Heart to Heart 460 Evening Pages

Evening Pages

I am sitting here in front of my computer and am drawing a blank on what to share with you tonight.  More than twenty years ago, we first read Julia Cameron’s wonderful book called “The Artist’s Way.” She coached us all with her technique she named Morning Pages.  The essence of Morning Pages is to get some paper and in long hand, write at least three full pages of streaming consciousness.  The idea is to to just write without thinking about what you are writing.  The magic occurs when you get to a certain point and the random thoughtless writing turns into a creative piece of self expression!

I am not using long hand, but here goes.  I am writing on my Dell Computer and sitting at a new white desk that Lou Ann and I assembled yesterday.  It took us a few hours to complete it. I ordered the desk months ago and it sat unassembled in a large brown box about six feet long.  I do that frequently.  Order something on a whim and it sits until I get inspired to put it together, or return it.  I am now becoming aware of thinking about what I should write next instead of being in a unconscious flow.  It may be because I am typing and not writing manually.

I know that I like to share things with you. I also know that I have an aversion to keep sharing the same kind of message.  I am aware that I believe that you will get bored and not enjoy the blog anymore.  I don’t think I should care about that, but I do! I want the world to be a loving, magical, abundant, joyful, safe place for everyone and everything.  It frightens me that it appears that so many folks are not aware of the condition of our fragile planet.  Or they are just too busy in their personal lives to take action that will create a wonderful world.

I feel like an idealist, who is speaking to a few other idealists who are in a distinct minority.  I would love for all of us to open our hearts to the possibility of aligning with each other and truly express our Divinity.  From my sometimes sad heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 37

Means and Ends

Universal principle #16

Means and ends are the same. The action and outcome are one. To achieve peace, we feel and express inner peacefulness. To enjoy a life that works perfectly, we see and feel the perfection of everything and everyone, including our Selves. To experience the natural abundance of the Universe, we feel and express gratitude for the abundance we already have.

What we think, do and act is exactly what we get.  When we come from love and caring and compassion it is what we create.  The result can only be what we truly express.  Here is my journey, maybe it is like yours.  I created it by all the things I said and did.  I take full responsibility for it.  There are things I will always remember, there are things I’d like to forget.

What would I say to you now?

How hard it has been, how easy?

Perhaps I’ll find the words somehow.

I do know that I’ve lived in a place called someday I’ll

I’m afraid to let go cause the alternative won’t bring a smile

I’m seventy six years old

Twice as long as I thought I would go

Now I don’t want to stop

Have I been here before?

And where am I going?

Some days seem so free

And other days like I’m swimming in Brie

I don’t know what possessed me to speak to you in verse

Oh well, you chose to be here, maybe it’s your curse

I’ve burned bridges from California to the Eastern shore

Left people hanging and longing for more, what for?

And why do I feel I have something to say?

What makes me think it will make someone’s day?

Hollywood Cal was my proving ground

I matriculated there without making a sound

Who knew inside that there lurked this clown?

I’ve wanted to be famous for a long while

Hope others would see me and like my style

And here I sit in my old Levis

This may be my fate my heart does realize.

Why is it such that times go so fast?

Its like someone took my life and lit it with a match

I talk a good game about saving the Earth

Still I fret and fuss about the size of my girth

My past is checkered to say the least

My future unwritten, I hope it’s a feast

My mind stays ablaze with thoughts that arise

Some true, some fun, some wise and

Some are like the grease in cold French fries

I chose a smart Mom & Dad, they’re both gone now

Haven’t heard a word from either, I wish I could somehow

I was the youngest of three sons before it became a hit

I wonder where I’d be if my parents had split

I was an excellent athlete when I was small

Great hands, good eyes, but a heart not as tall

Most of my life I’ve acted cute or stupid and

Was personal friends with my buddy cupid

Fathered four children, 3 sons again, and one tall girl

Left them back east just to give my life a whirl

I must have been nuts- do you think I’m a squirrel?

Hired a short red headed Texan to work for my team

Who could’ve known she’d be the answer to my dream

I’ve taken up your time to look at some of my past

I wish I loved me more and that our friendship would last

There’s a longing inside me to be all things to all people

I can see it’s a trap

Some others probably don’t think I give a crap

Truth is, I just want to sit on someone’s lap,

and be loved

You see as long as I can recall

I wanted to tell it like it is

Laugh a lot, play a lot, create a lot and be overpaid for show biz

Hey, I thought this life is about being in the now?

