Heart to Heart 138

Merry Freakin Christmas

Day two of our back to home road trip.  We are staying at Marriott properties along the way which include free breakfast.  Most of the food we can’t or won’t eat.  We went down to eat this morning and Lou Ann asked the attendants Jan and Rosie if they had Almond milk.  No they did not, but they had soy.  Then they had Agave syrup and healthy oatmeal. Then they volunteered to go find some veggie patties.  Is there no shortage of Angels?

We put on a audio book titled ” The Paper Bag Christmas”  It is an enthralling story of two young brothers growing up in Oregon.  Their parents take them to a mall to see Santa.  They both do not believe in a real Santa but agree to go meet him and give him their Christmas list.  Santa reads their lists and declares that he would give them something better for Christmas.  They would receive all of the gifts they never wanted.  He enrolls them in being volunteers at a Children’s hospital cancer ward.  They meet the custodian who  frequently says the title of this post.  I will just say, please read or listen to this story.  The audio book was fabulous.  You will have a transcendent emotional and spiritual experience.  The book discovers many angels with whom you will fall in love.

We arrived at our hotel and it happens to be across the street from a Costco and a mile or so from Whole Foods.  Our trip mapping had us make a decision to go south out of Kansas City to Wichita so that we could end up in Albuquerque tomorrow night.  In order to do this we would not be taking Interstate highways.  We plotted to take a U S highway 54 and drive on it for some 339 miles.  I didn’t know where it was and how to get on it.  I went and got gas at the Costco across the street and the attendant pointed 100 yards south and said there is highway 54.  Angels are everywhere doing seeming trivial things but they mean so much to Lou Ann and me.  From my over flowing with love heart to yours, Thomas

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