Heart to Heart 102


One of the Universal principles is  “what you focus on expands”.  What we give our time and attention to will usually manifest in our lives.  Lou Ann was reading Alan Cohen’s book “A Daily dose of Sanity” and found this principle, it is the principle of the vital few.  Do you know about the 80/20 rule?  In many instances, it applies.  In a sales company 80 per cent of the business is done by 20 per cent of the sales force.  In church, 80 per cent of the money donated is by 20 per cent of the people. In publishing 80 per cent of the books sold are by 20 per cent of the titles.

On an interpersonal level, 80 per cent of our success comes from 20 per cent of our thoughts.  So begin to focus on your most creative thoughts and feelings and give them 100 per cent of your attention.  Focus is such a powerful tool of creation and success.  In most areas of life it is those of us who stay focused on what we desire that create it.

We have been working on creating a thriving vacation rental business and have been focused on it for seven months and are now reaping the rewards.  We love meeting new people in our home and we get to find out all about their lives and what they are up to.  We feel so blessed to be doing this at this time in our lives.   Our new business is called Enriching Life Forever and our home rental is called Million Dollar View.  Come and visit, we would love to have you as our guest! So if you want to create your heart’s desire, spend some quiet time daily and really focus on your results.

Remember “what you focus on expands, your life is in your own hands.” From my heart to yours, Thomas

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