Then of course there’s the future, it hasn’t taken its bow.

It’s much more fun to think of trips to take

The friends I will make

The meals I’ll intake

Than to focus on another ignorant mistake

I don’t know about hereafter except what I want it to be

Maybe a few more lifetimes, I hope I’m a she

But alas, I continue to digress

Less I bring to these proceedings even more distress

When I look into your eyes and make a connection

For just a brief moment I’ve made the election

Of not looking around for other’s detection

That I’m not really a model of perfection

The only rhyme word I left out is erection

And I only use it now as to not cause a mass defection

Of my sensitive friends affection

Perhaps this talk should head in another direction?

Right here, right now this feels juicy

There is nowhere else I would rather be

In truth the past is a mind recording of events that either have gone or are happening as we speak.  Either way when we give our energy to what did happen or what might happen, we are not happening?  When we worry about what took place, part of me goes there and when I give it more thought and energy more of me goes there.  When I worry about what might take place in the future, that part of me leaves as well.  When those parts of me are running my life, I have little left for you or me!  We are both robbed of the totality of this moment in time.  Ellie Cooper reminded me the other day that dogs are always in the present.  Children are almost always in the now.  Mature adults are almost always somewhere else, so much for growing up.  We don’t know how long we get for a lifetime, even thinking of it takes us out of the moment.

Like it or not wherever you go there you are.  Whatever you are thinking is what you are thinking.  Whatever you have created is what you have created.  The important question is how will you handle it?  In other words-now what?  In every moment we find ourselves at the cross roads of life.  We often get lost.  By this I mean we lose the ability to see all of the possibilities of our lives.  When we make choices based upon the past or the future we create with limited possibilities.  The conscious mind does not, cannot know the infinite array of opportunity present in any given moment.  To allow ourselves to be truly in touch with where we are, we will want to pause and allow the present experience to sink in.  What does it look, taste, smell, feel or sound like?  We get so caught up in our history and our desire to escape some of it that we lose the magic of the only moment there is.  In Buddhism we are taught mindfulness as opposed to mindlessness.  Most of the time we are not aware of who we are and what we are truly creating.  We are asleep.  In order to wake up we get to focus on the present.  One way is through meditation by slowing down and noticing.  Another way is to be present with whatever we are doing and bring all of our awareness to the activity and the means and ends will take care of themselves.  From my heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 459 Title of Our Blog

Title of Our Blog

Some of you may know that the title to this blog is from a John Denver song called Heart to Heart.  It has been clear to me for most of my life that when I follow my heart, my life flows.  When I try to figure things out and get in a fear space, my life doesn’t work so well.  It is our hearts that connect us all.  Most of all the differences we create, are from the ego and the Monkey mind!  So, thank you for taking this journey with me each day.  We are lovers on a journey of the soul.  Our spirits sing to us through our hearts.

Here is the lyrics to the wonderful song that is the essence of this blog:

I haven’t seen all there is to see but I’ve seen quite a bit.
Some things I’ll always remember, some things I wish that I could forget.
I haven’t quite been around the world but I’ve been around the block.
I know that distances are meaningless like the hands that move around a clock.
And I know that love is everywhere, always safe, always true.
And exactly where it comes from is where it’s going to.

Your heart to mine, my heart to yours. Talk about opening windows, talk about opening doors.
My heart to yours, your heart to mine, love is a light that shines from heart to heart.

Here I am sitting in old Hong Kong, the harbor and the lights,
they’re like diamonds in the heavens, enough to brighten the darkest of nights.
There’s another side to sorrow as there is to everything,
like the other side of lonely is falling in love again.
And then you’ll know that there’s an answer to the suffering we see,
and though it isn’t easy, it’s still as simple as you and me.
And you’ll know that love is everywhere, always safe, always true.
And exactly where it comes from is where it’s going to.

Your heart to mine, my heart to yours. Talk about opening windows, talk about opening doors.
My heart to yours, your heart to mine, love is a light that shines from heart to heart.
Your heart to mine, my heart to yours. Talk about opening windows, talk about opening doors.
My heart to yours, your heart to mine, love is a light that shines from heart to heart.

