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Heart to Heart 108

Keep on Going

You were born with a dream that lies deep in your soul

You were born with a need to reach out to a goal

Swear by all that you know, that you’ll never let go of your dream.

When the road seems too long and your hope’s turn to clay

That’s the time to be strong, where there’s a will there’s a way

Though the way may be slow,  you must never let go of your dream.

If you’re living without trying, that’s not living, just a slower way of dying

So hold on tight to what you want and you will wake to greet some great golden morn

When the world seems to say, this is why you were born, here it is, here’s your day

And you’ll reap all you sow, let your cup overflow, if you never let go of your dream.


These are lyrics from a wonderful song that Lou Ann and I used to sing when we were members of the Canyon Singers here in Sedona.  The group lasted 25 years until it’s wonderful director, Sandy Reid moved back to Iowa.  The lyrics may not be totally accurate; but they are pretty close.

Far too many of us have given up our dreams.  Yes, we say life gets in the way.  And of course, life is our choices that we make daily, that either lead us closer to or farther away from our dream.  And you know what?  Your dream can be any size you want it to be.  If it feels too large, cut it down to bite sized pieces or get yourself some loving support, folks who will help you manifest it!. Then achieve each smaller dream until you realize the one that is your heart’s fondest desire!

Remember what Jiminy Cricket said:”if your heart is in your dreams, no request is too extreme”.  From my dreaming heart to yours, Thomas


Heart to Heart 107


In the big picture, there is nothing to forgive, because nothing has been done that is wrong.  In our day to day lives we make choices and sometimes they work out and sometimes seem not to.  However, every thought, deed, action is always on purpose or in Divine Order.  When we experience tragic events in life it is hard to see the purpose in them.  We often want answers of why it occurred and usually someone or something to blame.  It is difficult to lose loved ones or have other events that cause us pain.

Which comes to forgiveness.  When we hold onto events that cause us anguish they slowly destroy us.  Even if something happened that was accidental it is difficult to let go and maybe more so.  When someone has wronged us and been at fault, we want to them to feel guilty or bad.  The challenge is that holding onto that kind of judgment actually hurts us more then the offender.  Most can hold a grudge but it takes real strength of character to forgive. When we forgive, we release ourselves from the painful burden.  It doesn’t mean what has occurred is okay.  It just means that we have made peace with the pain and it is time to let it go.

Finally, for many of us, forgiving ourselves is perhaps the most difficult of all.  There are events in my life that I still have some blame, shame and guilt about what I did.  In many cases, I have apologized to whomever I hurt and they forgave me and I still have some energy of sadness.  And so it comes down to knowing that we always do the best we can do.  We cannot do anything other than that.  In retrospect, we can look back and wish we had made a more loving choice.  Truth is, I couldn’t do it at the time.  Remember the line to one of my favorite songs: “I love the world the way it is cause I can clearly see, that all the things I judge are done by people just like me.” ” So till the birth of peace on Earth, which only love can bring; I’ll help it grow by loving everything”.  Including me!

Back to the Big picture.  We are eternal, limitless, beings of light who are forever loving.  If you are stuck right now in any form of non-forgiveness, time to let it go.  You are wonderful, just the way you are. From my forgiving heart to yours, Thomas



Heart to Heart 106


There is a biblical axiom that states “judge not lest ye be judged”; uttered by Jesus as recorded in the book of Matthew.  The meaning was to not judge others when you are doing the same thing yourself; perhaps in a different way. The word judgment is defined in two ways in the dictionary.  First, judgment is the ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions.  The second definition is; a misfortune or calamity viewed as a divine punishment.  I was out on my walk today and noticed the beauty that surrounds me, as I often do.  I saw the red rock formations, the clear blue sky, the waning colors of summer in the perennial bushes.  It is one of the most beautiful places anywhere.

