Heart to Heart 137

On the road again

Lou Ann and I left Virginia this morning and drove to Indianapolis.  On the way we saw wonderful fall colors.  We stopped to go the bathroom outside Uniontown PA.  We went into a Burger King to use the restroom and on a lark, Lou Ann asked if they had Veggie Burgers and Mike the attendant said they do!  Lou Ann was so caught off guard she asked what was in them.  It was funny.  Of course they could contain some dairy products, hence the reason for inquiring.  We ordered one each with some piping hot french fries.  We have no idea whether that is now a staple at Burger King.  However Mike said he sold thirteen yesterday.  It goes to show if you don’t ask you’ll never know.

We are in the hotel now and it is near freezing outside.  We take off for Wichita Kansas tomorrow.  The gas here is 2.60 a gallon.  We paid 2.09 in Virginia a couple of times.  The Highlander Hybrid we drive is getting only 18 mpg; it normally gets 30-33.  We are pulling four by eight foot trailer fully loaded with items that my son Michael has kept for us for eight years.  We have several wonderful paintings that we are anxious to put up in our home.  We forget how much fun we have travelling by car around the country.  Look forward to many more trips.  Let us know and we will come and see you folks when we can.

May all your days of your life be filled with wonder and wander and majesty.  We do have a magnificent country.  Go see places you have never been before and take the back roads.  You will find many wonderful people just like you with hearts of gold.  From my traveling heart to yours, Thomas.

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