Heart to Heart 120

Life Kitchen

We are in Memphis Tennessee tonight and had a excellent Vegan meal at the Lyfe Kitchen.  I thought of the name of the restaurant as a title for the blog tonight. See our lives as a recipe.  We are the proprietors of our life restaurant. We choose what to serve and what are the ingredients.  When we eat, how conscious are we of the ingredients, nutrients, overall health of those things we put in our body?  When we make life choices, what are the ingredients we put on our life menu?  Will they nurture us for a long healthy life?  Or do we rush through life, making unconscious choices that may not serve us for a long, productive, abundant, joyful life?

It might be time for us to take a look at what we are serving ourselves.  Take some time today, or soon and see if you are putting all the ingredients in your life recipe to create the most delicious life experience you can have.  It is your life and no one can make this life like you can.  From my delicious heart to yours, Thomas

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