Heart to Heart 11


I had a conversation with a good friend awhile ago and he mentioned that his elderly mom is in advanced stages of dementia and may have to be in an Alzheimer’s residence.  I shared my concern with him and his family and then it occurred to me that all people on Earth have a degree of Dementia which has been defined as: significant loss of intellectual abilities such as memory capacity, severe enough to interfere with social or occupational functioning.

That is, we have forgotten who we are; eternal spiritual beings having an Earth experience.  We play the game of let’s pretend.  Let’s pretend we are limited beings with limited capacity.  Let’s intentionally forget we have all the power in Universe at our disposal.  Let’s create thousands of different scenarios over thousands of lifetimes for our entertainment.

Let’s pretend death can kill us.

Let’s pretend pain can hurt us.

Let’s pretend disease can make us ill.

Let’s pretend years can age us.

Let’s pretend fear is real.

Let’s pretend there is such a thing as time.

Then let’s slowly uncover the truth about ourselves.  That we are ‘Universe’ and that when we awaken to that truth we get to help others wake up as well.  The uncovering has all the juice in it.  We catch a glimpse from time to time and it sparks a renewed fervor in going deeper.  I have had many amazing spiritual experiences in this life time about previous lifetimes.  In coming blogs I will share them with you.  These events let me know that there is so much more to us than we realize.  So today I invite you to give up the pretense that we are not limitless, eternal, magnificent light beings who will forever shine! PS: you will notice that I did not preface the word Universe with the word the.  Bucky (Buckminster Fuller) omitted the articles ‘the’ and ‘a’  and capitalized the word.  Universe is all their is. And you are it!  From my heart to yours, Thomas

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