Heart to Heart 192


Every day, seven per cent of our body leaves us while another seven per cent replaces it. The breath you are taking now, was on the other side of the planet four or five days ago.  Part of us today will be in some living plants tomorrow.  There are one hundred thousand galaxies bumping into each other and they help create the iron that is in our blood.  When each of us thinks a thought it is felt across the world.  We are not only not alone, we are inseparable.  So, what we think, say and do affects our lives, our close friends and families and people all over the Earth.

This is how we wanted it.  We are Oneness, creating in our infinite ability to do so.  That brings with it a responsibility to do our very best to think, speak and take actions that support all of us, all the time.  Right now on December twenty third, I encourage all of us to take some time to see, if what we are doing is supportive of the whole.  It is a great time to repair relationships that have not gone so well.  It is a wonderful time to let go of our judgments.  It is a perfect time to celebrate each other and send loving thoughts to all.

It’s the time of year when the world could fall in love!  From my connected heart to yours, Thomas

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