Bless all of you for taking the time to read, respond and share this post.  It fills up my heart!  From my full heart to yours, Thomas


Heart to Heart 458 Rich Beyond Measure

Rich Beyond Measure

Sometimes we get stuck and we look around at our lives and we question our status.  Perhaps we don’t have the love relationship we have always desired.  Maybe we don’t have the career, and the house and the car and the travel and the perks we feel we could have. We look in the mirror and maybe our physique isn’t quite what we had pictured it would be.  At times like these, it is only natural to have some feelings of regret.

Then there is another way we might see ourselves.  All of us are the same at our core.  We are amazing, brilliant, magnificent bubbles of light!  From this perspective, there is nothing we need to do, to make us better than we are.  We are already enough!  We don’t need more classes, intelligence, experience, money or heart.  To step into the fullness of who we are is to be content with ourselves.

Let us be grateful for all that we are!  All of our human warts, limitations, annoyances and fears are not who we are!  Let us stop regretting and let us start expecting.  Expect a miracle to happen for you and your family or friends and all humanity. When we are thankful for this moment in our life, it opens doors to places we have never been.  Gratitude allows us to open our hearts and minds to creating a whole new life expression.

We are literally treasures.  There is nothing we lack.  Now is the time to remember our Divinity!  Now is the time to see the incredible, limitlessness of our being. Then we can know that we lack nothing of true value.  We are rich beyond measure.  From my grateful heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 457 Rumpled or Smooth

Rumpled or Smooth

Let us picture Oneness as a gigantic cloth.  We are all threads that make up this wonderful cloth.  Each thread supports every other thread and keeps it intact and looking beautiful.  When one of the threads gets torn or raveled or snagged, it affects the rest of the fabric.  Through our choices and environment and how we experience life, we can some times become unstrung.  It is easy to become unraveled!  We experience losses of jobs and loves and loved ones and homes and dreams.  Then the whole cloth begins to look rumpled.  It is not longer smooth and whole.

Each thread in life, is connected to every other thread, in an infinite amount of ways.  We are indivisible in spirit, in mind, in soul, and love, so it seems.  When we make choices that do not support our own life experience, it affects our mates, our children, our neighbors, everyone across the globe, in some way. Simple things, like if a person smokes a cigarette and it affects their health, it affects the cloth.  If someone says an unkind remark, it spoils the fabric.  It I choose to eat unhealthy food, it hurts the team.  If I hurt anyone or anything in any way, it damages the cloth.

WE are infinitely, eternally tied to each other!  We are our sister and brother’s keeper.  We are so intricately bound to each other that when one of us is injured in any way, we are all injured. The giant hurricane happening now on the east coast of the United States, is happening to our family’s cloth.  Let us take some time to appreciate our uniqueness and our Oneness.  Let us take a deep breath and connect with all the other threads of life.  They are animal, mineral, vegetable, human, and every subatomic particle of Creation.

Let us be very conscious of our thoughts and words and deeds and know that they make up the fabric of life.  May we love each other to wholeness and become the smooth cloth of Life!  From my heart threads to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 456 What Shall we tell our grandchildren?

What Shall we tell our grandchildren?

What will we tell our grandchildren when they ask…why did you let this happen?  How come there are so many people starving,  Why are there millions of children hungry?  Why do 200 species become extinct every day? Why have you let our planet become polluted.  Why have you killed three to five billion trees each year?  Why are the sea levels going to rise some six or seven feet by the end of this century?  Why are the polar ice caps melting at astonishing rates? Who killed all the wild animals?  Why are so many people killing each other? What will I tell MY children?

Will they ask “didn’t you listen to John Denver’s song ” I Want To Live”?  Perhaps they will sing it for us to help us awaken, if it hasn’t been too late!

