Heart to Heart 112

Illuminate the World

We are going to the initial meeting for the Illuminate Film Festival’s core team’s fifth season.  The festival has had amazing growth in it’s first four years.  Lou Ann and I came on board two years ago and have focused mostly on local marketing.  The 2018 event begins May 30th thru June 3rd.  Each year our staff looks at some 700 films and chooses about 25 for the festival.  We only pick movies that will help change consciousness in a inspirational and positive way. If you want to help change the world through conscious cinema; please volunteer and join the team or attend the festival next summer. You can also be on our team even if you don’t live here locally.  We have several members who live around the country who make valuable contributions.  We have scheduled meetings where folks out of state are pictured live on our big screen and it one big happy continental team!

Almost all of us have been affected by movies.  I grew up in Hollywood, California and have been a movie buff ever since.  Lou Ann and I continue to go to the theater to watch movies.  For me, there is something magical about watching a film on the big screen.  Often, we are there with many other folks.  It feels like we are on a mutual adventure together to some foreign land, perhaps “far, far away”. So, for me, movies at home or on a computer most likely will not have the same feeling.

By the way, if you have not seen the movie “The Majestic”, be sure and do so.  Very inspirational and would have qualified for the Illuminate festival!

The Earth is standing on the brink of major decisions on how we make it better.  Climate change gets the most press about what can be done to create a better world.  The proponents of a cleaner healthier planet get a lot of resistance by those who somehow feel threatened by their ideas.  Wars have been going on for decades all over the globe and it seems like no end in sight to the carnage. In the United States personal deaths by handguns since 1968 exceeds all the deaths of all the wars we have been involved in since the Civil War.

In the wake of all these challenges you need to know: that you have been called at this time to stand up for peace and love.  It is not an accident that those of us who share this blog are here together at this time.  You are the peaceful lovers of life who have volunteered to show up now and make a difference. You are beings of inclusion where all who encounter you feel loved, nurtured and cared for. There are hundreds of millions of broken hearts, broken bodies, broken minds that need mending.  Now is our time to let our light shine so brightly that it can be seen across the Universe.  Do not despair the condition in which we find ourselves.  By just loving and touching and acknowledging each other; an amazing shift in the consciousness of the planet will occur.  And this is what we do as the team of The Illuminate Film Festival.  We will continue to gather the brightest, most trans-formative films and let them be a beacon of love for all to see.  From my illuminating heart to yours, Thomas

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