Heart to Heart 273


I was thinking about what I could share with all of you tonight.  We have two visitors from Georgia staying with us for two nights at our vacation rental in our home.  They are about thirty years old.  Josh, the husband is running for office in their home state.  We were chatting about the recent events at Parkland High School.  We shared our admiration for all the young people who are standing up for justice and a safer world.  Of course, our visitors are young as well and we encouraged them about their political adventure.

I remember the biblical passage from Isaiah which says ” And a little child shall lead them.”  The passage was referring to the animals that normally would be enemies such as a wolf and a lamb.  The child was going to lead the animals at a time of peace.  Since the Parkland shooting, thousands of children have risen to lead.  They desire a peaceful world which the adults seem incapable of creating.  It is time for the younger generation to take the lead.  The young folks visiting us will be part of that new paradigm.

And older folks who want a world of peace, can join the younger compassionate generations.  We too can reconnect with that part of us that is still youthful at heart.  We can join the march for peace and prosperity for all.  It is time to give our time and energy to create the world we all desire.  It is a time of hope and action for the good of all.

MARCH FOR OUR LIVES. On March 24, the kids and families of March For Our Lives will take to the streets of Washington DC to demand that their lives and safety become a priority and that we end gun violence and mass shootings in our schools today. March with us in Washington DC or march in your own community.  From my hopeful heart to yours, Thomas

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