Heart to Heart 163

Days of our lives!

Lou Ann and our grandson Ganapatiye went to a gathering of about a dozen for a Thanksgiving meal with other like minded folks.  It is always fun meeting others who have had many of the same life experiences.  We came from different backgrounds and areas of the country and we made similar choices about life.  The media might label us liberal.  I would say we are open.  Much of our earlier training and environment was structured and strict.  Most of us found a way to open our hearts and minds to a new way of being.  It was like coming home to a close knit family!

Earlier, we watched the opening of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade..  The opening to the show was a dance extravaganza!  Dozens of talented, exuberant performers lit up the screen.  Lou Ann began crying tears of joy as she watched.  She has been crying a lot lately because her heart is full of gratitude for what we are experiencing in our lives.  I realize with age comes wisdom.  It also comes with a tenderness about life.  I can understand the underlying emotions which have triggered folks to make the choices they make.  Some serve us and some do not, or so it seems.  Nevertheless, I am once again deeply grateful for where I am and what I am experiencing.

It is fun to be alive and to be semi-aware of how life is unfolding.  May all of us discover the beauty of life and live in a state of deep thankfulness!  From my filled-up heart to yours, Thomas

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