximum if frees me up to concentrate on other areas of my life.  When we are ill or not functioning well physically, it interferes with life, particularly emotionally.  For me, being less than well creates a lack of desire to accomplish other important matters in my life.

If you are not feeling your best and it is because you are not physically fit, find something to breakthrough.  Even if you just walk a few steps in the beginning and then add a few more each day it will create wonders in your life.  Another wonderful exercise is gentle Yoga.  Keeping the spine flexible is a huge benefit to overall health.  Whatever it is that you can think to do to get moving, begin it now.  Your whole life will change in so many ways.  You will love yourself for it!  From my heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 95

La La Land

We are watching La La Land tonight.  I grew up there.  It was unique in many ways.  In my early childhood many movie stars lived in Hollywood as well as Beverly Hills.  I remember seeing famous actors at the local hardware store and they would be buying something for a home project.  No paparazzi, no cameras, no fans screaming out loud in hysterics.  Just Henry Fonda picking up some nails.  I knew who they were and that they were famous and they were also neighbors.  It didn’t feel unusual for this to occur.

My older brother Bob and I would go to the movies and it was ten cents for an all day Saturday ticket. We had five cents for a box of popcorn to share and two cents for candy, which was a pocket full.  When we ate the popcorn, we would chew one piece at a time, being careful to bite each kernel carefully to make it last.  I watch films in an unusual way and I don’t remember when it started.  When I watch a movie, I don’t just watch the characters in the scene or focus totally on the dialogue.  My mind wanders and thinks things like why did they shoot the scene that way.  Why did the director plan it that way.  I would have done it this way.

I attended Hollywood High School and went to drama class.  In my class were several students who went on to fame as actors for many years.  I was so shy, my instructor gave me a C for trying.

When Lou Ann and I watch a film like La La Land, we both get the urge to perform again.  I told her we should take tap lessons and just break into dance when we go shopping or whatever.  For me, there is something magical about performing live.  There is a memorized script and scenes set with places for actors to be. However each performance is different because it is live.  Sometime when I act, I lose myself in the role and it is powerful. And there have been times when I leave my body and watch myself perform. It is truly magical to do that!

I invite everyone to see life as a script that you have written, and you are the director and producer.  You are the star of your life movie.  Everyone else is an extra and we signed on to help you create the best life ever.  So get your tap shoes, banjo, guitar and kazoo and live the best life ever.  Fill it up with passion, risk, and the best ending ever filmed!  See you in your movie!  From my heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 94

Positive place

Smiling faces and friendly places, there’s magic in the air

Life is tender when we surrender, lot’s of love to share

reach inside yourself and you’ll find

there’s a bridge between your heart and your mind

it’s the positive, it’s the positive place

In 1997 a bunch of us got together to create a television show called the Positive Place Television Talk Show.  We were fed up with all the negativity that was on the air almost constantly.  We had a dream to focus on what is good and loving and wonderful about the world and it’s inhabitants.  It is still a good idea don’t you think?  There is scientific evidence about people who are positive.  Not only are they happier, but they live longer and healthier because of their outlook.  They also inquire about life and how to make it work instead of putting it down.

We all have crappy days when we think life sucks.  It is easy to do in today’s world.  So if you are having one of those downer days, hum the tune at the beginning of this blog.  It can bring a smile to your face and turn your day around. Happiness is a choice and we can choose it now! From my heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 93


I went to see the above named movie tonight at the Inspiration of Sedona meeting hosted by Marty Landa and Pash Galbavy.  If you want to get involved go to inspirationofsedona.org Their organization has been doing wonderful things for our community and the planet.

The movie is about how we can collectively create a better Earth by getting involved personally.

Tomorrow  is a 2015 French documentary film directed by Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent. Faced with a future that scientists say is a great cause for concern, the film has the distinction of not giving in to catastrophism. Optimistically, it identifies initiatives that have proven themselves in ten countries around the world: concrete examples of solutions to environmental and social challenges of the twenty-first century, be it agriculture, energy, economy, education and governance.

The French produced film is arranged in five chapters: food, energy, economy, democracy and education.  It is a full length documentary and is worth watching every minute. The movie depicts how there are so many people around the globe doing wonderful things for planet Earth and all it’s inhabitants. One aspect is a group of food co-ops that now numbers 1200 around the world.

The Incredible Edible project is an urban gardening project which was started in 2008 by Pamela Warhurst, Mary Clear and a group of like minded people in TodmordenWest Yorkshire, England. The project aims to bring people together through actions around local food, helping to change behavior towards the environment and to build a kinder and more resilient world. In some cases, it also envisions to have the groups become self-sufficient in food production, hence having all food being produced locally.

There are ways for all of us to get involved to make life better. Here are ten things you can do every day.

  1. Unplug ‘vampire’ electronics that sap electricity while not being used. You can save $50 yearly per laptop by shutting down at night and using power saving modes during the day.
  2. Run your dishwasher only with a full load to save 100 pounds of carbon dioxide and $40 per year.
  3. Keep tires adequately inflated to improve gas mileage by 3 per cent, as well as save 250 pounds of CO2 and $840 annually.
  4. Pay bills online.  If everyone in the US did this, the estimated yearly savings would be 2.2 billion tons of greenhouse gases, 1,7 billion pounds of solid waste and 18.5 million trees.
  5. Adjust your thermostat 2 degrees down in winter and 2 degrees up in summer; it will save 2000 pounds of CO2  and $98 annually.
  6. Recycle newspapers, 69% of the 63 million newspapers printed daily in the US will be thrown away.  More than a half million trees would be saved weekly if just the Sunday papers were recycled.
  7. Turn off the water faucet when you brush your teeth.  Daily savings in the US could be up to 1.5 billion gallons.
  8. Stop using plastic bags, which are not biodegradable. 500 billion are use yearly worldwide.
  9. When you eat out tell your server not to give you a plastic straw.  More than 500 million are used daily.
  10. Use cruise control.  It can improve gas mileage by up to 15%.
  11. Take a shorter shower.  Every two minutes saves about ten gallons of water.

It is totally up to us.  We cannot wait for governments to do this for us.  And it is vital that we all get involved now.  Let us not leave a world to our children and grandchildren that is less than the best we could make it be.  This list is a simple way for everyone to get involved.  Copy and place it on your fridge or somewhere that everyday will help us all do our part and make a difference!  From my heart to yours, Thomas