Heart to Heart 122

Back home again

We arrived in Warrenton Virginia today about noon and headed for El Agave’ Mexican restaurant to have lunch with our hosts for the next two weeks , Mary Anne and Mike Wassenburg.  They reside in the gorgeous area called Snow Hill.  Their home is a classic Victorian three level home on a couple of wooded acres. We are so blessed to have them as friends!

We then went over to spend time with my oldest son Michael and his family.  They have a new pup named Otis.  Haleigh, our granddaughter was overjoyed to see Lou Ann one of her favorite people.  We were there a few hours and then had more Mexican food at El Toro.

Thomas Wolfe wrote You can’t go home again.  I didn’t read it. When I return to this area in Northern Virginia there are a lot of good memories with some strong feelings of happiness, pleasure, angst and sadness.   Lou Ann and I only lived here seven years before going to Hawaii for four years.  We made a lot of friends here whom we have a deep heart connection.  I made more money in four years here than I did in the previous fifteen. When we left there was a large going away party for us.

And yet, this is just another place on my journey of discovery in this life.  I have had a lot of homes.  Lived in some seventy different houses.  Some have said, home is where you hang your hat.  I say, home is wherever you feel connected to why you are here on planet Earth.  Why do you live where you are?  How does it serve you and the world at large? Would you live somewhere else that might match your soul’s journey?

I love my family very much and yet I have been apart from them a lot.  They are doing well and I am proud of them all.  My wish is for all of us to find the best place that fills our heart and mind with treasures that are priceless and are filled with love.  From my wandering and grateful heart to yours, Thomas


Heart to Heart 113

Count your blessings

I was out on one of my five mile walks that I do most days.  We are at 4000 feet elevation and there are some good hills in the walk.  My pace for each mile is just under fifteen minutes.  Today it was 90 degrees, so I burned a few calories.  My Map My Walk exercise app says I burn about 150 calories per mile and about 1800 steps.  The path of my walk takes me past gorgeous red rock formations.  A mile away is famous Bell Rock, standing tall.  I never listen to music while walking.  I don’t want to be distracted from being in the moment of all this beauty.  I also enjoy my body making the effort.  I am aware of my breathing and my sweating.  I am also conscious of my leg muscles and my feet and ankles.  I don’t want anything to interfere with this awesome feeling about being in this body.

I am so aware of how blessed I am.  To be living in a place of such incredible beauty and majesty. And I am healthy enough to do all this exercise at my tender age!  There are so many other things in my life that are so magnificent as well.  All of the members of my family.  The friends we have made throughout the years in different parts of the country.  Being married to my best friend and life partner. To have the time to get to do all the exciting things I do.  Wow, I am so blessed.

Right now the planet is a challenging place to be for so many people.  Most of us have been fortunate enough to live lives of relative comfort and prosperity.  What are your blessings?  Take some time each day to tune into what you have created and how blessed you are.  I believe it creates more.  What you focus on expands! May all the days of your life be filled with all your heart desires and more!  From my totally grateful heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 539 Tired Puppy

It has rained here yesterday and today.  Our tournament started about four hours late.  We began play at one o’clock and finished about eight o’clock. It was an amazing day of tennis.  My team played two matches in which there a dozen games decided by one point and four of the sets decided by a tie breaker and the whole match decided by two points?

I was exhausted.  However I have a happy heart.  I feel that whenever we give a lot of time and effort to a passion, we win whether we had the most points or not.  I feel like it is that way in most of life.  There are no losers. There are folks who show up and give it their all and there are results. it does the soul good to play full out at life!

I would encourage everyone to find something you love and give it your whole heart and soul.  You will be richly rewarded in the fact that you gave it your all win or lose.  At this point, there are no losers.  There are folks who find a passion and see it through.  The end result may not look like our intention and it is still a win.

Bless you all in whatever your heart desires and your mind and body create.  From my tired body and elated heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 540 Surprise! Surprise!

Surprise! Surprise!

That was uttered by the actor Jim Nabors while he played Gomer Pyle on TV back in the sixties.  I am in Surprise Arizona tonight. I am playing in a regional tennis tournament with eight other team members from Sedona.  We will play several matches and the winner goes to the national championships at a later date.

Life is full of surprises.  Lou Ann and I went down to Phoenix today and she later left to fly to Houston for her sister Marilyn’s seventieth birthday celebration.  We went shopping at Macy’s and then had only thirty minutes to eat lunch.  We hustled into the Cheesecake Factory.  We told the hostess we only had a half hour and that we were vegan.

