Heart to Heart 173

The Excitement builds

We had a wonderful programming team meeting for Illuminate Film Festival tonight at our home.  There were ten present and another five on Zoom from their computers.  We discussed how to review movies and choose the ones that best exemplify our mission of providing conscious cinema to make a difference in the world.  Danette Wolpert the founder of the festival gave a wonderful presentation of the history of the Festival and let us know how important our job was in creating the best possible event.

I remember a film from last years festival titled “Rumble, The Indians Who Rocked the World”. This movie about Native Americans (here called “Indians” for reasons that become clearer as the movie goes on) and their influence not just on rock but on American music. As is pointed out more than once, the music of the Shawnee, the Choctaw, the Mohawk, the Apache, and so many other tribes, is in a very real sense the first American music. Race-mixing between blacks and Indians resulted in a cultural consciousness that enabled a melding of African music and Indian.  (A review of the movie on Ebert.com)

After the movie there was a question and answer session and I raised my hand and said that I never liked rock and roll music.  I was from a generation of folks who listened to Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, Doris Day etc.  And then I shared in a very emotional way that this movie opened my heart to these wonderful musicians.  They were often from broken homes and in many cases judged for their ethnicity or their culture or other non-mainstream choices.  However, they had a dream and nothing was going to stop them from making their music.  It is thrilling to watch our sisters and brothers who have such intention.  I am in awe of people who keep on going no matter what!

In a related way I had a small experience with a neighbor who walks his dog past our house every day.  I was driving by him and his pet named Bosco; because he is a chocolate lab, and we stopped to chat.  He asked me how had the remodel of our home had gone. I shared that it had taken seven months, but we had more to do on the property.  He laughed and said “you are like me, they will carry you out feet first!”  I laughed as well and later I thought of the remark and said to myself that yes, I will probably never retire.  I will find some passion to be involved with that will feed my heart and soul and hopefully make a difference.

I think it is important to keep involved and contribute as long as we can.  I believe it creates longevity by keeping our mind and body and spirit moving forward.  I wish for you to find those things that thrill your heart.  Whether they are hobbies or you life’s work; I encourage you to do them til the last breath of your life.  From my fired up heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 172

Sunday Fun!

Lou Ann and I went down to Phoenix to watch the Cardinals versus Rams football game.  I have been rooting for the Los Angeles Rams since I was seven; just a few years ago!  The football stadium is located in Glendale Arizona and it is located on a giant property with a huge Hockey stadium and a giant outdoor mall that has twenty restaurants included.  We went early and enjoyed some delicious Mexican food before walking over to the football field.

While we were watching I was impressed that the Arizona Cardinals were presenting kind of a public service announcement a couple of times to their fans.  In the PSA,  several of the team’s star players and coach asked that their fans be enthusiastic but polite and caring of others around them!  I thought that was pretty classy! We sat on the fifty yard line in the upper seats and the view was wonderful.  Lou Ann and I focused our attention on our team (Los Angeles) doing well.  There were a few times when we would predict the outcome of a play before it occurred!  It was fun to have that work so well.

We went shopping at Macy’s after the game and had a vegan meal nearby.  Lou Ann remarked of how sweet life is.  We enjoy so many of the same things and support each other in creating our heart’s desires!  The Universal principle of “what you focus on expands” comes to mind.  We truly do our best to have each moment of our lives be filled with love, joy, fun and abundance.  We don’t take life or each other for granted.  We realize how short a lifetime is, in the scheme of things. May this holiday season and all the seasons of your life, be filled to the brim with everything your heart’s desire as well!  From our full hearts to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 170

Remember Me

Lou Ann and I went to see the Disney Pixar film “Coco”.  The movie is brilliant.  As much as I love a good movie; I almost love movie making as much.  Poco is one of the best made movies I have ever seen and I have seen thousands in my lifetime.  Prior to the movie, Disney also shows a twenty minute film titled “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure”.  Some folks were put off because they had to wait the twenty minutes before the feature.  For Lou Ann and me it was just the opposite.  We loved Olaf and the story line of Anna and Elsa discovering their love for each other was wonderful.

