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Illuminate Film Festival

For the past two years, Lou Ann and I have been on the staff at the Illuminate Film Festival.  We have helped with marketing.  If you have not heard of this wonderful event please go to illuminatefilmfestival.com and check it out.  Amazing things happen at this event, which is now going into it’s fifth year.  Its mission is expanding human consciousness through cinema.  Ten months ago we attended a world premiere film put on by the festival titled “Eating You Alive”.  That movie has changed our personal lives dramatically.  We both became whole food plant based food consumers.  We gave up all meats of any kind and also all dairy.  We both feel wonderful, like a new lease on life.

The festival features at least two dozen films of inspirational content. Illuminate film attendees get to be encouraged, engaged, challenged and motivated to take action in creating a better planet.  The festival usually begins the last day of May and runs for five days.  In addition, attendees can go to live workshops after many of the films.  You can interact with the movie makers and stars of the films.  There is also a healing lounge where many practitioners share their talents and gifts at reduced prices. And if you are a movie maker there are amazing seminars and meetings to help you make, distribute and market your latest creation.

I am sharing this now because our festival core team is about to return together for another fabulous life changing season.  We are looking for others who want to get involved as volunteers.  We need an IT person to run our monthly and semi-monthly core team meetings in Sedona.  We are also looking for someone who would like to head up our marketing team and someone to be the membership manager.  Volunteers on the core team receive wonderful benefits, which include a full pass to attend the festival.  So if you are looking for a way you can make a difference in today’s world, please contact us.  Go to the website and choose the “get involved” tab.  We would love for you to be a part of the IFF team too!    From my heart to yours, Thomas

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