Heart to Heart 3

What if there is no right or wrong?  What if there is no good or bad?  What if everything is just an event and we make up in our judgment the value of it? What if there is no karma?  What if there is only life energy and that energy chooses to create whatever it desires?

We have been trained and taught through the millennia that we are being judged by our actions and we will pay a price or receive a reward for their outcomes.  What if you are an eternal unlimited being of energy and no one is judging you that has any consequences.

New paradigm.  There is nothing you need to do.  You don’t need more education to be a better person.  You don’t need more money to be truly wealthy.  You don’t need more success to be more admired. You are already perfect just the way you are.

Here are the lyrics to a Jai Joseph song: “I love myself the way I am, there’s nothing I need to change.  I’ll always be the perfect me, there’s nothing to rearrange.  I’m beautiful and capable of being the best me I can, and I love myself just the way I am.”

“I love you the way you are, there’s nothing you need to do, when I feel love inside myself, it’s easy to love you. Behind your fears, your rage and tears, I see your shining star and I love you just the way you are.”

“I love the world the way it is cause I can clearly see that all the things I judge are done by people just like me. So till the birth of peace on Earth that only love can bring. I’ll help it grow by loving everything.”

“I love myself the way I am and still I want to grow but change outside can only come when deep inside I know, I’m beautiful and capable by being the best me I can. And I love myself just the way I am.”

Time to give up the judgments and just love ourselves just the way we are, with all the warts and scars and stories about how we were less than.  Just know that you are always enough.  You do not have to add anything to make you a better person.  You are already amazing and magnificent! From my heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart blog 2


A gorgeous day in beautiful Sedona.  I was playing tennis today as I do a few times per week.  Tennis, like most sports is filled with activities that are both successful and sometimes not so.  When I play without a lot of mind chatter the game appears to flow and time seems to go slower.  When I get caught up in the score or when I am playing particularly poorly; I create tension and a not so joyful experience.

Playing tennis also reminds me that I am always doing the best I can.  Just as all of us are doing the best we can at every moment. I believe we operate from a diminished perspective.  In each lifetime we make choices that are limited by our knowledge, experience and judgments.  We use words like “should have and if only, we could have done it better.” If we had more time, experience, education, more loving parents, the government, the weather, etc.  We blame others for our misfortunes.

And most of us are harder on ourselves than anyone else.  We become our harshest critics.  This self judgment can create a self imposed energy barrier that can trap us and deplete us. When I get to this place in my life I like to return to a sports metaphor of sorts.  If I am out shooting a basketball and trying to make a basket and I miss my target. I don’t become all unglued and look for a source of blame or lack of experience or my genealogy or parenting.  I simply pick up the ball and shoot it again.  And eventually if I shoot it enough times I begin making many more than I miss.

So if you find yourself in a place in you life where things are not going quite as planned. Stop, take a couple of deep breaths and remember this simple sports metaphor.  “Just pick yourself up and start all over again”  For in truth, you are an amazing, gifted, wonderful, loving being of light who has come here at this time to shine!  And you don’t have to be wealthy, famous or physically gorgeous.  You are you, always doing the best you can each and every time without exception.  Pause and enjoy your magnificence!  From my heart to yours, Thomas

Loving Life

Greetings from Sunny Sedona, Arizona!

We are living in Sedona, AZ again! From 1988 to 2002 we lived here and then moved to Warrenton, VA for 7 years to be near family, which was very important and rewarding. In 2009 Thomas was invited to be the spiritual leader of a church on the Big Island of Hawaii. That didn’t work out, although we fell in love with the people of Hawaii and of course the 12 months of amazing weather. It was paradise and yet it was too far away from family; so after four years we moved back to the mainland. It’s funny how we got to Sedona, AZ. Actually we planned on moving back to Northern Virginia. In the summer of 2013 we had a place to stay starting in October for a few weeks or couple months depending how long it would take to find our own place. Then it fell through! We tried to find alternate temporary places and they didn’t work either! So we looked at other options and thought of returning to the Red Rocks of Sedona.

