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Childrens Disabled Home in Naro Maru Kenya

IMAG0681We trained in the morning, learning lessons 14, 15 and 16 this morning.  There were volunteers with us interested in becoming facilitators and two teachers from 2 different schools we visit:  CCM and Tegithi.

With each lesson are new dances to learn! We learned three new dances this morning. One was called: Healing Time, one was Inhale and exhale which go perfectly with the lessons we are learning.

Then this afternoon we went to Childrens Disabled Home sharing more dances and peaceful life skills.  I didn’t know my heart could open any more than it already has, yet it did!  Wow!

Sending out all the love I feel to you!  May your weekend by filled with joy and wonder!


Lou Ann


Methodist School in Nanyuki, Kenya

IMAG0636Another beautiful day in Kenya.  Today we trained for a couple of hours then went to a Methodist School in Nanyuki.

We combined classes 3, 4 and 5 due to their cross county running this afternoon. (Kenya is famous for its runners, remember the Olympics?)

We did their class outdoors – dancing and singing as well!

The Principal of the School was sharing with me how much more peaceful the children are, since CWPO (Children’s World Peace Organization) began programs there!

Then a work party making name badges for new students for several hours.  The facilitators here work tirelessly and are so vibrant and alive!  I admire them greatly.


Lou Ann

Stillwater Safari

IMAG0584Yesterday we went to 2 classrooms then went to a safari.

What an exciting day!  Seeing pictures of animals is one thing – seeing them in their natural habitat is a whole other thing!

We saw giselles, impalas, wart hogs, jackals, baboons, chimps, zebras and the most exciting were elephants and giraffes!  We were surrounded in our car by a dozen or so elephants, babies too!  It was spectacular!  Also the giraffes with their babies are so graceful!  Amazing!  I took lots of photos and video.  So far I haven’t been able to download them on here,  I will later though!

More classes to experience today!  Time to go!

May your day be filled with wonder and joy!





Another ‘wow’ day in Nanyuki, Kenya

IMAG0803Asasa! Or Hello from Kenya!  Another full day going to 2 different schools.  We shared peace skills with about 200 students today at Neema Academy and CCM (Catholic Church Mission) School.

The teachers were as enthusiastic as the students to see us! At our first school we were outdoors for all 4 classes!  Being from Hawaii, I love every opportunity to be outdoors. We taught 2nd to 5th graders each in their own class.

I lead the Universal Dance of Peace called: Altissimo Chorizon for the second graders!  What a treat that was! It was done in six different classes as these are new schools and this is the first dance that is done.

I feel blessed beyond belief to assist with these programs. The tools ccan be used throughout their life – lets get them going in the States!

Namaste – The light in me honors the light in you!

Lou Ann

Tuesday Classes in Nanyuki, Kenya

IMAG0486The Children’s World Peace Organization is now in another city in Kenya – Nanyuki!  This morning we went to 4 different classrooms and introduced to the grades 1 to 4.  The Universal Peace Dance we shared was: Altissimo Corazon from Mexico.  The words mean The highest loving heart; Que Floresca – to flower or open; La Luz – to the light!  The highest loving heart inside of me is opening or flowering toward the light! At end of the dance, it is sent out into the world!  It is all so powerful!

There are 3,000 students in Mexico and 2,000 (so far) in Kenya and 4000 in  Nepal.  I found out more about it this morning.  The concept began with a lady who has 18 years of experience with Montesouri (pardon the spelling) Schools. William incorporated the Universal Dances of Peace rather than singing alone. Peaceful life skills are taught with love! Before my very eyes the Organization is blossoming and growing and I feel so honored to be a part of it!

One awareness I had while they were discussing ‘Heart Coherence”, is that our website: Positive Place shares the same idea!  The Positive Place is the bridge between the heart and the mind.  In the heart coherence activity, the idea of bringing our attention from our head to our heart is the first step!

Many blessings to you all!

Namaste (this means the light in me honors the light in you)

Lou Ann Bruck


First Monday in Naro Maru Kenya Schools

IMAG0492.Today was a spectacular day of sharing with 2nd and 3 graders this morning, pictures drawn for the Student Exchange Program.These pics were either from Nepal or Mexico.  Each child loved their gift and drew one for them to be returned with their picture to Nepal or Mexico where other branches of the Children’s World Peace Project is.