She seated us and our server, Courtney arrived and announced that she is a vegetarian and could help us find something plant based on the menu. I was totally surprised when she said that they now had the Impossible Burger! It is totally vegan and tastes like the best beef burger ever!

I saw Lou Ann off at the airport and then headed west to Costco. On the way, I saw the gas prices were about fifteen cents higher than ours up in Sedona.  When I got to Costco I was surprised to discover that their gas was only $2.44 per gallon!  Which is twenty-five cents less than at home!

A little later, I arrived at the Airbnb home at which I was staying.  I met the host who is a kind and caring man named Kevin. I was not surprised! Life is full of surprises. I encourage everyone to keep venturing out and allowing the Universe to keep on surprising us!  From my surprised heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 538

Never too late for a second chance

We all make choices that don’t go so well.  We break promises.  We forget to keep our appointments.  We don’t show up on time.  We eat extra dessert when we are trying to lose weight.  We don’t do our homework.  We leave the stove burner on high.  I have made a lot of choices I wish I could change.  Life doesn’t work that way.  We get to be here now with all of our foibles and let life give us a second chance.

Let us be a forgiving and loving people.  If someone has erred, instead of destroying their lives or locking them up.  Let us sit down together and find out a way to love each other enough, that we get to experience the best we can be.  There is a saying that ” I would rather be happy than right”  I totally agree with it.  The challenge is, that our society seems to be stuck in being right and not happy.  We get stuck in our righteousness.  At our core, no one is better than anyone else.  Some of us have taken actions that don’t serve themselves or our society.  When we choose well, it contributes to the world but it doesn’t make us better than someone else.

Let us give more second chances, maybe even third or fourth chances.  The old saying that to never judge someone else unless you walk a mile in their moccasins is still true.  We can never know what has occurred in the heart of another.  There is a passage in the New Testament where Peter asked Jesus about forgiveness and Jesus’ reply is to forgive seventy times seven.  He was sharing that there is no limit to our heart’s love and compassion.

Let us take a moment and bring up someone in our mind that may have hurt us and we still feel it.  Let’s give them another chance and open our hearts and love them unconditionally.  It’s never too late!  From my forgiving heart to yours, Thomas


Heart to Heart 537 Awesome Universe!

Awesome Universe!

Lou Ann was working up in Flagstaff today.  I was aware of how quiet the house is without her. She brings such joy and love and happiness into my life and so many others. I was feeling so grateful for sharing our journey together.  When she came home we decided to go out to a new Mexican Restaurant here in the Village of Oak Creek.  When we arrived, the place was full and had a twenty-five minute wait.  We were hungry and we went to an older established Mexican restaurant named Marias.

When we were finishing eating some old friends of ours were leaving and Lou Ann noticed and invited them over. One of them was Harvey Grady who has been the creator of a countywide association of non-profit organizations.  These are mostly involved in providing food for the underserved in Yavapai County. They also foster the SedonaKind organization and the sustainability Alliance and the Verde Valley Homeless Coalition.

We were sharing with them about our permaculture project at our home called Enriching Life Forever.  We too will be growing lots of fruits and vegetables for the less fortunate in our community.  That would not be happening if the Universe had not sent us two angels named Austin and Ashley to help permaculture our land.

Then I remembered that a few years ago we were sitting in the same restaurant.  We looked over and I saw Bernie Sanders sitting with other folks. When we got up to leave I went over and introduced myself to Bernie and shared that I loved the things he would say on television about what was going on in our country.  I told him if he ever ran for president that I would vote for him. This was long before he actually did run!

I just love how the Universe is orchestrating our life.  We are so blessed to be connected with other folks who are desiring to make the world a better place. If the other restaurant had not been full we would have missed this joyful connection!  From my so thankful heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 536 Making a Difference

Making a Difference

I was honored to be part of a meeting here in Sedona about sustainability.  If you have seen the latest scientific studies, we are at a point of no return for our planet.  We discussed why so many people do not get the urgency of our situation. If you are in an area that keeps getting flooded or your home burned to the ground, you get it. The question is why is their such lethargy around this vital issue?

One of the reasons is that for most folks the danger is too far away either in the actual land distance or time distance.  When reports say that the city of Miami Florida will be underwater by the end of the century, many cannot wrap themselves around the danger. Even if they believe that this will occur, it is so far in the future they won’t do anything to change the outcome.  These dire predictions are also going to happen all along the coastal regions around the Earth. So what is the answer?

