Heart to Heart 264


We had a wonderful Illuminate team meeting tonight.  So many, giving lots of hours of creativity and energy, to make a difference in the world.  We had fun posting on Facebook about our favorite film and seeing how others responded.

On March 19th in Sedona at the Mary D Fisher theater, the movie Almost Sunrise will be featured.  It is being sponsored by the local mental health coalition and the theater and Illuminate. Almost Sunrise tells the inspiring story of two young men, Tom Voss and Anthony Anderson, who, in an attempt to put their haunting Iraq combat experiences behind them, embark on an extraordinary journey – a 2,700 mile trek on foot across America.  I saw the trailer and it is thrilling.

We have been looking at a lot of films about service personnel who have PTSD.  We have sent these men and women off to kill other humans to support our country’s policies.  And to support the military industrial companies that get rich off of these young folks.

Enough!  We need these young Americans to be here in our country, living long, productive, happy and prosperous lives.  Too many leaders of our country have sent these brave young people to their deaths.  And then thousands return home with horrible memories of doing something against the nature of our souls.  Let us do all we can to take care of these wounded heroes.  Let us also take a stand in any way we can for peace.  Let us find a way and work together for peace on Earth!  From my peaceful heart to yours, Thomas

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