When we called a friend in Sedona, she knew of a rental available. We immediately had a place to stay! It felt like a sign! Then we found a bigger place which We rented for two years! Our landlord was amazing, with mutual respect and caring for us! Thank you John Hutmacher! He decided to sell and we bought it! We feel so grateful for this 40 year old home, it sits at the top of the road with a breathtaking view of the magnificent red rocks. We plan on remodeling in the near future.

Thomas plays tennis four times per week and walks the other days and loves being outdoors all the time. He is an ambassador for Solar City and wants to change the world one roof at a time! It is exciting to do something he loves and make a positive difference on our planet.

Lou Ann is teaching Yoga and Zumba at the Sedona Sky Academy to teen age girls Monday through Friday as part of their school curriculum. She feels she is making a difference in these girls’ lives!

We have one like-minded roommate who is wonderful to have around. It allows us to travel and know that everything is totally okay!

On Valentine’s Day we went hiking several trails around Chapel of the Holy Cross. This grand world we live in is so beautiful! What a gift it is to each of us to be out in nature and explore the many areas! I saw a beautiful video today of elephants with their baby walking through the lobby of a huge hotel in Africa – how extraordinary is that?! It is all magical! I know you all have stories to share of what you have seen and experienced too! This is the perfect format to contribute with us about where you live or have visited!

Movie Night at the Bruck’s

From Lou Ann: Every Tuesday night we have been sharing heartfelt, life changing movies from 7 to 8:30 or 9 pm. It’s been fun having hot air popcorn and good company – sometimes laughter other times tears – just like life! On April 21st we showed a short film from Spiritual Cinema called: ‘Available to Possibilities’ and then each of us wrote about our own possibilities and shared them! Bottom line for me was: be happy with whatever I am doing and being in this moment – looking to the future possibilities too – while sharing my joy and love of life with others! There will be many more movies to share from the amazing Spiritual Cinema Circle Collection. If you want to be inspired each month with four wonderful movies. You can go to spiritualcinemacircle.com to be part of it!

Going on a Cruise to Cozumel

Tomorrow Thomas and I get on board a cruise ship heading for Cozumel – we are looking forward to meeting more WorldVentures friends and others! Oh yes – going to the beaches when the temperature is 78 degrees fahrenheit or 26 degrees Celsius!

We have had some lovely quality time with my sisters, brother, cousins, aunt, brothers in law, nieces…in Galveston/Houston area – we have been reminiscing and laughing lots! Our aunt is 96 years old and we are in our 60’s and 70’s so time is precious! That’s why I love celebrating every moment – cherishing it all – it does go by quickly!

Thomas and I have been together for 32 years! Wow, it feels like ten years or less. Time and space is so amazing, isn’t it?! I do understand why God, the universe made these life spans so short so we can appreciate every breath, every sunset, every cloud in the sky, every event that leads us to the next one…..what a blessing life is for each of us! The sense of sight, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting and our sixth sense and beyond are all present for us to explore and deepen. We can our inner Divine knowing and trust the timing that flows with our inspired actions. May we all be aware of the blessings in our life!

The Lesson is Love

It’s January 11th, 2015 – Sunday – relaxing with no commitments – so nice! What is your day like so far?  Are you filling it up with more love and laughter or angst and frustration or? It really is up to each of us to choose how we respond to life’s experiences – even the challenges.

In spite of our outer circumstances we can live fully in this moment, choosing peace, breathing through to the next breath, consciously present, noticing our thoughts and switching them if needed.

Dr Joe Dispenza’s book: You Are the Placebo making your mind matter is a pretty awesome powerful book.  It’s filled with meditation techniques to slow our minds down and change our thinking and feelings.  Check it out – I believe it is life changing!  A friend told me that Dr Dispenza has been interviewed on Dr Oz’ TV show several times.  One question he asks himself each morning is: What is the greatest ideal of myself that I can be today?

