Heart to Heart 115

How are you?

What is going on in your life?  Is everything good or is there room for improvement?  What would you do differently that would make your life flow?  What kind of people are in your life?  Are they loving and supportive?  What kind of a friend are you?  Are you following a plan?  How is your health, physical, mental, emotional? Are you working too hard?  How are your days unfolding?  Too much work, not enough play? Are you doing things that will create your innermost desires? Are you eating food that enhances your health?  Are you doing things that support the planet and it’s inhabitants?  Are you making decisions that will support your children and grandchildren’s future?  Are you exercising regularly?  Have you called mom, dad, daughter, son, sister, brother, friend to cheer them up?

These are questions that I often ask myself.  It sounds like a lot of mind chatter.  However, it is easy for me to get lost in daily activities and forget why I am here.  I am here because I chose to be.  Now that I have made that choice, I get to be the best I can be.  It starts with being okay with myself even if I don’t answer the above questions very well.  We are here together and it would be wonderful if we take time to look at how we might make the world a better place.  And one way, is to ask some of these questions and allow the answers to lead you to perhaps a more fulfilling life that is connected to everything.  “Just asking”  From my questioning heart to yours, Thomas


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