There are children raised in sorrow
On a scorched and barren plain
There are children raised beneath a golden sun
There are children of the water
Children of the sand
And they cry out through the universe
Their voices raised as one
I want to live I want to grow
I want to see I want to know
I want to share what I can give
I want to be I want to live
Have you gazed out on the ocean
Seen the breaching of a whale?
Have you watched the dolphins frolic in the foam?
Have you heard the song the humpback hears five hundred miles away
Telling tales of ancient history of passages and home?
I want to live I want to grow
I want to see I want to know
I want to share what I can give
I want to be I want to live
For the worker and the warrior the lover and the liar
For the native and the wanderer in kind
For the maker and the user and the mother and her son
I am looking for my family and all of you are mine
We are standing all together
Face to face and arm in arm
We are standing on the threshold of a dream
No more hunger no more killing
No more wasting life away
It is simply an idea
And I know its time has come
I want to live I want to grow
I want to see I want to know
I want to share what I can give
I want to be I want to live

Will we tell them that we got involved?  That we recycled?  That we demanded that our governments become conscious?  Did we vote in the people who cared about all the beings and flora and fauna of the Earth?  Did we march for peace?  Did we make a difference?

We still have a chance to slow down climate change.  We still have time to feed the poor, clothe the naked, nurture the homeless.  It is true that many things that are damaging our planet are beyond our ability to fix.  However, we are the spiritual beings who came here to experience the fullness of life in human form.  We are the ones who can make a difference.  We are amazing, intelligent, talented, resourceful, resilient, tenacious and persevering.  This is our home and only we can save it.  Then perhaps, when our grandchildren thank us for leaving them a beautiful, healthy loving planet. We can say I was thinking of you while I got involved and helped create heaven on Earth.  From my environmental heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 455 I’ll Always Fall In Love Again

I’ll Always Fall In Love Again

Remember the old song from Dionne Warwick ” I’ll Never Fall In Love Again?”  It was a tune from the musical “Promises Promises” in 1969 written by Hal David and Burt Bacharach.

I wrote my lyrics to it.  They are:

What do you get when you fall in love?

A lover with a heart to keep forever.

That’s what you get for all your fervor.

I’ll always fall in love again.

What do you get when you kiss your puppy?

Lot’s of wet noses to keep you happy.

A friend to hold while you take your nappy

I’ll always fall in love again!

Don’t tell me what it’s all about.

Cause I’ve been there and I want to shout!

An awesome feeling that keeps me grinning!

I know with my love, we’ll just keep winning!

I’ll always fall in love again.

That is why I’m here to remind you

What do you get when you fall in love

A life that’s filled with joyful living

One that’s filled with lot’s of giving

I’ll always fall in love again!

Most adults have had quite an adventure with discovering and maintaining a love partner in their lives.  For me, I had to grow up and love myself before I could attract someone like Lou Ann into my life.  I have shared with you folks that Lou Ann and I watch a lot of Hallmark movies.  Very corny, very predictable scripts and themes.  And when we get to the end of most of the films we are reaching for a tissue!  The writers pull together the story so there is a happy ending.

There can be quite a bit of pain when we risk our hearts and open them to another person. Many of us get into a fear space because we have had our hearts broken.  I encourage us to always keep finding and expressing as much love as humanly possible! For me, it is always worth it. I’ll always fall in love again!  From my heart full of love to yours, Thomas


Heart to Heart 454 Bragging


It seems to me that not many people like a braggart.  When someone tells us how much money they make, or how cool they are, or good looking they are, it can be a turnoff.  Right now, we are watching a lot of bragging going on in Washington.  I began to think why do we brag?  It feels like when we have to tell everyone how good we are, we probably are not.  Behind all the self boasting, lies a small wounded child that somehow feels they are not good enough.  And the louder we brag, is probably equal measure, to how little regard we have for ourselves.

When we are emotionally and mentally healthy, we feel good about ourselves.  It is vital to have high self regard, if we are to live a happy and successful life. There have been times in my life when I have shared somethings about myself with others that don’t quite feel good!  Later, I cringe when I recall what I said and wish I hadn’t been so candid about my accomplishments or whatever I shared.  I think we can brag all we want to ourselves.  It appears that we are often our worst critic and judge.  However, it is so important to balance our self criticism with our self approval.  I believe it is healthy to know the truth about ourselves.  When we hold our selves in love and caring even through our flaws, we are powerful, capable humans beings.

The other side of this kind of behavior is self effacement.  When we are humble and self deprecating we are often more attractive.  It feels like when we are being humble, we are saying we are like everyone else.  It feels more inclusive.  When we brag, we are saying we are better than others and that feels exclusive. All of this is the realm of our egos.  At our core, we are all the equal, limitless, talented, creative children of the Universe.  The words to a inspirational song come to me now: In Oneness we declare, the vision that we share, seeing with clarity, our true equality, living in harmony, love and support for each other!

