Heart to Heart 130

Same Kind of Different as Me

Another powerful movie for folks to see.  This is a true story about a married couple, living in Texas, who have personal challenges.  The wife, who has a heart as big as Lou Ann (you thought I was going to say Texas), volunteers as a homeless mission.  They have a challenge with a particular man at the shelter.  The story of the three of them is very inspiring.   A wonderful cast starring Renee Zellweger, Greg Kinnear and Djimon Hounsou.  This is a film that gives you hope in humanity.  Go see it and take someone with you!

The movie reminds me that we are all uniquely different and yet the same.  When we see each other and our difference, there is a sense of separation.  We are different colors, shapes, sizes, choices, likes, dislikes and that appears to show how different we are.  At our core though we have a heart that has lived through a lot.  We have been damaged, celebrated, forgotten, cheered, loved, judged, taken for granted and loved unconditionally.

We are a marvelous blend of hope, despair, peace, war, happiness, anger and we wear all those feelings in our minds and hearts all the time.  It is a shame when we speak of different races.  There is one race and it is human.  It is challenging to be a human on the planet at this time.  So many of us are in such pain and suffering and we often lash out with such anger that it literally kills us.  The Earth is in peril right now from the human race.  It is time for many of us to find the courage, the time, the energy and the commitment to find our way through our pain and help each other.  We can’t wait, there is no tomorrow for some of us.  Today is the day to pick up our torch of light and love and volunteer till it helps.  Then we may see a day when we create heaven on Earth for all of it’s creatures. From my different and yet the same heart to yours, Thomas