Heart to Heart 127


A Fork in the road

We went to eat at El Agave’ restaurant with an old friend Sandy Olsen.  Our meal was nearly over when I became dizzy and felt kind of nauseous.  I immediately went to the rest room to empty my colon.  I went back to the table and became weak and began shaking and felt like fainting.  Lou Ann said all the blood had drained from my face.  She immediately drove me to the nearest ER at the Fauquier Hospital.

They took me in and I once again had to empty my intestines and bladder.  I was hooked up to instruments to check my vital signs, my blood pressure was 191/110.  My normal reading would be 133/75.  I was now shaking very badly. All the hospital staff administered to me quickly and professionally.  The ER doctor checked for signs of a stroke and they were negative.  They gave me a chest x-ray,  then down the hall to a CT scan.  Then three separate times during the day they asked me a list of medical questions.  Then a Neurologist gave me a Skype interview and went over a deeper set of questions to determine if a stroke had happened. Then my vital signs returned to normal.  Then the MRI test down in the lab to test for all kinds of symptoms and disease states. As of now all the tests seem to be negative. We will find out the MRI results tomorrow.

I have been thinking for quite awhile to get a complete check up to insure that I was healthy. If I found something to repair we could handle it.  This was a rather abrupt way to create that and it feels okay.

It’s a small World after all, appeared again today. One of the aides  in the hospital knew Lou Ann from yoga classes that Lou Ann used to teach in the Wellness center some nine years ago.  Our friend Sandy Olsen’s daughter was dating a guy whose parents bought our old house on Miles Lane that we lost in the real estate crash.

You never know about life.  It is a series of events with twists and turns  and memories and connections that make it such a rich experience.  Everyone we experienced today treated us with kindness and joy and professionalism that was outstanding. And our friend Mary Anne and my son Michael and his wife Pearl dropped by to give encouragement and love. And my loving wife Lou Ann has been here all day. It is wonderful to find out how loved we are.  One way is what I chose today.  You may choose some less invasive and perhaps more fun way to get your feedback of how much you are loved.  Either way is okay.  When this happens, it is often a positive turn in the road of life that gives more energy to do what we love to do and be with the people we love.  From my fragile heart to yours, Thomas

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