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Heart to Heart 47

The Dream

We watched a Christmas movie on Hallmark this morning where a mother and daughter left California to return to Ohio and it was sort of traumatic for the daughter.  I recalled the almost identical thing happened to me some sixty five years ago.  We were living in Hollywood California and I attended Ramona Elementary School.  I was shy when I first enrolled and as the years went by I became more comfortable, in spite of poor home conditions, and began to excel.  I became a straight A student and had outstanding work habits and cooperation.  I was rewarded by being chosen to raise the American flag on the tall pole each morning.  I also was the official square dance caller for my grade.  However, the finest reward of all was I was given the key to the ball box.  There was this large wooden closet that held all the balls, bats, bases, nets for the various sports activities.  And I was the only student allowed to do that in the fifth grade.  I was soaring!

Subsequently, my mother informed me that we were moving back to Cincinnati Ohio.  I was devastated.  All of the work and all of the feedback for outstanding service were washed away.  One night I had this dream.  I was in a new school and with a new teacher and friends that I liked.

We moved back in June of 1951 and in the fall it was the beginning of a new semester and my grandpa took my cousin Dick and I to the first day of school at Hyde Park Elementary School.  I was dreading starting over again at a new school after I had elevated myself to such success in my former school which had not been easy for me to do.

As we drove through the town we came around a corner and and I saw this tall brick building not unlike the one in my dream I had.  In fact, it was the same building!  I began to get goosebumps about this coincidence.  When we got out of the car and entered the front entrance of the school it all seemed very familiar.  As we walked down hallways I knew where they led.  When we finally entered our home room my cousin began to introduce me to my teacher and I said I know her name and told him so.  I also looked around the room and pointed out other children and I knew who they were as well. Both my cousin and I were blown away by this knowledge that I had and then I remembered the dream.  Somewhere in Universe there was kindness and caring created for a ten year old so that he could feel secure in these new surroundings and flourish there as well! I wish you all beautiful dreams as well.  From my heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 46

Humming bird magic

Lou Ann and I went on a humming bird and garden tour today.  We had a wonderful time seeing all the homes with lovely plants and their humming bird attractions.  We were lucky to see a home in uptown Sedona that is owned by Larry Anderson who has a landscape company and is a master gardener.  In his back yard were many fruit trees and raised beds with a huge variety of vegetables.  He showed us how to garden using compost and excellent soil.  No fertilizers or chemicals of any sort.

We have been planning to permaculture our property out in the Village of Oak Creek.  Since we became vegans we wanted to reduce our carbon footprint by having lots of green at our home.  We intend to raise the fruits and vegetables and give a lot of it to local food banks and homeless shelters.  We have little knowledge about doing any of this so we are putting out the word to anyone who wants to come be part of the fun to contact us! We are going to create a documentary movie about our adventure and Joanie Macijunas is going to direct and produce the film!

Earlier this morning I met a man named Alan who came in from Los Angeles.  I told him I was raised in Hollywood California so we made a wonderful contact.  I asked him what he does and he shared that he owns an IT app company that specializes in making apps for conscious projects too!  I let him know that Lou Ann wants to develop a peace app and he took my information to get back to me about that possibility.

I love how Universe works.  We just go do things we love to do and discover all of these connections to our passion! I encourage everyone to just go do what you love and discover the magic and majesty of Universe.  Don’t settle for only doing that which you feel you have to do.  Become the next amazing being who puts their whole heart into what they love and the world becomes even more wonderful!  From my heart to yours, Thomas



Heart to Heart 45

Blue Dragonfly

In May of 1985 my brother Bud passed away.  His then wife called me to perform the memorial service.  Lou Ann and I were living is Scottsdale Arizona at the time.  I went out by the pool and and sat in a chair to write out some of my thoughts.  I remembered a story I used to tell children when I was a church pastor.  There was the large pond and deep beneath it lived blue dragon fly larvae.  The larvae noticed that every once in awhile one of the members would get an urge to climb the stalk of a lily pad and disappear through the water above.  They also noticed that their former pond mates didn’t ever return.  So they got together and made an agreement that the next one who got the urge would return to the group and let them know the mystery of why no larvae ever returned.

