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Heart to Heart 128


I want to say a deep thank you to all the folks who sent me well wishes yesterday.  It turns out that my adventure was probably a Vasovagal episode.  I created it by becoming dehydrated and lack of exercise and other choices.  It was a frightening event for me.  I thought I might die.  The lab tests and procedures say that I have a healthy heart and sound neurological system.  Still I feel wounded, vulnerable and tender.  I have often shared with you wonderful beings how much I enjoy life here on Earth.  I really would like to stay here forever.  Maybe I can in a few thousand more incarnations, who knows?

It was interesting to see how many friends and loved ones responded.  Way more than any other post I have presented. It let’s me know, perhaps, that more people are reading this blog than I thought.  Nevertheless, I am honored and humbled by your loving and kind responses.

When I think about how long I might live; I first think about Lou Ann and other loved ones and how it would be for them, if I die.  And while, this is really self centered, it brings up, for me, some ideas of  the choices I make.  It feels to me that when I make positive life affirming choices it shows how much I love others.  They care for me and want me to be around as long as I am able and I do the same.  Perhaps choosing healthy food or exercising or thinking positive thoughts is a loving thing to do for others as well as ourselves.  I see many of my friends and loved ones making choices that appear to be less than helpful to themselves.  And they are their choices, not mine.  They probably see the same in me.

There is a balance in loving someone enough to share with them, that the choices they are making might not support them, and interfering.  Bottom line is, for me, to have the courage to support myself and others in encouraging us to do the best for all concerned.  Then it will work out as Universe planned anyway.  From my healthy, fragile heart to yours, Thomas


Heart to Heart 127


A Fork in the road

We went to eat at El Agave’ restaurant with an old friend Sandy Olsen.  Our meal was nearly over when I became dizzy and felt kind of nauseous.  I immediately went to the rest room to empty my colon.  I went back to the table and became weak and began shaking and felt like fainting.  Lou Ann said all the blood had drained from my face.  She immediately drove me to the nearest ER at the Fauquier Hospital.

They took me in and I once again had to empty my intestines and bladder.  I was hooked up to instruments to check my vital signs, my blood pressure was 191/110.  My normal reading would be 133/75.  I was now shaking very badly. All the hospital staff administered to me quickly and professionally.  The ER doctor checked for signs of a stroke and they were negative.  They gave me a chest x-ray,  then down the hall to a CT scan.  Then three separate times during the day they asked me a list of medical questions.  Then a Neurologist gave me a Skype interview and went over a deeper set of questions to determine if a stroke had happened. Then my vital signs returned to normal.  Then the MRI test down in the lab to test for all kinds of symptoms and disease states. As of now all the tests seem to be negative. We will find out the MRI results tomorrow.

I have been thinking for quite awhile to get a complete check up to insure that I was healthy. If I found something to repair we could handle it.  This was a rather abrupt way to create that and it feels okay.

It’s a small World after all, appeared again today. One of the aides  in the hospital knew Lou Ann from yoga classes that Lou Ann used to teach in the Wellness center some nine years ago.  Our friend Sandy Olsen’s daughter was dating a guy whose parents bought our old house on Miles Lane that we lost in the real estate crash.

You never know about life.  It is a series of events with twists and turns  and memories and connections that make it such a rich experience.  Everyone we experienced today treated us with kindness and joy and professionalism that was outstanding. And our friend Mary Anne and my son Michael and his wife Pearl dropped by to give encouragement and love. And my loving wife Lou Ann has been here all day. It is wonderful to find out how loved we are.  One way is what I chose today.  You may choose some less invasive and perhaps more fun way to get your feedback of how much you are loved.  Either way is okay.  When this happens, it is often a positive turn in the road of life that gives more energy to do what we love to do and be with the people we love.  From my fragile heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 126

It’s a small world after all

Lou Ann and I went out to dinner with my daughter Deborah to a restaurant called Not Your Average Joes.  Our server was a wonderful young lady named Shardai.  When we go out to eat we almost always ask our server their name and where they are from and other questions that would have us know them better.  In this case, Shardai said she was from San Diego and we said we used to live there as well.  Then she said she lived in a town named Vista and we said that is where we used to live.  And I said we lived off of the Sycamore exit and she said that is where her grandparents lived.  This happens to us a lot.  One time I was sitting outside a Panera restaurant in Warrenton Virginia and a lady came by and said didn’t you play the leading role in “The Music Man” back in Sedona Arizona, and I confirmed that I did.  She had owned a glass company in Sedona many years ago.  And here we were meeting each other some 22oo miles away from Arizona.