From my humble heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 453 The Gift You Are

The Gift You Are

It has been clear to me for most of my life, that the giver gets the greater gift!  I think most of us love to receive gifts for ourselves.  It is a joy to be gifted by someone else, particularly when it is a surprise.  However, it is sooooo much fun to give to others and see their excited eyes, their whoops of joy and tears, of being honored with a gift.

There is another John Denver song that I adore!  It is titled”The Gift You Are”  Here are the beautiful lyrics:

Image a month of Sundays, each one a cloudy day.
Imagine the moment the sun came shining through.                                                                                                                                                                                      Imagine that ray of sunshine as you.

Remember your darkest hour with dawn still far away.
Remember the way that you longed for morning’s light.
And think of yourself as a candle in the night.

Make believe this is the first day, everything all brand new.
Make believe that the sun is your own lucky star,                                                                                                                                                                                                    and then understand the kind of gift you are.

The gift you are, like the very first breath of spring.
The gift you are, all the joy that love can bring,
The gift you are, all of our dreams come true.                                                                                                                                                                                                          The gift you are, the gift of you.

You are the promise of all the ages, you are the Prodigal Son,
You are the vision of prophets and sages, you are the only one.

Dream of a bright tomorrow, know that your dream will come true.
Carry your dream in a sparkling crystal jar,                                                                                                                                                                                                                  then you will know the kind of gift you are.

The gift you are, like the very first breath of spring.
The gift you are, all the joy that love can bring,
The gift you are, all of our dreams come true.                                                                                                                                                                                                           The gift you are, the gift of you.

The Universe is a giant brightly wrapped colorful gift box with all of us in it!  It is a huge Hallmark Christmas movie with all of us hanging from the evergreen branches, waiting to be opened! Please remember that you are the one unique gift that is not the same as any other.  Your spirit, your heart and your soul is the gift you bring to life each incarnation.  We can relax and know that we are here to make someone’s moment, day, week, year, perhaps lifetime.  And it may be that we are our gift to ourselves as well.  You are a priceless treasure.  May you always feel that way!  From my priceless heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 452 Perhaps Love

Perhaps Love

Lou Ann and I went to see a movie at the theater here in Sedona ,titled “Great Voices Sing John Denver.”  It was an excellent documentary. The creative team put together a film in which fifteen opera singers, sang Denver’s music. We wept for an hour and a half.  My tears were of the beauty of the words, the orchestrations and the transcendent voices.  John would have loved it.  We discovered, in an audience question and answer session, a couple of not well known things, about John.  He was very disappointed that he did not get invited to sing with the people who made “We Are the World”.  Secondly, he was the number two most popular performer in history, next to Elvis Presley, for RCA records and he wasn’t recognized for it.

John Denver’s words and melodies have had the most profound affect on me than any other performer or music.  There was something innocent about this music.  It came straight from his heart.  I call my self a lyricist.  I love words more than I do the rhythm.  Words are so important to me.  John’s lyrics were for me, deeply spiritual.  Several of his tunes are among the richest and profound songs that I memorized and sing often.  He also wrote and sang many love songs.  One of my favorites is the title of tonight’s blog.  Here are the lyrics:

Perhaps love is like a resting place, a shelter from the storm
It exists to give you comfort, it is there to keep you warm
And in those times of trouble when you are most alone
The memory of love will bring you home
Perhaps love is like a window, perhaps an open door
It invites you to come closer, it wants to show you more
And even if you lose yourself and don’t know what to do
The memory of love will see you through
Oh, love to some is like a cloud, to some as strong as steel
For some a way of living, for some a way to feel
And some say love is holding on and some say letting go
And some say love is everything and some say they don’t knowPerhaps love is like the ocean, full of conflict, full of pain
Like a fire when it’s cold outside or thunder when it rains
If I should live forever and all my dreams come true, my memories of love will be of you

Perhaps love is these things and more for many of us. I wish for everyone to feel the love from John Denver’s lyrics.  May they become a reality in our lives!  From my loved heart to yours, Thomas