Heart to Heart 134


I went for a walk this morning and on the way a lady was walking a snow white Samoyed named Mosby, pictured here.  I told her that Lou Ann and I had a dog named Angel who was twelve years old before she left the planet.  Her dog was speaking to me just as our Angel had done so.  They have a unique way of forming their barks so that it appears like different words!

Then we went to a three hour lunch with Sue Holland, a friend of ours from the past.  Sue is a landscape architect and a wonderful healer.  We had deep discussions about life and it’s intricacies.  Sue has a gift at understanding human situations and immediately seeing solutions.  Amazing!  It appears to me that she is an Angel as well.

And I am married to an Angel.  Lou Ann never ceases to amaze me in the ways she approaches life.  Her heart is open, her mind is receptive and bright.  She sees everyone with value and is willing to spend time with them in figuring out a powerful solution for success.  And she will never quit.  She has dogged determination in seeing things through no matter how long they take.  And I am quite a project!

I urge you to find Angels in your life and be open to be led to your highest good.  They can come in any form, just ask, they are waiting for your call!  From my angelic heart to your angelic heart, Thomas