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Heart to Heart 350


Two hundred people gathered tonight at the Creative Life Center in Sedona to watch the amazing documentary movie titled “Push”.  It is a wonderful love story about a couple who have found a way to live powerful trans formative lives.  They were married in 2009 and one year later. the husband Grant Korgan was critically injured and became paralyzed from the waist down.  Grant was an extreme sports athlete who pushed the limits of competition and crashed his snowmobile, and then his life really began.  He and his wife Shawna began his arduous rehabilitation, often doing ten hours per day of physical therapy and exercise.  They were a team of the most dedicated partners.  There was no stopping them from creating a powerful life.  Shawna has this saying which says: “be firm in where you are going and be flexible in how you get there.”

Then in 2011 Grant was given the opportunity to be on an Antarctic expedition in which he and two others would travel a hundred miles across the ice to the South Pole.  Grant could only use his arms.  There were days when they would only go three miles in several hours.  Grant had no feeling in his feet and they had to keep them warm with battery packs.  It is a challenge for me to describe the kind of effort it took for him to do what he did.  The title of the movie describes him using only his hands and arms to “push” his sled a few feet at a time, for hours on end.  They made it to the South Pole!  Then he had an awareness about life that it was the love and companionship that was the greater goal.

We got to meet Grant and Shawna in a live question and answer session.  They got a long standing ovation!  I realized that few people have that kind of drive and determination to succeed at all costs.  When they fielded queries from the audience, we got to witness their tenderness of heart and the depth of their love for each other and for life.

Fortunately, most of us will not have to go though such a harrowing life experience.  However, we each have our demons and dragons to slay.  They may not have below zero conditions and extreme physical conditions but they may test us to our limits.  It was encouraging to see folks who never quit, no matter what life hands them.  It was inspiring for many of us tonight.  For me, it showed me that I can have my heart’s desire if I just keep pushing on!  From my inspired heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 349

Houston We Have Ignition!

Tonight was our last Illuminate team meeting of the season before the festival tomorrow.  There were thirty of us gathered at Danette’s house  and on line.  We tied up some loose ends about the festival.  Then we were led in a celebration of all the hard work we had shared, over the past nine months.  Ranjita Ryan and Oman Ken led us.  Oman created a song and we all sang it together.  The words were about illuminate, our hearts and our love.  For truly, one has to love what we are about, to give this much time and effort.  Then Ranjita shared with us a ceremony.  She gave us gifts that included a pair of white socks covered in red hearts, and a heart shaped crystal.  She was using the socks to represent a euphemism to “sock it to them”.  Meaning, in a playful way, that now all of this planning and rehearsing was a prelude to sending out our energy in a way that would have impact on the world. Then we went around the room to many of our teammates and held hands with our crystal hearts in them.  We sang words to celebrate the other person and to let them know how much we valued them and their contributions.  Then we exchanged hearts with them and went on to another person.

It was a fitting end to all that we had accomplished together.  Our team is now ready for take off.  We may be going where no one else has gone before.  Into uncharted territory of conscious cinema, perhaps becoming a more powerful force and even mainstream.  I want to thank all of you who read this blog for your support along the way.  It has helped me continue to be inspired and to grow deeper in my commitment to create a message of love and support and caring.  This is the way the mission will be accomplished.  When we walk on Earth like the astronauts walked on the moon.  Creating a whole new world dedicated to exploring the best we can be.  One small step for all of humanity and one giant step for the possibilities of the human soul and it’s connection to All That Is.  From my encouraged heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 348


This is Memorial Day.  We stop and give honor to those who have given their lives in service to their country.  Our country, mostly run by men, has been at war for 224 years of our 241 years since 1776.  We have turned our warring nature into a massive machine which uses up a large part of the expense to run this country.  This blog is in no way to demean those who have served our country.  I did it, between 1959 and 1963.  I was stationed in Texas and my division of the USAF was deeply involved in the Cuban missile crisis.  The closest the world has ever come to blowing up most of the planet.  Sometimes, it is necessary to defend ourselves against the tyrants of the world, and many men and women volunteered to do so.  However, war should be the last resort.  It is almost always the result of some men whose personalities are given to fighting to resolve differences.  And, so millions of military personnel from all over the world have gone to early graves, when they should not of had to do so.  And today, sadly we remember and cry and pray for our loved ones who bravely served.

