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Heart to Heart 470 Your Significance

Your Significance


You may think that you are

completely insignificant in this world.

But someone drinks coffee every morning

from their favorite cup that you gave them.

Someone heard a song on the radio

that reminded them of you.

Someone read the book you recommended,

and plunged headfirst into it.

Someone remembered your joke

and smiled, returning home from work

in the evening.

Someone loves themselves a little more,

because you gave them a compliment.

Never think that you have no influence

whatsoever.  Your trace, which you leave

behind with even a few good deeds,

can not be erased.

By Christina Makeyeva

Thank you Stephen Simon for sharing this with us.

Yes, yes. yes!  It reminds me of that old song “Little Things Mean a Lot”

Little Things Mean a Lot
Blow me a kiss from across the room
Say I look nice when I’m not
Touch my hair as you pass my chair
Little things mean a lot
Give me your arm as we cross the street
Call me at six on the dot
A line a day when you’re far away
Little things mean a lot
Don’t have to buy me diamonds and pearls
Champagne, sables or such
I never cared much for diamonds and pearls
‘Cause honestly honey, they just cost money
Give me your hand when I’ve lost the way
Give me your shoulder to cry on
Whether the day is bright or gray
Give me your heart to rely on
Send me the warmth of a secret smile
To show me you haven’t forgot
For always and ever, now and forever
Little things mean a lot
Life is so simple and pure at its core.  We often make it so complicated.  Let us dedicate ourselves to do the smallest, kindest things for each other. It will perhaps change the world, like no other thing has.  From my significant heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 469 Love Yourself

Love Yourself

Remember back in 1979 when Terry Cole-Whitaker wrote “What You Think of Me is None of my Business?”  It was such a landmark book at the time.  In 1982 Lou Ann and I created a Healing Conference in Scottsdale Arizona and Terry was our keynote speaker.  She was fabulous!

We are often our own worst critics, we don’t need someone else to help us out!  I have shared before in this blog that I still think thoughts and then sometimes take actions solely based upon what others think.I exercise nearly every day.  Sometimes when I am out walking and someone passes by, I increase my speed so that they won’t think I’m going too slow. Wow, that is not a helpful way of seeing myself.

Why do we suck in our gut when we are around others?  Why do we wear lots of make up?  Why do we get plastic surgery to improve our looks? There is nothing wrong with dressing well, or having a beautiful home or car or whatever. However, when our self worth is tied up in these things, it can keep us from our real value.

Let’s look at the wonderful song by Jai Josephs again:

I love myself the way I am,
there’s nothing I need to change.

I’ll always be the perfect me,
there’s nothing to rearrange.

I’m beautiful and capable,
of being the best me I can.

And I love myself,
just the way I am.

I love you the way you are,
there’s nothing you need to do.

When I feel the love inside,
it’s easy to love you.

Behind your fears, your rage and tears,
I see your shining star.

And I love you,
just the way your are.

I love the world the way it is,
cause I can clearly see.

That all the things I judge are done,
by people just like me.

So ’til the birth of peace on earth,
that only love can bring.

I’ll help it grow,
by loving everything.

I love myself the way I am,
and still I want to grow.

But change outside can only come,
when deep inside I know.

I’m beautiful and capable,
of being the best me I can.

And I love myself,
just the way I am

Most of us have old patterns of not loving ourselves enough.  They were learned in our homes and schools and local environments.  They just are not true!  We are all beautiful and capable of the most important thing.  That is, being the best me I can!  So if your personal self regard suffers sometimes like mine, just remember the song in this blog.  It might be a great idea and copy it and carry it with you!  Let us unconditionally love and support each other in all of our magnificence!  From my lovable heart to yours, Thomas


Heart to Heart 468 Integrity


I am vegan and still overweight.  I decided to reduce my consumption of grains and carbs.  I have been doing it for three days and lost a couple of pounds.  Today I got home after three sets of tennis and it was 93 degrees and I was hot and thirsty.  I could have just had more ice water but wanted something with some flavor in it.  There was an unopened bottle of grapefruit juice left over from one of our guests.  It had 32 grams of sugar.  I thought, well I’ve exercised a lot and have already lost some weight so I will pour the juice into my drink container and mix it with the little bit of vitamin drink I had left.  I picked up the container which has a screw top and most of the juice went splashing all over the kitchen floor.  Thank you Universe from keeping me from myself and staying in integrity!

I believe we have integrity when we line up our mind and heart with our soul.  Perhaps we had a plan before we arrived?  Maybe our soul wanted us to create something special for us and for humanity.  Maybe we wanted to find a soulmate and live with our best friend.  Maybe we wanted to invent something that would be the cure for one of our major diseases.  I feel integrity is often about being inclusive.  Athletes often do this.  They give credit to others when they could have been the one that got the reward.  We do what we say we are going to do, more often than not, is living in integrity.  We apologize to others when perhaps they could have, but didn’t.  We give others the benefit of the doubt when circumstances were unclear.