One day one of the dragonflies got the urge to climb the stalk.  He climbed way up to the top and went through the water and felt tired and laid down on the lily pad.  He rested awhile and then began to feel this energy surging through his body.  The energy increased and then suddenly his physical shape started to transform.  He formed a head and big eyes and enormous wings of a bright blue color.  Soon a gentle breeze began to lift him up off the pad and he started to fly.  He waved his giant wings and began to soar high above the pond.  As  he looked around he could see rolling green meadows and large dense forests and mountains in the distance. It was amazing.  He had no idea there was a place like this as he drank it all in.  Then he remembered that he had promised the others below the pond that he would come back and tell them what he had experienced.  He was soon aware that in his new form that he could not return to his former watery home.  He also realized that his former friends and family would not be able to comprehend what he was experiencing.  So he continued to soar through the sky in his new home.

As I was sitting there in my lounge chair in sunny Arizona writing this story an actual blue dragon fly came down and landed on my toes.  He did not move for a long time.  He just gently moved his wings as he rested.  I was amazed that as I was writing this particular story that a dragonfly would come and land on my foot and stay there.  For me it was a message that what I was writing about the afterlife is somewhat like that.  When we move on it can be difficult to communicate back to the ones we leave because we are totally different and we have other things to do in our new existence.

If you read my blog from yesterday you will remember that I was looking for a rental house in Sedona Arizona.  The house was locked and empty except for the Irish prayer on the wall and one live blue dragon fly sitting on a window sill. I opened the door and let it free.  It was another message from Universe that this was to be our home!  From my heart to yours, Thomas

PS: I have more true dragon fly stories!

Heart to Heart 44


Magical Sedona

Beautiful thunderstorms in Sedona during every monsoon season.  This year is no exception.  Sedona is one of the most unique places on Earth.  Stunning red rock formations surround the area.  Sedona attracts folks from all aspects of life.  Metaphysical, spiritual, wealthy, artists, wanderers and folks looking for a complete change of their life and everything in between.  Many people have come here just to visit and quite a few are instantly motivated to move here.  There is an energy present created by all the wonderful beings who show up that is contagious for a lot of us.  Situated at 4500 feet in the high desert we get four seasons of weather including some hot summers, mostly short winters and gorgeous springs and autumns.

Lou Ann and I moved here in 1988 under guided circumstances.  We were living in San Diego at the time and came to Sedona or actually the Village of Oak Creek for a seminar.  The Sunday activity of the workshop was for the attendants to go for a walk in silence.  As Lou Ann and I strolled up Verde Valley School road we stopped and looked at each other and broke the silence by exclaiming “why aren’t we living here?”  Ninety days later we arrived in March. Lou Ann got a job at a pharmacy and I was to search for housing.  I looked at dozens of places with no luck.  There were only two places left to see and I called Lou Ann to share with her the challenge of finding a place.  She suggested since it was March 17th I should ask Saint Patrick for help in finding us a place.

I went to the last home and it was beautiful and vacant and closed up tight.  When I went into the kitchen to look at the appliances and such and I saw the Irish blessing that begins with “May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be always at your back”.  I called Lou Ann and we knew we were guided to have this home.  There is another aspect to this story about blue dragon flies that I will share with you tomorrow!  From my heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 43

Today is just like most days.  Filled with choices and taking actions.  It is a day full of potential.  It is a day of unlimited opportunity.  It is a day of unfathomable wealth.  It is a day for a new beginning.  It is a day where we can feel a deep sense of gratitude.  It is a day when we can connect with the ones we love and let them know how much they mean to us.  It is a day of unspeakable joy.  It is a day of remembering who we truly are.  It is a day of coming home.  And yet today is the only day there is.  This is it, make it a good one.  Spend a moment with yourself and acknowledge your accomplishments like being kind, being loving, being honest and being you.  You are love expressing in your own unique way and you are perfect just the way you are!  From my heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 42

There is only Oneness, and Oneness chooses everything

Choices are just choices, events are just events.

It is us who attach meaning to them. We are meaning making machines and judgment machines. We attach value to almost everything. Some things are good; some things are bad, some things are right, some things are wrong. In truth, there is no good or bad, no right or wrong, only choices and events that we define with judgment.

We find ourselves stating “we need something”, needing implies there is something missing, we lack something. There is nothing you need; there is only what you choose. The word ‘need’ has baggage, the word ‘choice’ is cleaner. We don’t need anything. We choose everything.