All of this has been the result of fear.  When we are in a state of fear, we often take actions that we would not do if we were in a place of love.  Today, I would like to focus on the love.  It may be said that those who gave their lives did it out of love in many cases.  I would like society to find the ways to help young boys be loved in such a way that they do not act out their fear on others.  Yes, masculinity has testosterone and that can be a challenge to harness that energy force.  However, throughout history there have been men who have found their hearts, like Gandhi and Martin Luther King and many others.  Let us find ways for boys and men to discover the beauty of compassion, caring and love.  It is time for our country to memorialize those who have served in peaceful ways as well.  From my hopeful heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 347

Folks Loving Folks

Went to the local recycle place behind our neighborhood grocery, this morning.   There are large green containers, where we all put the appropriate materials.  A lady was carrying a brown paper bag of bottles and the bottom broke and they fell out and some shattered.  I rushed over to help and gave her my plastic bin to put the glass in.  We went over and dumped the glass together.  At the same time, another lady came over and gave this woman a new plastic container, so that wouldn’t happen to her in the future.  Love it!  I went inside and purchased a couple of items in the grocery store.  At the checkout stand, my total purchase came to $11.08 and all I had was a hundred dollar bill that I made selling a bed yesterday.  Which, by the way, was generously given to me by a Chiropractor, awhile ago; another kind act.  The clerk, named Chris, went into his pocket and got out eight cents so I wouldn’t have so much change to mess with!  A Wonderful Life may not be easy, but it is simple.  Just do kind and loving things and we all prosper in the most magnificent ways!

Over the years I have counseled lots of wonderful people.  At the time of our sessions, they were stuck in some way.  I shared with them the techniques and methods I had learned along the way.  However when it came down to it.  My favorite and most simple advice is “to follow your heart.” What I mean by this is, to follow the love that you feel inside of you.  The physical heart is a wondrous mechanism.  The spiritual heart is often beyond description.  It is not a place of our thoughts or intellect or experience.  It is that place that we go when we feel connected to nature, butterflies, children’s eyes, puppies tongues, mother’s hugs and all things loving.  The people today who were kind to each other , were connected to that part of us that cares, connects and includes.  May most of our days be filled with these moments of loving each other unconditionally.  From my loving heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 346

Give Till it Helps!

A bunch of us on the Illuminate Film Festival team were working today, stuffing gift bags for attendees to the upcoming festival.  A lot of sponsors have donated gifts and money and they also insert rack cards and flyers in the bags to promote their businesses.  When we gather the items together, a lot of thought goes into the order that they go inside the gift bags.  We don’t just stuff them in there.  We make sure that the booklets and articles and cards are right side up.  We make sure that sponsors who have gone beyond the norm in their giving, are placed in a prominent place to be seen. I was collating many of the pieces of media, and when I got them together I said a blessing over the items.  I wanted whomever received them to be blessed and to feel the love that these items contain in their messages.

Many on our team of volunteers have worked hundreds of hours over the last eight months to make this incredible festival occur.  We have given up lots of our free time.  We have altered our lives and rescheduled many things in order to fulfill this dream.  Our dream is for the world to be a place of love, joy, caring and prosperity for every soul.  We have been lovingly lead by our Founding director, Danette Wolpert and our Managing Director Morgan Richmond, who work ceaselessly to fulfill our mission. We believe that conscious cinema is a powerful force for good and it will create an awakening on planet Earth.  So when we are doing menial tasks, we do them with joy and we do them in excellence, because it matters.  When folks open their gift bags they will see all of the things inside.  However, they will feel the energy and love of this remarkable team, that gives so much.

So there will be times during the event that those of us on the staff will be viewing the movies and healings with the audience.  And we will smile and maybe tears will come to our eyes and we will have a lump in our throats.  Yes, like you, we will all be watching talented and gifted filmmakers and artists on stage.  And we will know how many hours it took to create the magic of this moment in time.  I am so grateful that Lou Ann and I are doing this again for the third year and that the festival is in it’s fifth year.  It has made such a difference in our personal lives to be part of something so transcendent.  I invite all of you who read this blog to be part of the next festival or something like it.  The world needs it now!  From my thankful, grateful heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 345

Being Happy

Sometimes we work too hard and spend a lot of time trying to create happiness.  It may be right there in front of us.  I found this list on the internet tonight by Steve Mueller.

