Heart to Heart 282

March For Our Lives

I am starting this blog about four hours before Lou Ann and I join hundreds of other marchers here in Sedona.  I will share our experience with you later.

About 750 people showed up and listened to talks and music and then we walked a couple of miles down the main highway in Sedona.   Hundreds of well wishers drove by and waved and beeped their horns.  This was different.  This wasn’t about the environment or the mess Trump has made of our country.  This was about children’s lives.  There were powerful signs displayed as we  marched together.  One sign said “A uterus is more heavily regulated than an assault rifle”, a teacher’s sign said “arm me with books, not bullets”.  One more said “actually guns do Kill people!”  My favorite was “One child’s life is worth all the guns on Earth!”  I couldn’t have said it better!

The man who made this shirt was a native American who has narcolepsy.   He had to stop and rest several times along the route to catch his breath.  Many other elderly also had to pause and rest, and they kept on going.   Now the real work begins.  We cannot let this moment pass and not get some action taken about banning assault weapons.  It is you and I and all the people who care about our children being slaughtered in their classrooms.  We must do whatever it takes to vote people out of office, who will not stand with us and will not pass common sense gun laws. If I had my way, all guns on Earth would be rounded up and melted to make statues of all those whose lives have been senselessly lost.  We could honor their lives as well as our fallen heroes.

I hope this day was meaningful for you as it most likely was for millions of people all over this planet.  This day we have drawn a line in the sand and said  “Enough is enough.”  “Never again.” Please find a way to get involved like you never have before. From my hopeful heart to yours, Thomas

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