Heart to Heart 166

Finding Your Jolly

Lou Ann and I were watching one of the dozens of Christmas movies we have recorded, titled “Finding Santa”.  There is a man who trains others to be Santa Claus’ helpers.  His mantra for this business is Finding Your Jolly.  The movie depicts men and women who hold onto their emotional  position of being right.

Many years ago, Lou Ann and I attended a very confrontational personal training.  The process of the weekend was for each of us to release our beliefs and actions that did not serve us.  There were thirty people in the room and when one person began their own processing; the rest of the group encouraged them to have a breakthrough. It sounds more pleasant in the way I am depicting it.  It was very painful to give up beliefs that I held on to so tight.  I can remember when it came my turn and I was totally resisting the process.  Passionate women who were swearing at me and were very angry at my resistance.  At the same time, I don’t know of a time when I have felt more love from others.  I can still remember that anger in their voices and the love in their eyes.

Another observation of the weekend was that women gave up their position more readily.  They seem to be more in their hearts then the guys.  Lot’s of men like to conquer.  They learn how to use their will to get what they want.  And many times, let nothing stand in their way.  However, when they finally come to the point in their life that those actions didn’t create all that they desire, something has to give. I noticed on that weekend that when myself and other men finally spoke the truth, something magnificent happened.  We shared our fears and our beliefs and finally let go.  The energy in the room was electric!  Many of us so hold on so fiercely that when we finally let go, it feels like a choir of heavenly angels just entered the room! Then the other twenty nine people all held me in their arms and loved my through the process of letting go and finding me.

My wish for everyone today is to find your jolly.  What is it that really gives you joy?  Not what is expected of us.  Perhaps not what your education or life experience is about.  What is it that truly lights up your eyes and gives you goosebumps?  Without blowing up your whole life, go out and find it.  Find your reason for joy and when you do, the world will light up! From my jolly heart to yours, Thomas

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