Heart to Heart 193

Christmas Eve

Lou Ann and I are at the Hilton Woodland Hills, north of Los Angeles.  Six of us will be sleeping in one room.  It is almost like no room at the inn!  In this case, no room to walk around.  We are here with Lou Ann’s daughter Uma, her grandson Ganapatiye, her grandson Alu (formally known as Bhima) and his girlfriend Sophie.  Uma is flying in from Hawaii, Alu and friend rode a bus for twenty six hours from Seattle, Ganapatiye lives here and of course we just drove in from Sedona.

Lou Ann made them all chocolate chip cookies with real butter and eggs. I made a loaf of German Stollen for each of the three of them.  Where there is a Christmas will, there is a way!  We will be here for three or four days.  We will be staying at the Hari Krishna center for a couple of nights down in Los Angeles.  Over my lifetime, I have had some unusual Christmas experiences.  A few years ago, we ended up eating Chinese food in a run down restaurant in Warrenton Virginia. We laughed a lot!

I have found though, that it doesn’t matter where or what the circumstances, it is always a merry Christmas.  It may not look like a Hallmark Christmas, but the spirit and the love are the same as we celebrate the magic of the season.  I know many of you may not even celebrate Christmas.  For me, this time of year is a time to connect with all that is good about life!  So, I wish for you, all the love, joy and prosperity that your heart’s desire.  From my ho, ho, ho heart to yours, Thomas

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