Heart to Heart 280


Back in 1995 Lou Ann and I attended a business seminar that had as it’s theme “Teamwork Makes the Dream work”  Tonight we decided to have some Vegan chocolate chip cookies.  Lou Ann was the chief baker and I was her sous baker.  I chopped the pecans and cleaned the bowls and utensils.  We laughed a lot as we were preparing the delicious dessert. We love to cook together! We often laugh a lot about life.  We both are the card suit of Clubs in the Destiny Card deck. Lou Ann is the nine of clubs and I am the eight of clubs.  Ahhhh!

Here is an explanation of the deck. This system is the original science of the common 52 playing cards. Each birth date of a person is assigned one of the 52 cards called Your Birth Card. Once you know your birth card, you will know who you are and be able to know in advance what will happen in areas of love, family, work, finance, health, legal mattes, travel and your spiritual life.

Clubs people love to read and to learn new things and thrive on conversation and communications in all forms. The Clubs person is here searching for the perfect truth. Clubs people are creative and experience life through talking and learning.  We both love words and their meaning.  We both play with words all the time.  It is one of the things we laugh about most.  If you want to find out about your Destiny Card, just go to cardsoflife.com and put in the month, day and year of your birth.  Once you find out about your card and those folks you know; the cards can help improve your relationship with them.  As they say “it’s in the cards!” From my happy heart to yours, Thomas

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