Heart to Heart 129


Lou Ann and I were visiting my daughter Deborah today, in Dale City Virginia.  She is always fun to be with, we laugh a lot!  As we were traveling across town to visit her, we drove by a road named Taylor.  I pointed it out to Lou Ann and she said awwww… in a tender way.  Lou Ann is heart connected to people, places and things.  Taylor road is a street we used to travel on from a home we had here in Warrenton between 2005 and 2009.  Lou Ann feels connected to that home and all the people and activities that occurred there.  A street sign can invoke for her wonderful memories of that time.  We love this area and all of our family and friends who made it special for us.

We feel so loved and cared for.  A friend of ours is coming down from West Virginia tomorrow to spend the day.  I performed his wedding in 1973 and he performed our wedding New Years Eve 1982.  Delicious memories.  Sometimes I think back to times when I made a choice that didn’t work out so well.  So, it is wonderful to recall choices that fill my heart full to the brim with love.

Take a moment and recall people who have loved you and made your life richer.  Maybe it was just a momentary connection, a brief encounter; and it still resonates in your heart as a fond memory. Remember, what you focus on expands.  Right now I am filling up with love for all of you and feel your beautiful hearts.  From my so loved heart to yours, Thomas


  1. It’s awesome you guys finally got to return to Virginia to visit family. I know how wonderful it feels just being with the people you love so much in this world! And the old fun haunts are great to visit again. Give my favorites some hugs ok? love yall on your journey and always