We are each Divine Creators. We have constant routine thinking  patterns though that sometimes don’t serve us. Our nerve cells in our brain fire together and stay wired together until we choose thinking different thoughts, uplifting ones that change our patterns.  Then we begin to believe we can do this and we can!

When I love myself in a balanced way I can then love you more deeply.  I am intending great things to happen so that I may serve those that I connect with each day in the best way I can.

I open myself to all the wondrous and bountiful gifts the Universe has to offer me and I allow them to flow through me now.  When possible I do this with my arms outstretched. This enables me to refresh like the refresh button on my computer!

What is your ideal of you…..let me know!

A view from the Bridge, living my 16’s

Welcome to 2015

Welcome to the new year  – 2015!

Today is 1/1/2015 – numerologically it equals ‘1’ – last year was a ‘9’ – What does this mean?!

Last year was the ending and this year is the beginning – of the rest of your life!  Let’s celebrate LIFE together as it was meant to be – filled with love, joy, peace, abundance, gratitude, generosity and whatever words you wish to express this journey we are sharing together!  The best place to start is in our thoughts and emotions.  Choose switching thoughts and emotions to ones that nurture.  It appears simple and it can be if we have the clear intention – in every moment to begin again and again and again.  We all have our foibles and some stand out more than others.  When we give up judgements toward ourselves and others the switch can happen. We are all the same on this planet – growing, learning, sharing love in various ways.

We are all in this together!  Why not make the very most of it? How do I do this – may be the question. The ‘how’ comes with the inner peace that flows from inside of us – naturally – with ease!

Here are some beautiful words I found through Ana Jones from a Q’ero Indians quote:  Looking behind I am filled with Gratitude,  Looking forward I am filled with Vision, Looking upwards I am filled with Strength, Looking within I discover Peace.

May your journey of 2015 be one of peaceful steps, grateful heart, seeing the bigger picture, and inner strength that allows us to feel this moment and all of the ones following it.  Let 2015 be filled with unexpected surprises and wonder!  Remember our reality is created by our thoughts and emotions, so choose them with a conscious heart and mind!

Happy Trails,

Lou Ann

Spiritual Cinema in Sedona, Arizona

We have moved back to Sedona, Arizona after eleven years!  Wow! It’s amazing to reconnect with our friends from the past and meet new ones!  We are settling into the Village of Oak Creek and hope you can join us on Wednesday evenings  for a showing of Spiritual Cinema.  We have been receiving these films for many years and have loved watching them! There will be lots of time each week for discussion and laughter!

Thomas and Lou Ann visiting Ranjita and Oman

Thomas and Lou Ann visiting Ranjita and Oman in their magical treehouse on the property up the Canyon

Please contact us by email and let us know you are joining us, so we can send details of our time and location! Contact Lou Ann at louann@positiveplace.com or Thomas at thomas@positiveplace.com

You Can Have It All Group – last night

It was a fun evening!  There were 8 of us! I lead the meditation for centering our energies (This also helped settle the 2 dogs!) I modified ‘Heart Coherence: that I learned through CWPO (Children’s World Peace Organization). We each shared a little bit about our lives and our spiritual journey! (For me, this creates a heart bond with each person that I really love!).  We introduced each person to the Pure Aloha Oath and gave each a copy.  A discussion followed about our self-judgements when we don’t feel we have done our best in a given situation.

We ran out of time for sharing a couple of Universal Principles, which we also handed out!  We discussed Arnold Patent’s book ‘You Can Have It All’ and Robert Scheinfelds’ Busting Loose from the Money Game’ and Tom Dooley’s “Manifesting Change” – such awesome books!

Thomas was happy about sharing from a deep spiritual level with others and is looking forward to more!

Someone requested that we share about angels this coming week!  So I get to lead this one, with the assistance of our angels, of course!

Have a spirit filled day with an inner smile in our hearts that extends out easily into our experiences throughout the day!

Love and hugs,

Lou Ann and Thomas