Heart to Heart 13


Lou Ann and I are remodeling our home.  We purchased an air conditioning system and it has been sitting in our home during these plus one hundred degree days.  I have called several HVAC dealers and they have not returned my calls.  Today I went to my job at Verde Solar Power and my boss was busy so I went next door to get a cold drink and there was an air conditioning work truck sitting there when I came out.  I asked about them doing my install and he gave me his number.  On my way home I decided to stop at the bank to deposit my commission check.  The teller discovered that I had made an error and she made a change and I got seven dollars more.  It took a few seconds more than it would have if I had recorded the correct amount.  I left the bank and headed for my car and parked next to it was another air conditioning company truck. The driver was just getting into his truck.  I spoke with the technician and he said he would be happy to come to our home the next day and give us an estimate for the installation.

Such is the timing in life.  When I think back to my circuitous path I can see so many occurrences that happened because of a small thing like that bank deposit slip.  Lou Ann feels that it is somehow tied to my writing this blog.  I began this a couple of weeks ago when I went to visit a gentlemen for a solar possibility and his roof would not be okay for an installation.  I looked around his house and there were hundreds of metaphysical books and objects.  As we sat there he asked me if I knew who Quan Yin is? I said I did.  He replied she is here with us now.  He then went on to share with me that I had a lot of gifts like public speaking and writing that I was not sharing with the world.  He told me other things about the inner me that he could not have possibly known! Finally he said you have to write a blog.  The world is filled with so many broken hearts and it is your job to lift them up!  After this strange and wonderful experience I went home and started writing this blog.

I am sure that most of you have had these wonderful serendipitous experiences.  Take some time to recall them and get back in touch with the reason you are here now.  Your life is always on purpose and the more you can just surrender and let go of trying to control things, it will flow! I am loving to once again be sharing my life with all of you. From my heart to yours, Thomas

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