Heart to Heart 32


Universal principle #11

The Universe’s purpose for each of us is to direct us to Oneness. When we align our individual purpose, what we love to do (our talent), with the Universe’s purpose, the flow of Divine Power fills what we love to do with passion. This prepares the way for achieving fulfillment in career and relationships.

Most of us are not doing what we love to do.  Many of us have gifts and talents and they are not being used.  We choose to get employment and earn money to meet our obligations.  We never find the juice that fills our heart with passion for doing what we love. The world needs your passion for your magnificent expression more than ever!

The other night I had this dream in which I was encouraged to sing.  When I began, an enormous amount of energy was available.  A stream of powerful light flowed through me and I was able to sing as loud as I chose and as long as I chose without taking a breath.  It felt like it could go on forever.  I was amazed, as were others around me who heard me singing.

I awakened and was so excited!  Then these thoughts came to me: life has always been about love.  There is no M in we.  There is no them, only us.  Let us all be for all of us.  We are the human race, we are not in a race.  Slow down.  We are limitless beings.  We are one.  Focus on the love.  Bring all of your love to everything you do.  Stay present without judging.  Now is the time–this is the time we have all agreed to come together and shine our light.  There is no darkness, everything is light and love…that is all there is.

We invite you to enjoy our website positiveplace.com It focuses on the beauty, the magnificence that we are.  All infinite beings throughout  creation are invited to join us now in bringing forth the truth of our unlimited love, prosperity and joy.  We are here to serve in any way we can.  Thank you for everything—-I love you! From my heart to yours, Thomas

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