We are all connected in some way or another.  Sometimes by geography.  Sometimes by a few degrees of separation.  Sometimes by travelling.  It is fun to connect this way and feel we are one big family.  We many never see Shardai again and I am pretty sure we won’t forget the magical serendipitous contact.  Maybe some of us could start asking questions of perfect strangers and find a closeness to each other that we are missing.  From my questioning mind and travelling heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 125

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

Lou Ann and I saw this movie today.  I had no idea about the history of Wonder Woman.  Not that it is that important.  However the story line, which if close to truth, was fascinating.  Professor Marston was the inventor of the lie detector and the DISC personality profile system. I remember a line in the movie that said something like how it would be if a woman was president.  Well, we just missed that.  Hopefully we will elect a woman president here in the United States soon.  Hopefully, women will become the majority of legislature in our country and around the world.

Men are not good at governing.  The state of the world is largely a result of men.  It is time that we bring the awesome energy of the feminine into major leadership roles in every aspect of our society.

In my own life, I owe a great deal of the success I have had as a human being to my loving partner Lou Ann.  She is wired differently than I.  She moves through life at a slower more graceful pace. In my early family life, my dad was constantly in deep emotional pain.  My mom, worked hard at jobs that earned enough to support our family. She was a wonderful mom to me.

Most women are wonder women.  They have a strength of conviction and courage combined with a heart that includes most living things.  My daughter and step daughters are wonderful mothers too.

My wish is for people to begin to see what a wonderful world it would be with women in charge.  From my awe-inspired heart to yours, Thomas


Heart to Heart 124

Alpha and Omega

Aloha nui loa everyone.  Lou Ann and I were graciously gifted with the new Dan Brown novel “Origin” by my son Michael.  It is another page turner! No spoiler alert here.  The plot of the latest adventure is the quandary that many of us have sometimes wondered.  Where did we come from and where are we going?

I have a somewhat different look at the whole idea of this dilemma.  I don’t think we came from anywhere and I don’t think we are going anywhere.  I don’t mean that we are just beings that are birthed here for a lifetime, only to disappear.  I believe we are eternal energy beings who get to manifest wherever and however we desire.  I believe there is intelligence in every living thing.  I don’t believe there is anyone or anything judging us for any reason.  We are the creators of this existence and we get to do what we choose; hopefully for the good of all.

If this is so, then how do we really want this to all work out?  Why are we h, here and if we keep returning here then how shall we make this a more divine journey?  For me, it usually boils down to acting in loving and supportive ways for all the Earth’s creatures.  When I observe events on the planet that don’t appear loving or supportive; I choose to take action.  The action may be to simply send love or to get involved in an activity that feels like it will help.  We can all help make the world a better place and it might not matter where we have been or where we are going.  It will matter that right here, right now we have the power to create an earthly paradise for all.  Time to get started, don’t you think?  From my wondering heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 123

New beginnings

I played Pickle ball with my son Michael and several others today. It was the first time for me.  It is played on a smaller court than tennis with a Wiffle ball and smaller rackets.  It was fun but probably won’t replace regular tennis for me.  It is mostly always fun to learn something new particularly when it is a physical game.

We have stored about fifteen boxes of personal items at my son’s house for eight years.  It was like Christmas.  We got to see so many memories stored in pictures, slides, audio tapes, VHS tapes and others.  I used to have a full beard and dark longer dark hair and a few less wrinkles!  The collection of media covered about forty years of my family’s life.  We had a wonderful dog named Angel who graced us with her love for over twelve years.  Now we get to put much of the material in digital format to be used in some entertaining way.

I think it is important for all of us to keep having new beginnings.  Of course, every moment could be a new beginning.  Life seems to be so more exciting when looking forward to something new and unknown.  I used to be an Astrologer and one reason I gave up the practice; is that I don’t want to know what is next.  I want the mystery of life to unfold in every moment.  If you feel a little stuck with a routine that perhaps doesn’t quite fulfill you; perhaps it is time for a new beginning!  From my new heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 121


We are staying at the Courtyard Marriot near the campus of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg Virginia.  Our grandson, Seth Allen went to school here.  He is the youngest of our daughter, Deborah and wonderful husband Joe Allen’s four incredible children.  Oh and by the way, he starred as a point guard on the Virginia Tech basketball team.  He was sixth man of the year in the entire Atlantic Coast Conference.  In basketball there are five players who start the game.  When the first substitution is made, that player is the sixth man.  In other words, of all the fifteen other universities in the conference he was the best of them all!  A little bragging from grandma and grandpa.  When Seth played, he almost always had a huge grin on his face while performing.  And he has an engaging personality that will light up a room!

