Heart to Heart 33

Comfort and Discomfort

Universal principle #12

Our bodies are magnificent instruments that we create to support us in having the experiences we come here to have. Our bodies are created and maintained in consciousness. They mirror the state of our consciousness, beliefs in how to look, act, age and die. Unencumbered by beliefs, our consciousness is unlimited. The natural state of our consciousness is perfect ease, as is the natural state of our bodies. The beliefs we have about our bodies are there to love and embrace just the way they are. The resulting expansion of consciousness shifts the bodies’ state from that of un-ease to ease.

We don’t live long enough.  We have the ability to live longer, healthier more productive lives.  We eat foods that don’t support our health.  We think thoughts that keep us impaired. We don’t exercise enough.  We work sedentary jobs.  Those are all a recipe for a shorter, less healthy, less joyful life.  Then there is stress.  Stress causes almost all illness on some level.

How can we de-stress? Begin by assessing where you are right now in terms of what you want to create in your lifetime.  Find people to love and spend more time with them.  Find a vocation that gives you passion. Get up out of the chair and walk at least three times per week for at least a half an hour.  Do Yoga.  When your spine is flexible it will add years to your life and life to your years. Learn to meditate.  Volunteer your time.  Eat a mostly whole food plant based diet.  Make a grateful list and add to it every day and re-read it daily.  Thank all of the people in your life that are doing something for you.  Ask your food server, hostess, attendant, check out person their name and let them know how much you appreciate them.  Rescue a pet.  Get out into nature and spend time in a quiet setting.   Write your memoir.  Travel to other cultures.  Become an activist for the planet or a cause you love.  This may be the only life you live.  Live every moment as if is were your last.  From my heart to yours, Thomas

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