  1. Seeing the sunrise and sundown
  2. Stargazing and philosophizing about life
  3. Laughing until your muscles start aching
  4. Eating breakfast in bed
  5. Tasting something incredibly delicious for the first time
  6. The delicious smell in your kitchen when you bake cake
  7. Making other people happy
  8. Finding money you had forgotten about
  9. Heartfelt laughter
  10. Eating dessert
  11. Running into a friend you haven’t seen for a long time
  12. Taking a nap in your warm bed during a cold winter
  13. Having a movie night with your friends
  14. Being totally exhausted after a workout
  15. Unearthing something you have been missing for years
  16. Making someone laugh
  17. Sleeping while the rain gently beats against your window
  18. Realizing that a certain setback turned out to be incredibly important
  19. Swimming naked

Winning the lottery wasn’t on the list.  Finding one’s soulmate didn’t make it either.  Living in a mansion, not quite up to par.  Having the best possible career….nope!  No, this list is one that nearly everyone could create in their life.  Little things mean a lot.  Remember these lyrics from the song with the same words?  It was written in 1953 and Kitty Kallen made it popular.

Blow me a kiss from across the room
Say I look nice when I’m not
Touch my hair as you pass my chair
Little things mean a lot

Give me your arm as we cross the street
Call me at six on the dot
A line a day when you’re far away
Little things mean a lot

Don’t have to buy me diamonds and pearls
Champagne, sables and such
I never cared much for diamonds and pearls
But honestly honey, they just cost money

Give me your hand when I’ve lost the way
Give me your shoulder to cry on
Whether the day is bright or gray give me your heart to rely on

Send me the warmth of a secret smile
To show me you haven’t forgot
Now and forever , that always and ever
Little things mean a lot

It is true, when we take the time to notice how blessed we are; it is usually the precious little things that mean so much!

From my thankful heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 344

We Are Illuminating

We are getting close to the start of this year’s festival,which begins next Wednesday.  Twenty six films, several reel healings, an incredible healing lounge staffed with local beautiful people.  Lots of delicious organic food.  The amazing Michael Franti in concert on Sunday June 3rd who recorded the wonderful song “Say Hey I Love You”  And so much more.  Today our programming team put the finishing touches to our months of effort and love in creating this festival.  We are honored to have the opportunity to be the liaison teammates, who welcome the filmmakers and celebrate their accomplishments.  We get to introduce their films and moderate a question and answer session following many of the movies.  Through this whole process of discovering the films and curating them and meeting these dedicated folks, we have fallen in love.  Fallen for their passion of doing what they love.  Fallen for their dedication of never quitting their mission, often and against long odds.  Fallen for their vision of wanting to make our fragile planet a place of prosperity and love for all beings.

And now all of the efforts of hundreds of talented, totally committed beings of light and love come to the theater.  And all of you folks will be the judge at how well we have done our tasks.  Illuminate is conscious cinema.  It is created most of all to allow attendees to see what needs to be done in our world, to make it a better place.  So if one of you gets motivated to get involved at a deeper level we have succeeded.  If one of you finds a space in your own life that begins to heal, we have done our job.  If one of you leaves the theater and finds what they love to do, we will rejoice.  This is why we do this.  We feel honored to have been a small part of this elegant undertaking.

I invite all of you to come to the festival, for any of the films or activities.  Your attendance is what keeps it going.  Without you, there will not be a festival.  In this day of  the tremendous challenges of modern life, we often wonder what can we do to help out.  This is your chance.  Please join us and stand beside us, as we collectively do what needs to be done.  Our children and their children’s children will look back on this moment in time and say “Hooray for our parents and grandparents!”  They stood up for all future generations of people and the planet’s inhabitants and began the creation of heaven on Earth.  From my very honored and excited heart to yours, Thomas



Heart to Heart 343

More Serendipity

We had three ladies from San Diego that visited us last month at our home.  Lou Ann encouraged them to join her at her Yoga class.  One of the other participants in that class was a lady named Iona.  She recently traveled to San Diego and was sitting in a restaurant and a woman in the next table said ” Are you from Sedona?”  She said she was and they realized they had met her in that Yoga class with Lou Ann.  Lou Ann shared this story tonight with a couple of friends here in the Village who hosted us for dinner.  They said ” We were at your house that day helping you move something and we met those ladies!”  What are the odds that all this could happen?  One hundred per cent!  Universe is always on purpose and loves to show off!  We are so blessed to keep seeing the intelligence and love of Oneness.

