Heart to Heart 221


We met a lovely husband and wife couple today at the Sedona Veg Fest.  We sat down and had a wonderful Vegan meal together.  Our new friend James, is an amazing artist and sculptor.  He mentioned that he served in the Korean War.  When lunch ended, I had a feeling of sadness.  James was born the same year as my oldest brother Bud.  Bud was a very talented athlete who was offered a major league baseball contract while serving in the Army.  He never got to fulfill that possibility of stardom.  Bud died in 1985 of pancreatic cancer.  Jim is a lively, happy, loving man who is contributing to the planet.  Here is an excerpt from his book Art & Survival in the Twenty-first Century: Today, we are faced with unparalleled challenges in the human experience. Can we, as artists, cut through persistent illusions; to actually see what lies before us? Can we summon the courage to hunt down the unvarnished truth? Can our art open us to an honest dialogue about the times in which we live? Our very survival may depend upon the answers to these questions…

My sadness came to me both, because I miss my brother, and also the knowledge that he had made choices that perhaps didn’t serve him as well as James had.  One is not better than the other.  It is just when we make less than healthy diet choices that cut our lives short; all of us are diminished in some way.  A part of the Oneness is not able to shine as bright for all of us to experience.  I encourage all of you to live the healthiest life possible for as long as you are able.  If you desire to live a longer, happier, healthier life go to DoctorKlaper.com, your best life may just depend on it!

From my healthy heart to yours, Thomas

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