Both films were about family and had two wonderful songs which I will share with you here.  First, from “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” is “When We’re together”

[Elsa:] Sure, it’s nice to open a gift
That’s tied up with a perfect bow
[Anna:] But the greatest present of all
Was given to me long ago
[Elsa:] It’s something I would never trade
It’s the family that we’ve made

[Anna:] ‘Cause when we’re together
I have everything on my list
[Elsa:] And when we’re together
I have all I wished
[Anna:] All around the Christmas tree
There’ll be dreams coming true
[Elsa:] But when we’re together
Then my favorite gift is you

[Both:] I would travel miles and miles
And I would follow any star
I’d go almost any place
If it’s any place you are

[Elsa:] ‘Cause when we’re together
[Anna:] When we’re together
[Elsa:] I’ll forever feel at home
And when we’re together
[Anna:] When we’re together
[Elsa:] We’ll be safe and warm
[Both:] Doesn’t matter where we are
If you’re there with me

[Elsa:] ‘Cause when we’re together
That’s my favorite place
[Both:] To be
‘Cause when we’re together
[Elsa:] It’s a holiday every night
[Both:] And when we’re together
Then the season’s bright

[Elsa:] I don’t need the bells to ring
[Anna:] I don’t need the bells
[Elsa:] I’ll know when it’s here
[Anna:] I’ll know when it’s here

[Elsa:] ‘Cause when we’re together
[Both:] I could stay forever
And when we’re together
[Anna, Elsa and Olaf:] It’s my favorite time of year

It reminds me that we don’t need the season or the bells or anything else to be better than just being together.  Because when we are together life is wonderful.  And even if we are far away, we are still together in our hearts which is the theme of “Remember Me” from “Coco”.  Here are some of the lyrics:

Remember me
Though I have to say goodbye
Remember me
Don’t let it make you cry
For even if I’m far away I hold you in my heart
I sing a secret song to you each night we are apart

Remember me
Though I have to travel far
Remember me
Each time you hear a sad guitar
Know that I’m with you the only way that I can be
Until you’re in my arms again
Remember me

If you close your eyes and let the music play
Keep our love alive, I’ll never fade away
If you close your eyes and let the music play
Keep our love alive, I’ll never fade away
If you close your eyes and let the music play
Keep our love alive, I’ll never fade away

Remember me
For I will soon be gone
Remember me
And let the love we have live on
And know that I’m with you the only way that I can be
So until you’re in my arms again
Remember me!

For many of us, one of the most important things in life is to be remembered.  And hopefully, to be remembered with love.  Even though we may spend a lot of time, energy and money creating a legacy.  Our greatest legacy is to be remembered with love.  When people think of us it would be great if it warmed their hearts.  So, instead of creating more stuff maybe we could create more heart connection.  And when it comes our time to leave this Earth, there will be a celebration for how much we loved!  From my heart full of love to yours, Thomas

PS—Go see “Coco”, you won’t regret it!

Heart to Heart 170

Sedona the Conscious Film Capital of the World

Our programming team met for two hours today to begin finding amazing movies for our festival in June.  Some of the most recent films that inspired most of us were Heal, City of Joy, Walk With Me with Thich Nhat Hahn and narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch, The Golden Age, Becoming Supernatural with Joe Dispenza, All the Rage, What the Health and Rumble.  See if you can find these movies, you won’t be disappointed.

Lou Ann and I are so excited about being part of this team of dedicated people who want to make a difference.  I know that movies have had a huge impact on me throughout my life.  Of course, you folks know as well after all my ramblings about how I love films. Our team may look at five hundred films to find twenty for the Illuminate film festival in June.  There will be about thirty of us choosing and reviewing films over the next few months.  If any of you want to join this team just let us know; we would love to have you.  You might have to look at two films per week and then send in your evaluation.  If you are a film lover, come and join.  From my”wonderful life” heart to yours, Thomas