Heart to Heart 196

Atta Boy Clarence!

The blog title tonight is the last  line of the great Christmas movie ” It’s a Wonderful Life”.  Lou Ann and I have probably seen it at least fifty times or more.  I weep openly when the movie ends.  It is such an important message for all of us.  We matter.  We are all connected.  We have touched so many lives.  Not all of us are like George Bailey with such a huge giving heart.  However, we shouldn’t underestimate our value to each other.  From time to time I will reconnect with someone who was in our Spirit church family.  I haven’t spoken to them in years.  Then, they will share with me that something I said in one of my talks changed their life forever.  It may be why this movie affects me so deeply.

I am so honored to have been of service to others in my lifetime.  In the final scene of the movie there is an inscription from George’s guardian angel, Clarence.  It says “no man is a failure who has friends”.  It is so true.  I think there should be a bumper sticker that says “those who die with the most friends, win!”  I just want to remind all of you of the value that you give our planet.  I am so grateful that all of you showed up in my lifetime to demonstrate how to live powerful, loving lives! You make life a treasure.  Together, we can all create a society where friendship and love, not money and things are valued above all.  Then our guardian angels can get their wings.  And we can get ours too when we fly home.  From my angelic heart to yours, Thomas

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