Greetings from Kenya

Greetings! Or Karibu (‘Welcome’ in Swahili)!  We arrived last night early around 8 pm instead of 830 pm. We are 7 hours ahead of Virginia time and 13 hours ahead of Hawaii time. KLM flights from Washington Dulles to Amsterdam and flight from Amsterdam to Nairobi were lovely! Their food was delicious and Cabin Attendants caring nature was definitely appreciated!

We stood in lines for visas and picking up luggage and traveling to our place we stayed near Karen, Kenya. While standing in line, we ‘coincidentally’ met a young man with the Jimmy Carter Foundation!  He was happy to hear about the Children’s World Peace Project and business cards were exchanged.  I am traveling with William Day who is the creator of the Children’s World Peace Project.  He started it about 3 years ago! The people we have met  have been so caring and kind!  My gratitude is huge for the opportunity to assist for the next 12 days!

We will drive 3 hours north west from Nairobi to Naro Maru today!  It has been the rainy season here and possibly for a few more days, then sunny and dry.  Whichever it is, is perfect!

The young lady here who helped me get on line was so helpful.  She works for Safaricom, which is one of the biggest internet companies in Kenya.  She lives here where we are staying (until 9 am this morning).  We will be staying at the Mount Kenya Lodge for the next 12 days.  Name of place is probably inaccurate – I will know better when we arrive later today!

This a whole new journey for me and I am so looking forward to meeting the other people who will be in training with me and meet the children!

I am happy to know you are reading these words on my journey!  I will send photos later!

May your day be filled with wonder and magic as I know mine will!

Love and hugs,

Lou Ann Maxwell Murillo Bruck


  1. Uma Murllo says

    How exciting! so glad you are having the experience of a lifetime…seeing & meeting people from an entirely different culture and experience. Sending you safe journey vibes and knowing you will bring home some exciting curriculum materials for me…so I can write grants and get this program going all over the US & world! love you, miss you, your loving daughter, Uma

    • Lou Ann Bruck says

      Yes, Uma, I reminded William before he left to send the curriculum to you for your grant writing! He said he would! Please let me know if he has or hasn’t, so we can get that done! Love you lots, Mom! 🙂 <3