Heart to Heart 284


Hanging out in Sedona.  Went for a four mile walk.  I have walked 16,000 steps today.  I have this mantra I say when I walk and it is “one more step gives me one more step.”  Meaning; that if we keep exercising it will help us living a longer healthier life.  No brainer! I have another obvious statement I share with my tennis partners with whom I am playing.  “If we keep the ball in play we will never lose!”  Meaning, as long as we hit the ball within the court lines during play we can’t lose because the other team will eventually hit it out.

Some more that just popped into my mind.  As long as you keep loving, you experience loving.  When you give to others you receive a gift.  When you smile, you feel happier.  When you sing, your world is filled with music.  When we play, time seems to stand still.  When we are in our hearts we are one with everything.  When you stand up for a cause your posture will improve.  Just sayin….. From my curious heart to yours, Thomas

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