Doesn’t it feel good to do something so others will feel good about themselves? It doesn’t take much to live in integrity.  It mostly takes a little time to think what others desire and take an action that makes the world a better place.  From my hopeful heart to yours, Thomas



Heart to Heart 467 A Loving Act

A Loving Act

Sarah Nathan, a good friend of ours sent us an article from Daily Good, News that Inspires.  It tells the story of a teacher who does a wonderful loving thing that she has been doing since the Columbine massacre.

Heart to Heart 466 Now is the Time for us to Fly!

Now is the Time for us to fly!

Now is the time
To follow the wind
To walk alone
And a star will show the way
Above the clouds
Beyond the sea
And now is the time
And now and farewell
And as we partYou taught me well
You gave me strength
You showed the way
I’ll not forget youLike an eagle I will soar above the clouds
I will spread my wings and fly into the sun
Like an eagle I will race above the stars

I will fly to places yet unseen
Go beyond my wildest dreams
Know that you are watching over me

And all alone
I will follow the stars above

As my guide

As my guide
I trust in you
To show the way to me
Beyond the sea

And now is the time
And now and farewell
And as we part

You taught me well
You gave me strength
You showed the way
I’ll not forget you

Like an eagle I will race above the stars
I will spread my wings and fly into the sun
Like an eagle I will race above the stars

I will fly to places yet unseen
Go beyond my wildest dreams
Know that you are watching over me

Alone, I can fly with the eagle to the mountain high
Race with the eagle so far beyond my dreams
Like an eagle I will fly

Like an eagle I will race above the stars
I will spread my wings and fly into the sun
Like an eagle I will soar above the clouds

I will fly to places yet unseen
Go beyond my wildest dreams
Know that you are watching over me

Like and eagle I will race above the stars
Like an eagle I will fly
Like an eagle I will fly

I’m gonna fly the highest mountain
Fly above the clouds
Like an eagle I will fly

We sang this song in the Sedona Canyon Singers for many years.  We learned it from Larry Reid who died prematurely and we sang it at his memorial celebration!  When I sing the words, I cry.  I remember Larry and his wonderful wife Sandy who is still directing music back in Iowa.  The words are so rich with feeling, written by Carl Strommen.
I encourage all of us to fly like eagles and go beyond our wildest dreams!   From my soaring heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 465 Make A Difference

Make a Difference

Lou Ann and I are having fun creating entertainment segments for our television show. We are focusing on themes like climate change and sustainability and kindness, animals and healing others.  We have an unlimited supply of different kinds of shows we might do.  We want to have the program entertaining and trans-formative.  It is not enough for us to just entertain.  Our goal is to inform in a way that has people take action.  We want to have audience participation in each show and then encourage the attendees to get involved.  This world is a mess and we all need to pitch in to make it work.

Each of us in every town can get involved by doing just a little. A lot of “littles” add up to a lot.  There is a local Kindness group here that makes kindness charms.

The Kindness Charm Story

A group of women in Sedona have been focused on a special approach to kindness for many years.  The women have been making “Kindness” charms out of broken, recycled and surplus donated jewelry and dispersing them, not only around Sedona, but across the nation and worldwide.

Each Charm had a tag that says “Take me home and spread kindness”. To date the women have distributed over 6,000 charms to every state in the US and over three dozen countries, in the hope that they are found by someone that needs to be reminded that they are loved.

​This effort is carried out anonymously. Charms appear laying under a bench, hanging from a branch, draped over a rock or on some other object where they will eventually be found.  The goal is simply to encourage acts of kindness, large and small, both in Sedona and around the world.

We could all do something as precious and simple as getting together and finding a way to make a difference.  From my hopeful heart to yours, Thomas

P.S. If you have any ideas for the TV show, please let us know!



Heart to Heart 464 Farenheit 11/9

Fahrenheit 11/9

Lou Ann and I just saw this movie.  It was a huge movie about vital issues that concern us all.  Michael Moore, the creator of the film, is a brilliant, thorough documentary movie maker.  He goes to great lengths to develop a story that must be seen by everyone who cares about the United States.  Moore doesn’t pull any punches in his narrative about the state of our country, before and since Donald Trump became president.  He is also not soft on President Obama and Hillary Clinton.  I encourage everyone to see this movie.  Whether you are politically knowledgeable or active, it can still enlighten you as to what Americans might do to take back their country.

I have avoided sharing politics in this blog.  I have wanted to keep the essence about heart and soul issues.  I still want to keep the spirit of our blog centered in Oneness.  Now I feel I must take a stand for all the Earth’s people and animals and beings who have no voice.

We inhabitants of planet Earth are standing on the brink of potential tragedies, for a majority of it’s citizens.  Climate change, poverty, war, hunger and a myriad of other challenges face us.  It is time for the extraordinary, ordinary people of the world to stand up and be counted.  The powers that be, have mostly sold out to money and power.  We need to encourage heart centered fellow Americans, just like us, to run for office.  Then,we get to do all we can, to get them elected.  It may not be easy, but it will be worth the effort.  Right now, more than a hundred candidates for office are women.  This is fantastic!  Hopefully there will be more.  When we get more than fifty per cent women holding office, we can move forward to a brighter tomorrow and  change the world.

