Heart to Heart 197

Back home again

Of course the wonderful John Denver song “Hey it’s good to be back home again” is appropriate right now.  We just arrived back home after a nine hour trip from Los Angeles.  It took us seven hours going there.  Who knew that hundreds of thousands of folks had the same idea to leave at the same time?  The first two hours of the return today, we only drove 78 miles!

I’ve written at length about being home and why it is important to so many of us.  And, that home for us can be so many different things and places.  Whoever said “home is where the heart is” hit it right on the nose.  So, for me my home can be many places around the world that I have lived.  It is also the place where my family is wherever that might be.  However, my emotional physical place is Hollywood.  The place I would like to spend more time in is Virginia with my children and grandchildren.

Lou Ann and I planned our upcoming months as we drove along.  We are really good at brainstorming around what we desire to create.  They may not be New Year’s resolutions, but they are things we definitely want to accomplish in the next year or eighteen months.  We will let you in on our schemes and dreams as we go along.  What is up for you for the next phase of your life?  Are you moving forward or feeling a little stuck?  We love to help others create their dreams.  If you have the desire to do what you love and just hang out, let us know, so that we can support you all.  We are planning on a party New Years eve, our 35th anniversary.  We will play some games and then make some plans we each want to create.  It will be fun and perhaps help others have a breakthrough in fulfilling their hearts desire.  From my brainstorming heart to yours, Thomas


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