I was aware today that I was making a judgment about what I was observing.  There are probably those who might take the same walk and notice it’s not very green.  We would both be using our judgment about our experience.  Neither of us is right or wrong, we just notice.  As I walk through the area there is another occasional walker or runner.  We are all different shapes and sizes.  However, it seems to me, that those of us who exercise more have a lower body mass index (BMI).  Experts have told us that it is healthier to have a lower BMI.  We are not better people because we do, perhaps just healthier.  Then there is a societal idea about what is attractive.  Most of us would say a person who is thinner and in shape with some muscle definition, is more attractive.  But who decided what is pretty or handsome?

I would like us to focus on dictionary definition number one: the ability to to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions.  In today’s world, it is easy to get caught up in the game of right and wrong.  We seem to be more polarized than I can ever remember.  It is easy to judge the other end of the belief spectrum.

Our homework tonight might be to borrow another old Native American proverb, and that is: “never criticize someone until you have walked a mile in their moccasins”.  Let us open our hearts to everyone and consider that we know little of what has occurred in their life.  I think it was M. Scott Peck who proposed that if we were to have had the same life experience of the other we judge; we too may have made the same decisions. Let us use our judgment to come to sensible conclusions that uphold everyone and everything.  From my heart to yours, Thomas

Tomorrow is forgiveness.




you were born with a dream that lies deep in your soul

Heart to Heart 105

When you wish upon a star

In 1940, the year I was born, the above mentioned song won the Academy Award for best song.  Here are the lyrics:

When a star is born
They possess a gift or two
One of them is this
They have the power to make a wish come true

When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires will come to you

If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do
Fate is kind

She brings to those who love
The sweet fulfillment of their secret longing

Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true

When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires will come to you

If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do
Fate is kind

She brings to those who love
The sweet fulfillment of their secret longing
Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true

Some of the lines are so powerful “If your heart is in your dream no request is too extreme”.  Now is the time for all of us to find our dream and put our whole heart into it.  Fate is kind.  She brings to those who love the sweet fulfillment of their secret longing.  What is your secret longing?  What is that dream that you may have given up because life just got in the way?  For me the starry night has always been magical.  When I gaze at the immensity of it nothing seems impossible. I would love for those of you who read this blog to respond and share your dream with all of the rest of us.  When we let each other know the essence of our heart’s longing, we create an energy that can be like a bolt out of the blue!  Remember the quote attributed to Goethe :“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”  From my longing heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 104

All you need is love

Life is simple in principle.  Everyone wants to love and be loved.  To the degree we are not experiencing all the love we desire, is to the degree we do not experience self love.  Self love is not selfish or narcissistic.  It is vital and it is imperative that we first learn to love ourselves or we cannot love others.  We cannot give away something we do not have.  If we don’t feel love inside ourselves we are not able to share it with others.

Physical, emotional and spiritual love is all connected at our core.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  Part of the human experience is giving and receiving love.  Often when we do not love ourselves we express it in ways that don’t appear as love.  Most of the anti-social events in our World are actually committed by people desperate for love.  If they had received love and felt loved they would not have expressed themselves in a negative way. Right now, we are experiencing this globally.  We have leaders of countries acting out in unloving ways.  Around our world there are horrendous acts of violence.  Those of us who are relatively safe and secure can help.

Find a quiet place and bring into mind anyone that might appear to acting unloving.  Close your eyes  and picture that being when they were first born.  They were wrapped in a blanket and placed upon their mother’s chest.  They were totally dependent and vulnerable.  Their parents eyes shined with love and they held them close and love was all there is.  That little being has grown and made all their life choices and now they are in pain and need the same kind of nurturing they received at birth.  We are all connected.  We are one.  We can now reach out to this grown person and even invite their guardian angels to come and assist.  See them as they were when young and full of love.  Let them know how much they are cared for.  All they need is love. From my heart to yours, Thomas


Heart to Heart 103

Grandma’s Feather Bed

Many years ago I purchased a brand new 1973 luxury Oldsmobile station wagon that seated eight.  It was a gorgeous deep sky blue with electric doors, windows, seats and a fabulous stereo. When I purchased it at the dealer they asked me to do a testimonial about the car.  I remembered that Toyota was running an ad about how their cars were the least expensive per pound, costing about $1.10 per pound.  I paid about $5500 for my Oldsmobile and figured out it weighed about 5600 pounds.  So I said in the interview that my luxury Olds is cheaper per pound than a Toyota.  The ad ended up in the National Sunday magazine in all the major newspapers! You never know about life!