I encourage everyone to get involved in some way, so that Michael Moore makes movies about how wonderful everything is!  From my engaged heart to yours, Thomas



Heart to Heart 463 Moon in Aries

Moon in Aries

The full moon is just days away, blossoming in her radiance on Sept. 24th.

Light is shining on karmic shadows and long-standing wounds in ourselves and in our relationships. What will carry the relationships through is our commitment to the bigger picture and trusting that Divine order is at play.

This moon in Aries forms a conjunction with Chiron — the “wounded healer” ruler of fear, insecurity, and vulnerability, bringing up deep seated insecurities and vulnerabilities. Your deepest spiritual wounds may be coming to the surface, as well as those in your relationships. This recipe offers a mix of the lunar feminine energies with warring masculine energies revealing shadow and truth.

The T square with karmic Saturn brings in an aspect of setting boundaries and bringing discipline. This spells a recipe for drama in personal, planetary and possibly extra-planetary affairs, as that which has been stuffed under the carpet, is now revealed.

The important thing to remember is that you can re-write your story, in a more loving way. If the story you are telling yourself makes you stark-raving mad, ask yourself if it is true. If you expand your vision to take in more information, you may be able to rearrange the elements to tell a kinder and more empowering story. This information is courtesy of Astrologer Elizabeth Wilcock. You can access her at

This seem apropos to what is occurring right now in the United States Senate Confirmation Committee.  It is time to shine the light on our darkness and bring to light the divine nature or who we are.  Many men are stuck in a old patriarchal paradigm.  They have a lot of fear about losing all the power, that has been in their hands for thousands of years.  It is time for the rise of Venus energy, where both men and women connect with their feminine nurturing energy. My natal moon is in Aries, so I will get to address my own personal challenge of balancing my male and female aspects.

Once again, let us all come from a place of love and not judgment.  Let us suspend, at least for the moment, our political leanings and truly ask for Divine intervention to help guide us through this maze.  From my Aries moon heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 462 Find A Way

Here I am typing in beautiful Sedona.  Thinking about what we can all do to make a difference every day. Perhaps we’ll find a way.

Find a way to love ourselves. Find a way to pay our bills.  Find a way to cure our ills.  Find a way to get love chills.  Find a way to heal our Earth.  Find a way to reduce our girth.  Find a way to our own self worth.  Find a way to feed the poor.  Find a way to live without more.  Find a way to love our chore. Find a way to our inner core. Find a way to stay in love. Find a way to save a dove.  Find a way to heal our hearts.  Find a way to make cherry tarts.  Find a way to make words rhyme.  Find a way to get more time. Find a way for auld lang syne. Find a way to reduce our crime.

Find a way to live with passion.  Find a way to live without dashing.  Find a way to slow down our life.  Find a way to reduce our strife.  Find a way to love your wife.  Find a way to get more hugs.  Find a way to not sweep under the rug.  Find a way to give our heart a tug.  Find a war for free heath care.  Find a way to love and care.  Find a way to work together.  Find a way to change our weather. Find a way to get folks to vote.  Find a way to give homeless a coat.  Find a way for a vegan float!

When we find a way to stay in our hearts, we will find the ways to create the world we desire.  There are an infinite amount of ways we can work together.  Let’s do this.  There is no one that can stop us, but us.  Let’s find a way! From my rhyming heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 461 Stardust


And now the purple dusk of twilight time
Steals across the meadows of my heart
High up in the sky the little stars climb
Always reminding me that we’re apart
You wander down the lane and far away
Leaving me a song that will not die
Love is now the stardust of yesterday

Thank you Hoagy Carmichael.

Every atom in your body is billions of years old. Hydrogen, the most common element in the universe and a major feature of your body, was produced in the big bang 13.7 billion years ago. Heavier atoms such as carbon and oxygen were forged in stars between 7 billion and 12 billion years ago, and blasted across space when the stars exploded. Some of these explosions were so powerful that they also produced the elements heavier than iron, which stars can’t construct. This means that the components of your body are truly ancient: you are stardust.

It is wonderful to consider the physical nature of our being, as well as the spiritual.  We are ancient.  No wonder most of us have such a love affair with the stars in the sky.  It is home and who we are.  Gazing at the Milky Way Galaxy on a dark night gives me shivers.  It makes me feel what E.T. felt when he was left behind.  We are recent inhabitants of our wonderful blue space craft Earth.  However, atoms that are a part of us are part of our gorgeous planet as well. I believe we feel that connection too.  That is why it is so important for us to care for this sacred place.  It is us!

Neil Diamond wrote:

Turn on your heart light
Let it shine wherever you go
Let it make a happy glow
For all the world to see

When we realize who we are and what we are, we begin to glow inside.  And when we all turn on our heart lights, we may even light up like Tinkerbell! Remember….phone home!  From my ancient heart to yours, Thomas