Heart to Heart 136

Angels of Mercy

Today was an adventure!  We reserved a U-haul trailer a couple of weeks ago, to pick up this morning at 9 am.  Last night, I thought what if the ball part of the hitch doesn’t work?  I got up early and put it on.  Went to the U-haul place which is in a Shell gas station and met Elana.  So sweet and helpful and then we went out to hook up and the trailer lights didn’t operate.  We tried several options and still couldn’t get it to work. It seemed that the fault was with our Toyota Highlander.  We headed over to the Toyota dealer and spoke with Gene the service agent and he went to look at the car and told us the wiring system was put on after it had been sold.  They couldn’t help, but were really friendly, including sending us to a company that does truck bed lining.  We met Andrew who took the whole wiring assembly apart and discovered it was broken.  He spent an hour trying to help to no avail and refused any payment, what a guy!

Then we went back to U-haul to get a refund and decided we would load up as much of our stuff as we could in our car and on top as well.  We would have to leave items behind but we surrendered to the situation.  We went in the office and the same sweet lady was there.  We told her we had no luck and we would just like a refund.  There was another Andrew helping someone at another counter and he overheard our conversation. “Let me take a look at it” he said!  He went out and took the rear cargo area apart and then proceeded to rewire the whole assembly in about ten minutes and it operated perfectly!  And guess what?  He was so kind and gentle and caring too! Here is the kicker.  He came in the office a couple of minutes before we got back there and he was immediately going to leave until we showed up!

Angels come disguised as young sweet women and young caring men, both currently without wings! I would encourage all of us to look at our lives and see where we might have missed some angelic assistance.  And keep expecting more!  From my angelic heart to your angelic heart, Thomas