Then on to another school this afternoon for 5th and 6th graderswith gifts.  Some of the drawings were intricate and others simple Each showing what peace means to them or the person, place or thing that they focus on for the heart coherence time.

Then we sang and danced to a beautiful tune with sign language, called One by One. The words are: one by one we are healing the world one at a time.

Once again there were hundred of hugs from these students!

What a day!  May your day be filled with peace and love one moment at a time!

Lou Ann





Sunday Training in Naro Maru Kenya

Another fascinating day – this time training for several hours on Conflict Resolution and how it’s presented to the children.  A flower is used for one person to hold until they have been heard by the other person clearly, using ‘I” statements and facts rather than judgments. It is mediated by one of the facilitators outside the classroom area while other students are learning about ‘Positive Actions”. This includes gratitude and several other responses to life’s challenges.  All of these are being intertwined with Black Elk’s vision of the world when he was 9 years old.


On to another school tomorrow, where we bring drawings from the other two CWPO branches – Nepal and Mexico – sharing what peace looks like to them. The Kenya students get to draw and share what it looks and feels like to them as well!  What a great Exchange Program.

Life is full of joy and wonder!  Have an awesome day or evening!

Asante Sana (Thank you very much in Swahili) and kwaheri (goodbye).

Love and hugs,

Lou Ann

Children’s Home Naro Maru Kenya

After training all morning on deeper expressions of the Black Elk Medicine Wheel, the ‘Thoughtful Action’ Tree and the conflict resolution flower, we went to a children’s home run by a Catholic Church.The place was beautfiul, the space for Dances of Universal Peace was huge! William Day chose songs from around the world, each about sharing from our heart with others!  One was a Nigerian song, which was fun!

The 70 children that participated loved every moment of it!  Many of them were unable to fully participate because of physical handicaps, yet the ones that were able did!  The reason I know they loved it is because when we did the ‘Goodbye Ceremony’ at the end, each child is given choices of a bow, handshake or hug.  Most of them chose a hug from each facilitator (including me)!  What a heart opening experience!  I continue feeling blessed and honored by being here!

I am getting to know the facilitators better and I appreciate each one of them for their unique way of sharing the scripted material.  I  know my daughter, Uma, is going to love to be trained to share creating ‘peace’ one child at a time!

Namaste (from my love light to yours)

Lou Ann




First Day in Kenya Schools

What an amazing day this was!  We went to 2 different schools and 8 classrooms total. We shared with over 250 students, the World Peace Project class curriculum.

There are many segments of fun activities for various ages: Heart Coherence. Black Elk Medicine Wheel, Singing and Dancing.  Each is woven together like a tapestry being created right before our very eyes!  I will share in detail another day.

I have some photos for you  – These are private and government schools where English and Ki Swahili are mutually shared. Asante Sana (in KiSwahili) which means Thank you very much for allowing me to share this with you!

Greetings from Kenya

Greetings! Or Karibu (‘Welcome’ in Swahili)!  We arrived last night early around 8 pm instead of 830 pm. We are 7 hours ahead of Virginia time and 13 hours ahead of Hawaii time. KLM flights from Washington Dulles to Amsterdam and flight from Amsterdam to Nairobi were lovely! Their food was delicious and Cabin Attendants caring nature was definitely appreciated!

We stood in lines for visas and picking up luggage and traveling to our place we stayed near Karen, Kenya. While standing in line, we ‘coincidentally’ met a young man with the Jimmy Carter Foundation!  He was happy to hear about the Children’s World Peace Project and business cards were exchanged.  I am traveling with William Day who is the creator of the Children’s World Peace Project.  He started it about 3 years ago! The people we have met  have been so caring and kind!  My gratitude is huge for the opportunity to assist for the next 12 days!

We will drive 3 hours north west from Nairobi to Naro Maru today!  It has been the rainy season here and possibly for a few more days, then sunny and dry.  Whichever it is, is perfect!

The young lady here who helped me get on line was so helpful.  She works for Safaricom, which is one of the biggest internet companies in Kenya.  She lives here where we are staying (until 9 am this morning).  We will be staying at the Mount Kenya Lodge for the next 12 days.  Name of place is probably inaccurate – I will know better when we arrive later today!

This a whole new journey for me and I am so looking forward to meeting the other people who will be in training with me and meet the children!

I am happy to know you are reading these words on my journey!  I will send photos later!

May your day be filled with wonder and magic as I know mine will!

Love and hugs,

Lou Ann Maxwell Murillo Bruck