otw to Kenya

OTW – meaning On The Way! Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 7th is the day I begin my travels to Nairobi, Kenya!  The originator of the Children’s World Peace Project is here in Virginia and teaching me Swahili and is going to train me while on our flights and more once we arrive – it is so exciting!  As Dr Joe Skinner (awesome chiropractor in The Plains, VA) mentioned to me today, once I see the children’s sparkling, bright eyes and open hearts, I’m going to learn even more!  I’m looking forward to it all!

It is 7 hours difference from the East Coast and 13 hours from Hawaii!  We get to Nairobi, Kenya at 8:10pm on Wednesday, May 8th!

My intention is happily opening my heart even more, spiritually growing with all the beautful encounters with children there – sharing my heart light as they shine theirs on me!

I open myself to all the wondrous and bountiful gifts the Universe has to offer me and I allow them to flow through me now!

I will keep you posted on my journey!

Love and hugs,

Lou Ann


Aloha from Virginia


Today is a beautiful sunny day in Virginia, which is reminding me of our home in Hawaii.  Each place in the world has its own uniqueness and beauty.  I am grateful to be wherever I am in space and time!

I am also looking forward to traveling next week to Nairobi Kenya and be a part of the Children’s World Peace Project.  My desire is to bring it to the United States and have it be a powerful influence for children here as well.

Gratitude has been one of my mantras these days!  I have been blessed to begin a 21 day mantra meditation with Deva Premal and Miten with 46,000 other people around the world. I feel deeper in the dance of life through these daily practices.  I wish you all joy and an inner knowing of who you truly are.

I’m sending you beautiful pink flowers in picture form for you to enjoy!



Amazing Dream

The other night I had this dream in which I was encouraged to sing.  When I began, an enormous amount of energy was available.  A stream of powerful light flowed through me and I was able to sing as loud as I chose and as long as I chose without taking a breath.  It felt like it could go on forever.  I was amazed as were others around me who heard me singing.

I awakenend and was so excited!  Then these thoughts came to me: life has always been about love.  There is no M in we.  There is no them, only us.  Let us all be for all of us.  We are the human race, we are not in a race.  Slow down.  We are limitless beings.  We are one.  Focus on the love.  Bring all of your love to everything you do.  Stay present without judging.  Now is the time–this is the time we have all agreed to come together and shine our light.  There is no darkness, everything is light and love…that is all there is.  Positive Place was and is a great idea, as a media program, website or in any form.  It focuses on the beauty, the magnificence that we are.  All infinite beings throughout  creation are invited to join us now in bringing forth the truth of our unlimited love, prosperity and joy.  We are here to serve in any way we can.  Thank you for everything—-I love you!

The Rainbow Bridge from the Mind to the Heart

Here we are in the translucence and magic of our inner beauty where our knowing Self resides!  This is the Positive Place within us, the bridge from our mind to our heart! In the world of duality we do acknowledge the creation of negative thoughts  and choose focusing on what is the most joyful place in us.

Each of us has the option to think, feel and be differently than our old choices from our past.  Each moment is a place to breathe and begin again.  We can make a difference in our world by beginning inside ourselves and blessing our journey to the now moment without judgement, and having unconditional love for all of our experiences.

I’ve been reading Dr Joe Dispenza’s latest book: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself – How to lose your mind and create a new one. (hayhouse.com)  I also had the pleasure of watching an interview of him discussing the book on Spiritual Cinema (Spiritualcinemacircle.com) a couple months back.  He actually shows the neurotransmitter circuitry staying bound by routine thinking and how different it becomes when we change our thinking and feeling patterns!  Rehashing the past only reinforces our neurotransmitters to stay in old circuitry patterns. Even our genes, neuropeptides and hormones can be changed – our whole Beingness!

I love to remind myself of this affirmation throughout the day:  I open myself to all the wondrous and bountiful gifts, the Universe has to offer me and I allow them to flow through me now! (With arms opened wide sometimes!) I feel it clears me to enjoy the present moment more easily.  I am grateful now for you reading these words I have written.

Its an honor and pleasure to let you know of my upcoming trip to Kenya to assist with the Children World Peace Project.  If you want to know more about it, you can go to cwpo.org.  I will be going for two weeks starting May 7th.  I will be blogging about it to let you know how it is going.  A friend of ours, Bill Day, has set up these programs in Nepal, Kenya and Mexico teaching children (K to 6th grade) about non-violent communication, heart centered meditation, universal peace dances and much more.  I am looking forward to being a part of the program.

Busting Loose From the Limitation Game

roadThere is only Oneness, and Oneness chooses everything

Choices are just choices, events are just events.

It is us who attach meaning to them. We are meaning making machines and judgment machines. We attach value to almost everything. Some things are good; some things are bad, some things are right, some things are wrong. In truth, there is no good or bad, no right or wrong, only choices and events that we define with judgment.

We find ourselves stating “we need something”, needing implies there is something missing, we lack something. There is nothing you need; there is only what you choose. The word need has baggage, the word choice is cleaner. We don’t need anything. We choose everything.

This is how we create our lives. We make them seem so real that we totally buy into the events. If we did not, we would realize that this is not real and we probably wouldn’t be here very long. Once we see that Oz is behind the curtain we may as well return to Kansas. Some have asked why we would intentionally create war and famine and pain and suffering. I have two thoughts about this. First, as eternal, omnipotent powerful beings of light we cannot experience pain and suffering and so on and neither can anyone else. Secondly, as players in the finite game of life it is the things that could go wrong that keep us interested. In sports, it is the possibility of non success that keeps us interested. Think about it; if your team made every shot, scored every goal and won every game; you would soon lose interest. It’s the miss, the error, the strike out that keeps us coming back for more. It is the same with our lives. It is the mystery that keeps us in our skins time after time.

It is the unrequited love, the failed business venture, death of the body, a miscarriage of justice that has us hooked. If everything in your life experience was always juicy, you would soon lose your juice for life. And so it is. We intentionally limit ourselves in every conceivable way to make the game more entertaining.

Then for a lot of us somewhere between the ages of 27 and 30 something stirs inside. Something tells us that life is not quite as it seems. There is a divine discontent present. For many, we make major changes, like getting a divorce, or moving, or starting a new business. We know that we want to make a change and create something new. In Astrology this is the time of the Saturn return. When the position of your natal Saturn comes full circle and triggers within you the feeling that something is up.. This is a time to set yourself free!