What is the Positive Place?


The Positive Place is not a place.  We cannot get there.  We are there, only we do not know it yet.  Welcome to the non place.  We love knowing that this very page is being read.  Please take the time, to be present and experience the positive place. Feel our breath as we fill our whole torso with energy and then exhale, letting go of mind stuff.  We have described the Positive Place as the place between our heart and our mind.  This non place is a symbol of the bridge (Bruck means bridge) between the heart and mind where we are balanced and centered in knowing who we are – Divine Beings having a physical experience.

In our limited vision we have seen that often the mind has a perspective that does not include all the possibilities.  We can also see that the heart often has the wisdom to not be limited by possibilities.  We are limitless.  When our energy originates through our heart then we operate in the realm of limitlessness.  When our energy comes out of our mind then our options are limited by the understanding of our mind.

Life on Earth has been governed mostly by the mind and not the heart.  This has led to most of the problems occurring with humanity and much of the planet often suffers for it.  The Positive Place is not about suffering, however.  It is about joy and love and passion and abundance and compassion and non judgment and playfulness and celebration!

We invite us all to leave our mind and enter our heart.  The more time spent in our heart leads us to our soul’s desire of fully giving and receiving love.  At the Positive Place we focus on what is the best about humanity.  Enjoy this present moment and celebrate being alive!