My children and I would put on a John Denver tape and listen to tunes like the title of this blog.  We would turn it up full volume and shout ”

It was nine feet high and six feet wide
And soft as a downy chick
It was made from the feathers of forty ‘leven geese
Took a whole bolt of cloth for the tick

It could hold eight kids and four hound dogs
And a piggy we stole from the shed
We didn’t get much sleep but we had a lot of fun
On grandma’s feather bed

One night we’re going down the road with the windows open and the music going when all of a sudden the automatic door locks began to click on and off.  I turned off the tape and then every few seconds there would be the clunk clunk of those door locks.  The door locks were tall silver metal objects about and inch and a half high.  The kids said “dad stop doing that and turn John back on”.  I said I wasn’t doing that and they didn’t believe me.  The driver was the only one with access to operate the automatic door locks for all the doors.  To prove it,  I raised both hands from the steering wheel and in a moment the clunk, clunk continued.  I began to feel strange about the event.  I was enrolled in a metaphysical university at the time and was studying paranormal events.  I got the idea to ask if there was someone in spirit doing this.  I asked the energy to clunk once for yes and two for no.  I then said is there someone here besides us doing this…clunk. The kids screamed and still thought I might be somehow doing this even though I showed them that my hands were no where near the lock control.  As we went along we all got into asking some questions of our mysterious guide.  It was an amazing evening and bonded us all ever closer somehow to John Denver and the giant feather bed!  From my amazing heart to your amazing heart, Thomas


Heart to Heart 102


One of the Universal principles is  “what you focus on expands”.  What we give our time and attention to will usually manifest in our lives.  Lou Ann was reading Alan Cohen’s book “A Daily dose of Sanity” and found this principle, it is the principle of the vital few.  Do you know about the 80/20 rule?  In many instances, it applies.  In a sales company 80 per cent of the business is done by 20 per cent of the sales force.  In church, 80 per cent of the money donated is by 20 per cent of the people. In publishing 80 per cent of the books sold are by 20 per cent of the titles.

On an interpersonal level, 80 per cent of our success comes from 20 per cent of our thoughts.  So begin to focus on your most creative thoughts and feelings and give them 100 per cent of your attention.  Focus is such a powerful tool of creation and success.  In most areas of life it is those of us who stay focused on what we desire that create it.

We have been working on creating a thriving vacation rental business and have been focused on it for seven months and are now reaping the rewards.  We love meeting new people in our home and we get to find out all about their lives and what they are up to.  We feel so blessed to be doing this at this time in our lives.   Our new business is called Enriching Life Forever and our home rental is called Million Dollar View.  Come and visit, we would love to have you as our guest! So if you want to create your heart’s desire, spend some quiet time daily and really focus on your results.

Remember “what you focus on expands, your life is in your own hands.” From my heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 101

Near Death Experience

Tonight, Lou Ann and I went to a quarterly Vegan pot luck.  Twenty eight folks brought delicious whole food, plant based meals that where so yummy and healthy.  As part of the experience we viewed a documentary movie about near death experiences (NDE).   Most of the attendees are much nearer to the death experience, so there is a lot of interest! Definite pun intended!

This phenomenon has been occurring more frequently in recent years.  Thousands of people are reporting amazing things happen when they have appeared to be dead or nearly so and then they are revived.  There have been some consistent themes about while light and wise spiritual messengers.  There is very likely a life review of not only our actions but every thought we have ever had while here in this lifetime. Then there is frequently a major change in the way a NDE person lives life.  They often have a new purpose.  They are kinder.  They get involved in more social activities that benefit others.

