Heart to Heart 227


Here are 10 things that people in touch with their intuition do differently.

They listen to their inner voice.

They take time for solitude.

They create.

They practice mindfulness.

They observe everything.

They listen to their bodies.

They connect deeply with others.

They pay attention to their dreams.

They enjoy plenty of down time

They mindfully let go of negative emotions

This list sounds like someone who is living a peaceful, successful life.  I remember when I was in intelligence work in the Air Force, the number one quality that assisted us was our intuition.  The list above would be a wonderful, to do list, for all of us.  There is nothing in there about making a lot of money.  Nothing in there about achieving a lot of things.  Nothing in there about hurrying to get things done.  Nothing in there about acquiring.  Rather the list is about really connecting with ourselves, our minds, our hearts, our fellow humans.

It would be wonderful if each of us took at least ten minutes a day to just stop and be.  Be in a quiet place and be still and connect with our inner selves.  I believe we would create the kind of life we would cherish.  From my intuitive heart to yours, Thomas

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