This is how we create our lives. We make them seem so real that we totally buy into the events. If we did not, we would realize that this is not real and we probably wouldn’t be here very long. Once we see that Oz is behind the curtain we may as well return to Kansas. Some have asked why we would intentionally create war and famine and pain and suffering. I have two thoughts about this. First, as eternal, omnipotent powerful beings of light we cannot experience pain and suffering and so on and neither can anyone else. Of course in our human form we experience it all.  Secondly, as players in the finite game of life it is the things that could go wrong that keep us interested. In sports, it is the possibility of non success that keeps us interested. Think about it; if your team made every shot, scored every goal and won every game; you would soon lose interest. It’s the miss, the error, the strike out that keeps us coming back for more. It is the same with our lives. It is the mystery that keeps us in our skins time after time.

It is the unrequited love, the failed business venture, death of the body, a miscarriage of justice that has us hooked. If everything in your life experience was always juicy, you would soon lose your juice for life. And so it is. We intentionally limit ourselves in every conceivable way to make the game more entertaining.

Then for a lot of us somewhere between the ages of 27 and 30 something stirs inside. Something tells us that life is not quite as it seems. There is a divine discontent present. For many, we make major changes, like getting a divorce, or moving, or starting a new business. We know that we want to make a change and create something new. In Astrology this is the time of the Saturn return. When the position of your natal Saturn comes full circle and triggers within you the feeling that something is up. This trigger point repeats itself so if you are somewhere between 56 and 60 you might feel it and then when we are near 84 it tunes us in again to why we are here and what we have left to do. This is a time to set yourself free! From my heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 41

Three energies walking down a path and one named Present speaks: Hey I heard you two talking about not liking the now, what’s that all about?

Past:Well I really love the good old days. I remember when I used to do all the things I liked to do. There was less crime and not much pollution and you could buy a loaf of bread for a buck!

Future: Well someday I am going to be wealthy and live on my own private island.  I’m going to lose weight and take a class on oil reading.

Past: That’s aura reading.

Future: Yeah, right!

Present: But don’t you get it, I’m the only time there is.  You two don’t exist. So many regret youm Past and lot’s of folks are afraid of you, Future.

Future: Listen I give people hope, if it weren’t for me the stock market wouldn’t work!

Past: And I give people memories. If it weren’t for me people would  have to be responsible.

Present” That’s just it, you two take everyone out of their power>

Past: Power schmower, I give people’s lives meaning like how good looking they used to be or how thin.

Future: Yeah, and I let people fantasize about how they are going to find their soulmate and move to Giuseppe Verde.

Past: That’s Camp Verde!

Future: Yeah, right.

Present: You two are impossible. Past, you are gone and Future you haven’t arrived.  No one can experience either of you. They can only be whole when they are totally in me! I give them the opportunity to realize who they really are!

Many of us spend too much time in both the past and future.  There really is only now.  When we become present to our feelings and stay with them without judgment we are the most powerful.  This little comedy skit pictures how many of us miss out on the powerful present.  Meditation is one of the best ways to be more in the here and now! From my heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 40

What You Focus on Expands

Universal principle #19

The flow of Divine Power (Love) through the beliefs you hold in consciousness manifest as limitations in your physical reality. Focusing on the physical brings you more of the limitations your existing beliefs are creating. Focus on releasing beliefs and surrendering to all possibility frees the flow of Divine Power to manifest more richness, beauty and joy in your life.

We had a friend that used to sing a mantra to the tune of twinkle twinkle little star.  It goes: what you focus on expands, your life is in your own hands. So true.  We are the creators of these amazing lifetimes.  Everyone else is a co-star, extra or bit player.  We are also the directors and producers of this life script.  What a powerful literal metaphor.  No one else has power over us.  Not the government, our families, ex spouses, IRS, in laws, outlaws!  We get to choose in every moment exactly how we want our lives to be.  Now sometimes this seems limited because we have already made choices that perhaps limit the options we now have.  Never the less, we have set it all in motion and now we get to play it out.