There is a lot of information about this on line.  I have just visited a website titled New Heaven New Earth.  Here is a quote from The Formula for creating heaven on Earth:“Unlike spiritual paths that arose from the ideas and inner experiences of lone, isolated human beings, the path presented by near-death experiences is emerging as a direct, grassroots revelation that millions of people from all over the world are receiving and sharing. If we explore this newly emerging path deeply enough, we discover that all religions, philosophies, and cultures are honored; that science and spirituality are celebrated; that both the human and spiritual side of our natures are cherished and embraced. In short, near-death experiences present us with a universal, all-inclusive, perfectly integrated spiritual path that revolves around three core truths: 1. We are all one 2. Love is the essence of life 3. We are here, in this world, to become perfect embodiments of the Divine.”

It confirms for me the information that I have been fortunate to learn and share over the past several decades.  This life is just one short little blip on the Universal continuum.  We are all here together on this small space ship in the midst of the Milky Way Galaxy.  As limitless spiritual beings we get to come here again and again if we so choose.  Or we can go somewhere else and play.  However, it seems that planet Earth is a special place for folks like us to come and spread our wings.  It is an honor for souls to come here and live and work and play and recognize our Divine nature.

We are angelic, loving, amazing light beings who get to shine on each other every day we are here.  Enjoy your life in the sun!  From my heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 100


Today is the one hundredth consecutive Heart to Heart blog.  It was a serendipitous event that began this journey with you folks.  I was going out on a solar appointment and went to a man’s home and his roof was inadequate for the installation.  When we were sitting in his living room he asked me if I new who Quan Yin was, and I replied I did, and I asked why he asked.  He said she is here with us now.  Then he went on to give an impromptu reading in which he told me things about myself that were true.  We had never met before.  He then spoke to me with almost a stern manner.  He said I had speaking and writing talents.  He relayed that the world is full of people with broken hearts and that I could encourage them.  I went home and have been enjoying sharing whatever knowledge or wisdom I possess ever since.

I am thankful for events like this that lets me know there is a loving energy present that cares for us. Gratitude is one of the anchors of Lou Ann’s and my relationship.  She taught me early on to be thankful even for the smallest things in life.  She would thank me for nearly everything I did for her.  That alone made me want to do more things for her. And I responded as well.  We are so grateful for all that we have and all that we are.  This loving exchange of thankfulness creates an energy of looking for more things in our lives in which to be grateful.

Take a moment and count your blessings.  Feel the love of this blessed Universal energy and all the gifts that you have received.  Then find someone and thank them for all they do for you.  Let them really know how much you appreciate their love for you.  It is such a gift to let others know their value!  From my heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 99

Illuminate Film Festival

For the past two years, Lou Ann and I have been on the staff at the Illuminate Film Festival.  We have helped with marketing.  If you have not heard of this wonderful event please go to and check it out.  Amazing things happen at this event, which is now going into it’s fifth year.  Its mission is expanding human consciousness through cinema.  Ten months ago we attended a world premiere film put on by the festival titled “Eating You Alive”.  That movie has changed our personal lives dramatically.  We both became whole food plant based food consumers.  We gave up all meats of any kind and also all dairy.  We both feel wonderful, like a new lease on life.

The festival features at least two dozen films of inspirational content. Illuminate film attendees get to be encouraged, engaged, challenged and motivated to take action in creating a better planet.  The festival usually begins the last day of May and runs for five days.  In addition, attendees can go to live workshops after many of the films.  You can interact with the movie makers and stars of the films.  There is also a healing lounge where many practitioners share their talents and gifts at reduced prices. And if you are a movie maker there are amazing seminars and meetings to help you make, distribute and market your latest creation.

I am sharing this now because our festival core team is about to return together for another fabulous life changing season.  We are looking for others who want to get involved as volunteers.  We need an IT person to run our monthly and semi-monthly core team meetings in Sedona.  We are also looking for someone who would like to head up our marketing team and someone to be the membership manager.  Volunteers on the core team receive wonderful benefits, which include a full pass to attend the festival.  So if you are looking for a way you can make a difference in today’s world, please contact us.  Go to the website and choose the “get involved” tab.  We would love for you to be a part of the IFF team too!    From my heart to yours, Thomas