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Loving Life

Greetings from Sunny Sedona, Arizona!

We are living in Sedona, AZ again! From 1988 to 2002 we lived here and then moved to Warrenton, VA for 7 years to be near family, which was very important and rewarding. In 2009 Thomas was invited to be the spiritual leader of a church on the Big Island of Hawaii. That didn’t work out, although we fell in love with the people of Hawaii and of course the 12 months of amazing weather. It was paradise and yet it was too far away from family; so after four years we moved back to the mainland. It’s funny how we got to Sedona, AZ. Actually we planned on moving back to Northern Virginia. In the summer of 2013 we had a place to stay starting in October for a few weeks or couple months depending how long it would take to find our own place. Then it fell through! We tried to find alternate temporary places and they didn’t work either! So we looked at other options and thought of returning to the Red Rocks of Sedona.

When we called a friend in Sedona, she knew of a rental available. We immediately had a place to stay! It felt like a sign! Then we found a bigger place which We rented for two years! Our landlord was amazing, with mutual respect and caring for us! Thank you John Hutmacher! He decided to sell and we bought it! We feel so grateful for this 40 year old home, it sits at the top of the road with a breathtaking view of the magnificent red rocks. We plan on remodeling in the near future.

Thomas plays tennis four times per week and walks the other days and loves being outdoors all the time. He is an ambassador for Solar City and wants to change the world one roof at a time! It is exciting to do something he loves and make a positive difference on our planet.

Lou Ann is teaching Yoga and Zumba at the Sedona Sky Academy to teen age girls Monday through Friday as part of their school curriculum. She feels she is making a difference in these girls’ lives!

We have one like-minded roommate who is wonderful to have around. It allows us to travel and know that everything is totally okay!

On Valentine’s Day we went hiking several trails around Chapel of the Holy Cross. This grand world we live in is so beautiful! What a gift it is to each of us to be out in nature and explore the many areas! I saw a beautiful video today of elephants with their baby walking through the lobby of a huge hotel in Africa – how extraordinary is that?! It is all magical! I know you all have stories to share of what you have seen and experienced too! This is the perfect format to contribute with us about where you live or have visited!