If you desire your life to be different, now is the time.  Don’t wait for the perfect moment.  Do it now!  Be specific down to the last detail.  If you want more love in your life, describe exactly how it will look and feel.  If you want the best relationships, best career, write it down and make it totally the way you desire.  Don’t do it for someone else.  Do it just for you and you will be truly happy.  From my heart to yours, Thomas

This completes the Universal principles as presented by Arnold Patent.  Lou Ann and I started using these back in 1982 and they have been a major factor in creating the life we desired.  Once again, do some thing good for yourself and go to and connect with Arnold.  Your life will never be the same.

Heart to Heart 39

The Universe Handles the Details

Universal principle #18

The Universe handles the details of our lives in accordance with the beliefs we hold in consciousness. Our core belief is to supersede the Divine in how we live our lives. The sole purpose of that belief and all the others we have created is to give us a life opposite to our natural state. As we open the energy in our beliefs, we increase the flow of Divine Love into all aspects of our lives. We can then rest in the arms of the Divine and observe the details of our day and reflect the joy that the Love releases.

We think we are in control and we can figure it out.  Often, that is not the case. As limitless spiritual beings playing a limited game we cannot possibly know all the possibilities of our life experience.  It is good to take some time and go to a quiet place and just rest until the desire to do it all by our self passes by.  When we surrender to the magnificent beauty of who we are and let go then the magic can happen.  Here is a message from Oneness: Dear human, you’ve got it all wrong.  You didn’t come here to master unconditional love.  That is where you came from and and where you’ll return.  You came here to learn personal love. Universal love. Messy love. Sweaty love. Crazy love. Broken love. Whole love. Infused with Divinity. Lived through the grace of stumbling.  Demonstrated through the beauty of messing up. Often. You didn’t come here to be perfect. You already are.  You came here to be gorgeously human. Flawed and fabulous.  And then to rise again into remembering.  Relax, don’t try so hard.  There is nothing you need to do to be more Divine than you already are!  Go and gaze into a mirror and take a deep breath and then give yourself a wink! You’ve got this!  From my heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 36

Non-attachment and Freedom

Universal principle #15

Our perceived need to hold on to anything or anyone demonstrates our belief in shortage and personal incompleteness. Holding on to anything—people or possessions—blocks the flow of love through us thereby reducing the joy of our experience with the person or object. Holding onto what we have also inhibits new people and new things, along with the new experiences they bring, from coming into our lives. As we open our hearts, feel our state of Oneness and expand our trust in the natural abundance of the Universe, we give ourselves and everyone else the gift of freedom.

I was counseling a person one time about relationships, and used this analogy.   Suppose their was this guy looking for his soul mate.  I asked him to describe that person.  He said she would be loving and caring and have integrity about her life. And she would be about five foot six, blond hair, blue eyes and a beautiful smile.  One day at the office he met a lovely brunette lady who he hit it off with.  She asked him to go out to dinner with her.  He refused, because in his mind she did not fit the description of his soul mate.  It turns out if he had accepted her invitation; he would have discovered that their server was a five foot six, single, blond, blue eyed woman with a gorgeous smile with all the intangible life qualities he desired in a partner.  He was holding on to his own idea about how what his potential soul mate might be.  Had he followed the invitation of his work mate he would have met the woman of his dreams. The lesson here is say yes to Universe.  We do not know how our life will unfold.

Right now you may want to create something special in your life.  Here is my advice.  Make an agreement with Universe.  Universe has all knowledge.  We have limited knowledge.  Tell Universe in your limited knowledge that you are going to take a particular action. If Universe does not want you to take that action; it is it’s responsibility to create another alternative action or path to follow.  Universe is always on purpose and you are a Divine spark of Eternal Oneness. This would be called sweet surrender by John Denver. Here are the lyrics:

Lost and alone on some forgotten highway
Traveled by many, remembered by few
Lookin’ for something that I can believe in
Lookin’ for something that I’d like to do with my life
There’s nothin’ behind me and nothin’ that ties me to
Something that might have been true yesterday
Tomorrow is open, right now it seems to be more than enough
To just be here today, and I don’t know
What the future is holdin’ in store
I don’t know where I’m goin’ I’m not sure where I’ve been
There’s a spirit that guides me, a light that shines for me
My life is worth the livin’, I don’t need to see the end
Sweet, sweet surrender, live, live without care
Like a fish in the water, like a bird in the air
Surrendering to Oneness or Universe is one of the most powerful actions you can take.  We do not know all the answers and when we open up to Limitlessness our lives can shine!  From my heart to yours, Thomas