Heart to Heart 100


Today is the one hundredth consecutive Heart to Heart blog.  It was a serendipitous event that began this journey with you folks.  I was going out on a solar appointment and went to a man’s home and his roof was inadequate for the installation.  When we were sitting in his living room he asked me if I new who Quan Yin was, and I replied I did, and I asked why he asked.  He said she is here with us now.  Then he went on to give an impromptu reading in which he told me things about myself that were true.  We had never met before.  He then spoke to me with almost a stern manner.  He said I had speaking and writing talents.  He relayed that the world is full of people with broken hearts and that I could encourage them.  I went home and have been enjoying sharing whatever knowledge or wisdom I possess ever since.

I am thankful for events like this that lets me know there is a loving energy present that cares for us. Gratitude is one of the anchors of Lou Ann’s and my relationship.  She taught me early on to be thankful even for the smallest things in life.  She would thank me for nearly everything I did for her.  That alone made me want to do more things for her. And I responded as well.  We are so grateful for all that we have and all that we are.  This loving exchange of thankfulness creates an energy of looking for more things in our lives in which to be grateful.

Take a moment and count your blessings.  Feel the love of this blessed Universal energy and all the gifts that you have received.  Then find someone and thank them for all they do for you.  Let them really know how much you appreciate their love for you.  It is such a gift to let others know their value!  From my heart to yours, Thomas

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