The more we interact with others of like mind; the more these happenings occur!  Maybe you have these things happen as well.  Please share your stories of how Spirit is always letting you know it is with you. Remember Joe Dispenza’s Create My Day? “So if we’re consciously designing our destiny, and if we’re consciously from a spiritual standpoint throwing in with the idea that our thoughts can affect our reality or affect our life — because reality equals life — then I have this little pact that I have when I create my day. I say, ‘I’m taking this time to create my day and I’m infecting the quantum field. Now if (it) is in fact the observer’s watching me the whole time that I’m doing this and there is a spiritual aspect to myself, then show me a sign today that you paid attention to any one of these things that I created, and bring them in a way that I won’t expect, so I’m as surprised at my ability to be able to experience these things. And make it so that I have no doubt that it’s come from you,’ and so I live my life, in a sense, all day long thinking about being a genius or thinking about being the glory and the power of God or thinking about being unconditional love.

Let us all create our days and let Spirit speak to us in it’s magical and magnificent way!  From my serendipitous heart to yours. Thomas

Heart to Heart 342

Don’t Quit

For most of us, life is a long and winding road.  We make so many choices along the way.  Some of those decisions seem to serve us and some do not.  In truth, all of our choices serve us.  However, it doesn’t appear that way a lot of the time.  When we find ourselves stuck and life is challenging, it is time to step back and do nothing.  Allow our Higher selves to reconnect with those lost parts of ourselves.  There is a time for action and a time for reflection.  Go do something that brings you joy.  Even if it is to buy an ice cream cone or take in a movie.  It is time to stop striving and trying to figure out what is hindering our progress. Go do something fun or creative.  Often, we find an amazing clarity about how to proceed.  We often experience synchronistic events that appear as if magic. It could be some of our angelic guides orchestrating our newest adventure.  Wherever you are right now, do this first.  Be grateful.  Take a moment and count your blessings.  Realize how much abundance you have in your life.  Then head off in the direction of your intuitive feelings and you will have a breakthrough.

Those who achieve great things, defeat long odds, and become legends, didn’t have anything you don’t have. They just kept showing up, expecting a miracle, long after everyone else got practical.  Above all don’t quit on your dreams and your passion.  The world is waiting for a lot of us to keep going and discover our gift, to share with all.  From my never quitting heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 337

Who We Are

As the daily news surrounds us with stories of untold limitation; it is time to have a quick reminder course.  After writing this last sentence, I just realized that I mostly write this blog for me.  Whenever I am encouraging you to keep on going, it was probably me that was stuck .  The times that I share some advice for all of us to ponder; it was me that needed that sage wisdom.  And since there is only Oneness, I am always speaking to me.  The me that is the same as you.  We are all parts of the eternal mind of All That Is.  So if someone says “Thomas is always talking to himself”, believe it.  We are not only the other parts of each other; we also reflect and compliment each other as well.  So sometimes if you are reading this blog and it occurs to you that my words seem familiar.  They are, they’re yours, speaking to yourself.

This was the message from The Universe today:

There isn’t a moment in any day, Thomas, when someone, somewhere,

isn’t better off because of something you’ve done.

And no matter what you do, or don’t do, with the rest of your life,

you cannot now comprehend the amounts of love, joy, and personal assistance that are already being pressed out to you in gratitude.

Must be nice,

The Universe

My words exactly, and please substitute your name for Thomas, in the message up above.

We always do our best without exception.  Sometimes it doesn’t look that way, but it always is.  It is that sometimes we are under the influence of our self imposed unknowingness.  There are truly, untold amounts of joy and prosperity and love spiraling around Universe, because we chose to share it.  Take a look in the mirror tonight and smile or wink.  You don’t really have to say anything.  Just know that it was us playing together, creating more light around Universe, because it is who we are.  And who we will always be!  From my Universal heart to yours, Thomas