Heart to Heart 222


Lou Ann and I spent the weekend with three hundred like minded folks.  It was a love-in.  We were bonded together by our desire to make the world a better place.  Specifically, to honor all sentient beings and find ways to keep them safe.   We also discussed the value of personally being healthy.  The choices we would make would help not only ourselves but Mother Earth.  People laughed, smiled and celebrated in spite of the audacious task we are facing.  We love our families and want them to live long, healthy productive lives and they mostly ignore us.  And most of us have been in that position as well.  We were creatures of habit and habits are tough to break. We often resisted our highest good.

What would you do if you loved others and knew you could help them?  Would you share what you have learned or just let others find their way through life without letting them know?  I write a daily blog that I began 222 days ago.  I feel both honored and compelled to share whatever I discover, that might serve another being.  One of our lecturers is an expert in their field of health and nutrition.  She was asked whether her family was following her lifestyle?  She said no!  People often resist those they know the most when it comes time to take on something new.  For me, the stakes couldn’t be any higher right now.  On a personal and global level, humanity will either begin to understand the critical importance of our eating or suffer greatly by ignoring it.

Events like we experienced this weekend are happening more frequently around the globe. Veganism has grown five hundred per cent in the last three years here in the United States.  I encourage all of you, one salad at a time, to join the celebration of healthy eating.  From my Vegan heart to yours, Thomas

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