Heart to Heart 118

Getting Ready to roll

Tomorrow we leave for Northern Virginia about 7:30 am with stops in Amarillo, Memphis and Blacksburg before arriving in Warrenton on Friday.  Lou Ann has her Astrological sun in Leo.  She loves beauty and color and movement and dance and music and pretty clothes.  Our clothes closets are arranged in the colors of the rainbow to match the day of the week.  For instance, Monday’s red is on one end of the closet and Sunday’s purple the other.  Lou Ann’s closet looks like a work of art with all the bright colors and patterns.  Mine also has the same arrangement, just not as pretty.  It is actually a time saving system once you set it up.  If you are ever looking for your green sweater you know it is between the yellow blouse and blue pull over.

Lou Ann is also as vivacious as she is pretty.  She has bright red hair and when she enters a room the energy seems to increase or expand.  There is a larger sense of joy when she is around.  Her huge heart loves nearly everyone and everything.  I am honored to be her life partner and traveling partner.  With the one exception that she does fill up a couple of large suitcases when we travel.  I have often said, in the next lifetime, I will be the petite lady and she will get to be the little bit stronger man.  Right now though, I have recently fractured my wrist and it hasn’t quite healed yet.  So we will be quite a couple lifting the heavy cases in to the car with three good arms.

We have such fun and life is filled with such joy!  We can hardly wait to see all of our family and friends and give great big hugs to all.  I wish for you to have someone in your life that is a loving partner who brings you a treasure of  joyful feelings.  In the meantime, be that person for someone in your life.  Open your heart so wide that when they see you, it is as if time stops.  Then drink in their love for you and do it until you both leave the planet!  From my joyful heart to yours, Thomas

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