Heart to Heart 224

So much Healing Available

We have been sourcing movies and entering them into our screening queue.  Most will not make our festival, however they still have value.  I was watching a movie on healing today.  It was a beautiful meditative holistic experience.  Most of the people to be healed have cancer.  And almost all of them are overweight.  Many have gone through the traditional ways to combat cancer.  This film showed many alternative ways to augment their traditional therapy.  These therapies and disciplines included: Yoga, meditation, Acupuncture, Cranial-Sacral, reflexology, herbs, spices, Zentangle (meditative art), exercise, activism and advocacy.

The patients discovered that healing comes from connecting with your heart and soul and spirit.   The therapists were all in their hearts and just their presence helped people move toward healing.  One of the most important lessons that the patients learned was that their disease reconnected them with their life.  It seems we get unconscious and then an event, often a frightening one, wakes us up to what life is really about.  We are not here just to work and have careers or many of the other aspects of life.  We are here to stop and notice our relationship with All That Is.  When we truly find it, we are often overjoyed and we take a different direction in life.

It is then we often find a closer relationship with our families and friends.  We even find a way to heal old relationship wounds.  Life works in a powerful way when we come face to face with our mortality and use it to find our joy.  Every success and failure are essential to bringing us to this moment in our journey.  May we all find a way to appreciate the journey and celebrate our humanity and our divinity.  From my healing heart to yours, Thomas

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