Heart to Heart 260


I went to a party at the Sedona International Film Festival tonight.  I love being around filmmakers.  They are like grandmothers.  I meet them and ask them what their film is about.  Their whole countenance lights up!  Not unlike grandmothers when you ask them about their grandchildren.  They get so passionate about sharing their movie.  It is their child of sorts.  They give it all of their time, money and energy.  It is central to their purpose in life, a lot of times.  We should all be so lucky.

Find what you love to do and give it everything you got.  Your days will feel longer and more fulfilling.  In fact, you may not even know what time it is, at times. You will feel there is a special reason for you doing what you love.  And only you can do it in your unique way.  There is a book by Barbara Sher called Wishcraft, How to Get What You Really Want.  She says: “If you’ve been waiting for a job that rewards you with more than a  paycheck…or for the perfect moment to take that “long-lost” dream off  hold…it’s time to stop waiting and start creating a life you can truly love!”

My wish for all of you is, that your whole life feels like the heart of a grandmother.  From my wishful heart to yours, Thomas

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