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Near Death Experience

Tonight, Lou Ann and I went to a quarterly Vegan pot luck.  Twenty eight folks brought delicious whole food, plant based meals that where so yummy and healthy.  As part of the experience we viewed a documentary movie about near death experiences (NDE).   Most of the attendees are much nearer to the death experience, so there is a lot of interest! Definite pun intended!

This phenomenon has been occurring more frequently in recent years.  Thousands of people are reporting amazing things happen when they have appeared to be dead or nearly so and then they are revived.  There have been some consistent themes about while light and wise spiritual messengers.  There is very likely a life review of not only our actions but every thought we have ever had while here in this lifetime. Then there is frequently a major change in the way a NDE person lives life.  They often have a new purpose.  They are kinder.  They get involved in more social activities that benefit others.

There is a lot of information about this on line.  I have just visited a website titled New Heaven New Earth.  Here is a quote from The Formula for creating heaven on Earth:“Unlike spiritual paths that arose from the ideas and inner experiences of lone, isolated human beings, the path presented by near-death experiences is emerging as a direct, grassroots revelation that millions of people from all over the world are receiving and sharing. If we explore this newly emerging path deeply enough, we discover that all religions, philosophies, and cultures are honored; that science and spirituality are celebrated; that both the human and spiritual side of our natures are cherished and embraced. In short, near-death experiences present us with a universal, all-inclusive, perfectly integrated spiritual path that revolves around three core truths: 1. We are all one 2. Love is the essence of life 3. We are here, in this world, to become perfect embodiments of the Divine.”

It confirms for me the information that I have been fortunate to learn and share over the past several decades.  This life is just one short little blip on the Universal continuum.  We are all here together on this small space ship in the midst of the Milky Way Galaxy.  As limitless spiritual beings we get to come here again and again if we so choose.  Or we can go somewhere else and play.  However, it seems that planet Earth is a special place for folks like us to come and spread our wings.  It is an honor for souls to come here and live and work and play and recognize our Divine nature.

We are angelic, loving, amazing light beings who get to shine on each other every day we are here.  Enjoy your life in the sun!  From my heart to yours, Thomas

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