Here in Sedona, we are part of a coalition of different businesses and organizations who are taking grassroots steps to turn climate change around even if only locally. At Sustainability Alliance, the brilliant founder Darcy Hitchcock has come up with a formula for certifying sustainable businesses. Go to sustainabiliityallianceaz.org to find out more information and perhaps get something going in your community.

I am encouraging everyone to get involved and do it now! Please do whatever you can to create a healthy world for your children and grandchildren. This is the largest most vital issue for the safety of our planet and all of its inhabitants. It is up to folks like you and me to take the lead! From my sustainable heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 535 The Season

The Season

Lou Ann and I and Austin, went to a holiday concert in Cottonwood to watch Austin’s wife Ashley play in a band today.  It was a band and not an orchestra so no string instruments.  It reminded me of all those years that we sang in Christmas concerts in Virginia, Hawaii, and Sedona for some thirty years or so. The difference, of course, no lyrics were sung by a performer.  Of course, Lou Ann and I were singing under our breath to many of the tunes.

I love music, however, I love words even more than the instrumentals. Of course, the music will stand on its own. The band played a John Rutter song called Candlelight Carol, which we used to love to sing. I am going to attach a link to a recording of it to this for you to enjoy.

If you get a chance, find other Rutter holiday compositions on Youtube or wherever.  The holidays are a wonderful time for remembering the beauty and the majestic of our soul.  Many faiths celebrate this time of year. The history of us giving to each other is what elevates our humanity. Whether, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa  or Christmas, it is a time for family and friends sharing the bounties of life! Whatever your belief, find that spark in music, literature or celebrations that magnify us all! Tis the season!  From my holiday heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 534 Success


Lou Ann and I attended a dinner gala at a Vedic Astrology conference here in Sedona.  There were a couple hundred folks sitting around circular tables throughout the hall.  A Vedic Astrologer gave a talk on how to be a success at doing Vedic Astrology. Vedic astrology, called “Jyotish,” means “the science of light.” Vedic science comes from the Vedas, one of the oldest spiritual scriptures of India. In simple terms, Vedic Astrology keeps moving with the actual movement of the stars and planets.  Western Astrology is fixed and based on a system a couple of thousand years old.

The speaker tonight was in alignment with what you and I discuss here on this blog.  He said the major factor in being successful in the Vedic endeavor is to come from love.  Love is the core energy of the Universe.  When we Earthlings come from love, we are in harmony with the heavens, both literally and figuratively.  A simple way of outlining life success would be to do everything with love in your heart to the best of our ability. When we work, do it with love.  When we play, do it with love.  When we feel less than, remember we are love.  When we feel judgmental, remember that which we judge is love.

We often romanticize the word love.  It conjures up memories and symbols of the attraction of one person to another. We all want to love and be loved.  It’s what life’s all about. When we see that love is what holds creation together and keeps it moving forward, we know we are that energy. Let us, first of all, remember to love ourselves, so that as we move through life, we have magnificent, transformational experiences.  Life success is being love, in all that we do. From my successful loving heart to yours, Thomas


Heart to Heart 533 Just Show Up

Just Show Up

Sometimes life can be challenging in many ways.  If we are desiring to make the world a better place, it can appear to be a daunting task.  What do we do first?  We may work hard and not have enough time.  We may have a lot of family concerns and commitments.  We may not have much money or resources to help us create what we desire.  When we get into this space of overwhelm, it is sometimes a valuable exercise to take a small break.

Then just show up. Take the next step that occurs to you, it will be the right one.  We are not in charge. We are the arms, legs, hearts, lungs of the One Mind.  We get to make choices that are always in harmony with the Universe.  Here is my agreement with the Universe.  I say hey big “U, you have all-encompassing wisdom, knowledge, and resources.  I am here in this limited Earth space suit. As such, I have limited knowledge and understanding. So I am going to set out in a direction that feels right to me. If in your infinite wisdom, you would like me to go in a different direction, please create whatever circumstances necessary for me to go where you desire!”

Neighbor’s lawn needs mowing—just show up. Daughter’s dance recital is happening—just show up. Someone gets sick at work on your day off—just show up. A homeless person asking for money on the street corner—just show up. This is what friends, family, neighbors and even strangers do every day and it makes the world a wonderful place to be! So the next time we might be thinking about how we can help—just show up! From my just show-up heart to yours, Thomas