We went to a restaurant on campus named Gilley’s and I had maybe the best black bean burger ever!  I mentioned to Lou Ann that I often feel sad when I am on a college campus.  One reason is, I didn’t choose to attend a major university when I was young.  I am a long time sports fan and would have attended many of the athletic events had I been there.  I would love to be eighteen again. My last year at Hollywood High school was awesome.  I finally matured into a person who could get good grades and I played varsity sports and I found my voice as a young adult.  I think about all the possibilities for an advanced education and then being able to use it in today’s troubled world.  It would be fun to do it for another seventy-five more years or so.

And I am celebrating all the choices I made.  Those choices lead me to have all the amazing life experiences I have had.  I have met so many wonderful people and been fortunate to travel to far away lands and commune with other sacred souls.  I encourage you to look at your life and celebrate your choices as well.  They were all divine in every way.  There were no mistakes. Take a look in the mirror and pause and congratulate yourself for choosing everything you did.  Then look forward to many more choices that will make the world a better place, because you are in it!  From my celebrating heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 120

Life Kitchen

We are in Memphis Tennessee tonight and had a excellent Vegan meal at the Lyfe Kitchen.  I thought of the name of the restaurant as a title for the blog tonight. See our lives as a recipe.  We are the proprietors of our life restaurant. We choose what to serve and what are the ingredients.  When we eat, how conscious are we of the ingredients, nutrients, overall health of those things we put in our body?  When we make life choices, what are the ingredients we put on our life menu?  Will they nurture us for a long healthy life?  Or do we rush through life, making unconscious choices that may not serve us for a long, productive, abundant, joyful life?

It might be time for us to take a look at what we are serving ourselves.  Take some time today, or soon and see if you are putting all the ingredients in your life recipe to create the most delicious life experience you can have.  It is your life and no one can make this life like you can.  From my delicious heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 119

The Circle of Life

Greetings from Amarillo Texas.  We drove nine hours today and traveled 636 miles from Sedona.  The speed limit on the interstate in the western states are all 75 mph, which means you can go 80,  As we drove along Interstate 40, the old route 66, I saw homes on properties right along side the freeway.  I have often wondered as I drove by why  folks live where they live and what do they do?  How do they support themselves when it appears there is no town with any kind of facilities.  Do they commute a ways, to get what they want or do they dial up Amazon?  How old are they?  Are they retired or are they just beginning their families?

I also had many feelings of nostalgia about the many trips I have taken.  I have some sadness mixed with the joy of traveling that I so love.  How many more trips will I make in this life?  I love driving across the vast stretches of western farm and ranch land.  I think of all the over population of people in the world; and then observe the millions of square miles of vacant land that could perhaps house and nurture them. Wish someone would figure out how to house and feed them.

Lou Ann is riding along and nurturing us, by providing food, drink, directions, music and laughter.  I feel I have come full circle in a wonderful life and look forward to the new riches it brings.  One of the songs Lou Ann dialed up on her I-pod is appropriate for this blog tonight.  I will go to You-tube, copy and send it with this blog.  From my grateful heart, full of love, to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 118

Getting Ready to roll

Tomorrow we leave for Northern Virginia about 7:30 am with stops in Amarillo, Memphis and Blacksburg before arriving in Warrenton on Friday.  Lou Ann has her Astrological sun in Leo.  She loves beauty and color and movement and dance and music and pretty clothes.  Our clothes closets are arranged in the colors of the rainbow to match the day of the week.  For instance, Monday’s red is on one end of the closet and Sunday’s purple the other.  Lou Ann’s closet looks like a work of art with all the bright colors and patterns.  Mine also has the same arrangement, just not as pretty.  It is actually a time saving system once you set it up.  If you are ever looking for your green sweater you know it is between the yellow blouse and blue pull over.

Lou Ann is also as vivacious as she is pretty.  She has bright red hair and when she enters a room the energy seems to increase or expand.  There is a larger sense of joy when she is around.  Her huge heart loves nearly everyone and everything.  I am honored to be her life partner and traveling partner.  With the one exception that she does fill up a couple of large suitcases when we travel.  I have often said, in the next lifetime, I will be the petite lady and she will get to be the little bit stronger man.  Right now though, I have recently fractured my wrist and it hasn’t quite healed yet.  So we will be quite a couple lifting the heavy cases in to the car with three good arms.

We have such fun and life is filled with such joy!  We can hardly wait to see all of our family and friends and give great big hugs to all.  I wish for you to have someone in your life that is a loving partner who brings you a treasure of  joyful feelings.  In the meantime, be that person for someone in your life.  Open your heart so wide that when they see you, it is as if time stops.  Then drink in their love for you and do it until you both leave the planet!  From my joyful heart to yours, Thomas